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5 Months on a Motorcycle in South America  | Q&A with Jerry Romine

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Q&A

Jerry Romine is known as the Entrepreneur Abroad and a Digital Nomad on a World Tour. In May of 2015, he sold off everything he owned & moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Chiang Mai, Thailand. There he grew a fledgling Amazon business to seven figures, grew his investment portfolio, traveled the world and lived on a motorcycle for 5 months in South America. In this episode, host Tim Winders asks Jerry about his travels, how he lives the life of a nomad, how he does business while traveling, his views and mindset about money and the places he would visit again as well as the places he avoids. Plus, he breaks down how he lives the life of a minimalist and operates on less than $3000 per month.
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