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Becoming a High Achiever with Joe Sanok

Becoming a High Achiever with Joe Sanok

by | May 25, 2020 | Q&A

This pandemic can bring out the best and worst in us, depending on how willing we are to take risks. Regardless of the field where we work, all of us are swimming in the same ocean of doubt. This should not stop us from venturing into new opportunities and building growing our capabilities to be a high achiever.

In this episode, coach, podcaster, and speaker Joe Sanok shares with us how we can make the most of this pandemic. Joe talks about Practice of the Practice and how it can help people in private practice live with fulfillment in their calling. He also shares some tips for aspiring business podcasters on how to launch their podcast.

Tune in to this episode to discover how you can help your community and share your knowledge as a high achiever.

About Joe

Joe Sanok is a TEDx speaker and writer. Joe has the #1 podcast for private practices and podcasts. He is the Chief Vision Officer of Practice of the Practice.

To know more about Joe and his work, you can visit his website. You may also reach him through LinkedIn.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how you can be a “high achiever” amid the pandemic.
  2. Learn about business podcasting and how to improve your content.
  3. Find out how to improve your private practice and make it fulfilling.


Episode Highlights

[03:30] Joe’s Family

  • He has been married to his wife for 15 years. They have been friends since high school.
  • They have two daughters.
  • He was a foster care supervisor at a community college before.
  • His genetics and environment led him to become performance-oriented in school, work, and business.

[11:27] Who Is a “High Achiever”?

  • A high achiever wants to do the most with the skill set they have.
  • They also want to pursue big things.
  • A high achiever can be either in health or not in health. Listen to the full episode to know the difference!

[15:38] Opportunity Costs of Being a High Achiever 

  • A lot of famous achievers missed a lot in their lives.
  • Clear boundaries must be set outside your business to help you get more out of life.
  • We need to have downtime to think through things.

[24:25] Know Your Value

  • Start with your own value and the thought that you have something to say.
  • After focusing on your personal value, look into what you value the most in your immediate surroundings.
  • Afterward, go beyond and search for the higher world’s value.
  • These values affect the way you show up in your work.

[28:38] What Causes Change?

  • People should learn from others’ experiences; nowadays, they usually make decisions using analytics and feelings.
  • Other peoples’ stories can be a catalyst for you.
  • But most of the time, our own experiences cause change.

[31:39] Thoughts on the Pandemic

  • People tend to fall into two camps right now. Some go into a deep recession. Others take this as an opportunity to grow businesses and make the best out of the situation.
  • None of us knows what is going to happen. Most of us lack information.
  • We all have problems that were already there before this situation. The pandemic is like an ice that expands the cracks in our lives.
  • Now is the perfect time to act on those challenges if you want to improve your situation and achieve happiness.

 [39:16] Advice for People in Private Practice

  • When you want to start a practice, you should keep your costs to a minimum.
  • Joe’s company offers a one-year practice plan for $17. You can also join a membership community for $99 a month.
  • After helping their members improve their practice, they help their members launch their podcasts.
  • His company caters to therapists, counselors, psychologists, life coaches, and business coaches, among others.

 [42:22] Mistakes That Hinder Fulfillment in the Practice

  • When private practitioners start, they usually do not put time on the SEO and meta description of their websites.
  • They usually miss out on the basics like blogging and website appearance.
  • You can use the pandemic as an opportunity to let people know of your specialization.
  • Delegate work and expand your network. Wearing many hats at once doesn’t work.
  • Hire people to write blog posts for you or do your marketing. You may also use your free time to work on the business and marketing side of things.

[46:57] Signing Up on Masterclass

  • Ongoing learning is important.
  • It is also an excellent opportunity to learn with your children and your family and demonstrate to them the importance of learning.

[49:08] On Podcasting

  • Around 52% of the people in the US listen to at least one podcast a month. Stats show podcasting has the biggest audience and the smallest competition.
  • Decide what your podcast is going to be. Is it just going to be a hobby or a business venture?
  • If you want it as a business venture, address your community’s pain points before you pitch your product.

[55:01] Getting Started with Podcasting

  • Podcast Launch School starts with the basics of the technology used in podcasting. 
  • Next, you will identify the pain you want to address and the people you want to work with.
  • Lastly, you will identify the transformation you want to offer.
  • Before they start recording their first episode, Joe encourages those in the program to write a nine-part email course for their audience.
  • The first three parts deal with why society has set your target audience up for failure. The next three are quick wins they can achieve in a week. The last three emails are about the long-term habits they must develop to be successful.
  • A workbook or handbook can be a companion to your podcast.

[57:24] What to Talk About During Podcasts

  • Learn how to tell good stories.
  • Learn how to be a good interviewer.
  • Be prepared.

[59:06] The 3-Type Formula for Business Podcasts

  • The first five to seven episodes must be solo shows.
  • Next, go into interviewing experts.
  • Lastly, for the next five to seven episodes, Joe recommends they be live coaching shows.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“When you set some very clear boundaries or some very clear personal goals outside of your business, it then helps you get more out of life in a diverse way, where you have diverse experiences.”

“The best way we learn is either through our own experiences or other people’s stories. And that’s why storytelling is so powerful.”

“If your business is struggling, now’s a great time to say, ‘I’m gonna put in a little extra time into my own learning.’”

“Your responsibility as a podcaster isn’t to me, the guest . . . but it’s to your audience, that they get the best possible content.”

“We’re not called to be in this world and just enjoy it, but we’re here to develop it, mold it, shape it, turn it into something different than it would have been had we not been here.”

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