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Business as Mission with Michael Baer

Business as Mission with Michael Baer

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Q&A | 6 comments

There is a persisting misconception that ministry and business are two completely different worlds. One is holy and for God, and the other is secular and for money. However, there is a movement that integrates both and believes it’s even beneficial for the ministry. This movement is called “Business As Mission.”

In today’s episode, listen to Michael Baer explain just what “Business As Mission” stands for. He shares his opinion on why we shouldn’t see wealth creation as something negative and how it could actually be aligned with God’s purpose if we do it out of love.

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About Michael

Michael Baer is a pastor, theologian, and an entrepreneur. He is the author of Business As Mission, a book about the movement behind integrating ministry and business in our daily lives. He is also the  founder and CEO of the Third Path Initiative. This professional organization trains and equips future business as mission (BAM) leaders.

If you want to reach out to him, the best way is through his organization’s website. Alternatively, you can connect with him through LinkedIn.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Know how to integrate ministry and business in your daily life.
  2. Learn how love is present even in the cutthroat world of business.
  3. Explore ideas about the capitalist system, our society, and our misconceptions about ministry.





Episode Highlights

Michael’s Definition of “Business as Mission”

  • He felt his pastoral and church planter roles were becoming a barrier instead of a bridge.
  • Being in the business world is an extension of God’s calling.
  • There is no division and hierarchy. It’s meant to be a seamless experience of Christ in your life.

How Business Connects People

  • Business As Mission started as a spontaneous idea in the mission field in Kazakhstan.
  • It has spread to many parts of Asia and other continents and has now become global.
  • Today, it is a recognized worldwide movement.

Reaching the Unreached

  • There are still parts of the world that have no sustainable gospel witness, church, ministries, and Bible in their language.
  • They are concentrated primarily in North Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. Around 95% of the unreached people groups live here.

The Hierarchy of Calling

  • It is wrong to believe that full-time ministry is the pinnacle of God’s calling.
  • In reality, we should respond to whatever God’s call is for us.
  • We’re equal in Christ, and there’s no high or low calling.

Relationship Between Ministry, Business & Money

  • We have to start thinking of the Church as the assembly of the body of Christ, and not a mere building.
  • God created the concept of wealth creation to support and serve society.
  • Money is simply a medium of exchange and totally amoral. Money isn’t the root of all evil; love of money is.

On Funding the Kingdom

  • Some people are actually sincere and generous when it comes to money.
  • However, there are some prosperity messages that only selfishly use the kingdom to justify what they do spiritually.
  • God taught about foolish and selfish rich men, but he didn’t advocate to be poor.
  • Institutions all have a purpose, and that includes businesses.

Capitalism and Socialism

  • Capitalism has flaws, but it doesn’t mean communism is any better.
  • In every system, there is someone at the top.
  • Many of us are ignorant of these systems. There is no perfect system.
  • In the book of Acts, the early believers themselves adopted voluntary socialism, but when it is forced, it’s broken.
  • The fundamental issue is the heart of man.

Christian Business vs. Kingdom Business

  • The point is to look not only at home but also at the world.
  • Many Christian business movements only teach how to be a better follower in comfortable settings, such as their hometown.
  • He now believes there should be no distinction.
  • All the outward traffic of religion has no power. Only the living Christ in us has power.

Love in a Competitive Industry

  • It’s actually impossible to not have love in business.
  • Every relationship in your business is a stewardship from God.
  • The heart of love is to meet needs. Even creating a product is all about love as it solves a problem.
  • Serving customers, employees, and employers are all forms of love.
  • The two traits of a leader is a professional will to win and personal humility to not take the credit for it.

Personal Application of Love in Business

  • As a chief development officer, he develops the cultures and the processes in the business that support those things.
  • Their mission is to change lives one job at a time by providing a chance to earn a competitive wage and an opportunity to increase their skills.
  • Every business in every industry has a higher purpose.
  • Seek the Lord for the purpose of your business. Don’t settle until you understand God’s why.

Thoughts on the Traditional Missions Model

  • The problem with this model is that it is expensive and inefficient.
  • The traditional funding mechanisms are fading away rapidly.
  • The next model will be earning a living with people in foreign places, as they spread the gospel.
  • Muslims are a great example of how having a job and integrating with the culture is more effective in spreading the faith.
  • Excellence is a biblical principle, whether you’re a businessman or a minister.
  • Knowing that God will bless you isn’t a license to be lazy.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“Business is the natural extension of my relationship with Christ into wherever He has placed me.”

“It (religion) is what I’m doing to get God’s attention and God’s approval, and the whole gospel is built on the opposite of that. Everything that starts with me trying to get God’s attention, or earn blessings, or please him, or whatever is on the wrong foot.”

“Everybody in your life, everybody in that business, is a stewardship from God. He has given you those relationships to manage, to nurture, to develop, and so forth.”

“I would want to encourage people in the pastoral ministry, particularly people in business, don’t make the other person the enemy.”

“The heart of love is to meet needs. The heart of love is to serve. The heart of love is unself. You could live that every day in business.”

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