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Business As Mission, Money, Capitalism & Socialism  | Q&A with Michael Baer

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Q&A | 3 comments

Mike Baer is a pastor, entrepreneur, theologian, and executive. He is a veteran of modern Business as Mission and has led and taught those principles on every continent (except Antarctica). He has been an author, strategic coach, leadership consultant and staffing executive since 1991–focused on turnarounds, launches, field leadership, lean process improvement, strategic planning and leadership development. In this episode, host Tim Winders asks Mike about his transition from ministry to business and the relationship between business, ministry and money. He also discusses challenges with the established ministry and missions systems, the need for Kingdom businesses, excellence in both business and ministry, plus much more.
Show Notes:
Book – Business as Mission – Mike Baer
Book – Gospel Entrepreneur, Starting a Kingdom Business – Mike Baer
Book – Good To Great – Jim Collins

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