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7 Key Steps to Thrive in Chaotic Times with Tim Winders

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Extras

The entire world has been dealing with the pandemic for the past 12 months. It has affected many aspects of our lives, and we’ve all suffered to different degrees. People from all walks of life lost loved ones, businesses, and various personal and career opportunities. However, despite the chaotic times we live in, we can find ways to empower ourselves and move forward.

In this episode, Tim talks about his seven key steps to thriving during chaotic times. He shares life lessons and stories of overcoming obstacles from which we can all learn. We can take this opportunity to improve ourselves and figure out how we can navigate through chaos in our lives.

Tune in to the episode to know more about the 7 key steps and how they can help you thrive in chaotic times.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn about Tim’s seven steps that will help you to thrive in chaotic times.
  2. Discover how important it is to grow in spirit, soul, and body.
  3. Understand how these principles are connected and how they ease the chaos you are in.


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Episode Highlights

[03:46] Micro and Macro Events

  • There are degrees of chaos: micro or macro levels.
  • Micro events are situations in your personal life, while macro events happen on a global scale.
  • These events take place simultaneously and may cause you stress and strain.

[13:10] #1: Stop the Bleeding

  • Like a medical triage, this step determines where most of the blood is coming from. 
  • Applying this to reality can mean cutting costs or expenditures.
  • This step attempts to identify where the problem is before it hits more critical or chaotic situations.

[18:23] #2: Guard Your Mind

  • This step pushes you to develop practices to help you clear your mind.
  • Check the kind and amount of information you’re allowing yourself to receive.
  • Be mindful of the communication and conversation you’re having.

[23:53] #3: Invest in Yourself

  • Instill good things in your mind.
  • You can do this by listening to podcasts, reading, taking on a new hobby, or developing a new skill.
  • This step shows you the importance of growing in spirit, soul, and body. 

[29:18] #4: Evaluate and Assess

  • Make an effort to analyze your personality traits.
  • Assess your strengths, talents, and the tools that are already available to you.
  • Evaluate the things that drive you forward and those that drain you.

[32:01] #5: Ask for Help

  • This step involves moving past the struggle of admitting that you need help sometimes.
  • Asking for help shows humility.
  • By allowing yourself to receive help, you can achieve more in your life.

[36:03] #6: Give Help To Others

  • This step goes hand in hand with asking for help.
  • Through helping others, we are also able to decrease issues and chaos around us.

[38:13] #7: Start Moving

  • This step entails taking action based on the knowledge you have about the other key steps.
  • Don’t get stuck during chaotic times. You have to move forward.
  • You’re embarking on your journey to thrive by moving and taking action.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[04:11] “Our lives go through ebbs and flows and seasons.” 

[12:09] “Because I do believe we all go through stuff. I do believe that what we need is to learn from the situation we go through, learn from both the micro and macro chaotic things that are happening in the world so that, hopefully, we don’t make the same mistakes again.” 

[28:19] “There’s only one person responsible for investing in yourself, and that’s you.” 

[31:00] “I had someone ask me recently, ‘You know what the key to success is?’ And I don’t like to narrow it to one thing. But if someone were to pin me down, I think it would be self-awareness, to know about ourselves, to be able to say, ‘You know this is something that I’m pretty good at.’ ‘This is something that I’m not good at.’ ‘This is something that gives me passion.’ ‘I really get a lot of energy.’ ‘This is something that drains me.” So self-awareness is really that key.”

[38:57] “Because if you’ve done all of these things 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and then you sit around and do nothing, then I would venture to say in all likelihood, you’re not going to move beyond the chaos, the situation — whatever is going on — because you’re going to be stuck. It’s almost going to be like a situation where you’re in quicksand. So, start moving.”

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