Can You Reconcile Money, Business & Ministry? With Rob Coburn

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Q&A

The scriptures say we should not serve two masters. We can only choose either God or money. Our hearts and lives may be so consumed by one that we put the other on the sideline. 

In today’s episode, listen to Rob Coburn share his insights about reconciling money, business, and ministry and building a business ministry that can forward God’s Kingdom and minister to a lot of people. He explains how this can be possible if we realize what we are good at, gain mastery over it, and reach out to a lot of people.

If you want to build a business ministry or you are struggling with resolving seemingly conflicting interests in your life, make sure to tune in to this episode!

About Rob

Rob Coburn is a full-time lead pastor at The Summit Dover. He is a business and ministry growth specialist, conference coordinator, motivational speaker, missionary coach, church branding and marketing expert, and a life coach.

If you want to reach out to Rob, email him at or You can also visit their church’s website and Facebook page.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Discover ways to reconcile money, business, and ministry.
  2. Find wisdom and insights about leadership and rising above life’s difficulties.
  3. Learn what mastery is all about.




Episode Highlights

Rob’s Journey from Business to Ministry

  • Rob started his business at the age of 16. When he turned 20, he bought another company which his father started.  
  • He juggled several things. At the age of 20, he got married and was running a company while still in college. 
  • He had a lot of family members who are ministers. In 2008, he applied automation in his businesses and was able to earn a considerable revenue, which mostly goes to missions. 
  • It started with helping missionaries. Then, he became a lead missionary coach who turned him into the minister he is today. 

Rising Above Challenges

  • It was a combination of his entrepreneurial side and the spiritual side.
  • The spiritual aspect played a huge role in raising funds for missionaries. 
  • His actions were inspired by scripture. He used his knowledge and resources and sowed them to the people who needed it. 
  • He believed God had given him more, and he gained so much by coaching missionaries.

Challenges in Business and Ministry

  • Start-up companies often start enthusiastically, and then they realize that things are becoming mundane. 
  • There is a need to take that excitement and use it in setting up processes that will keep them from getting stuck in the mire. One way is to replicate yourself and do some automation. 
  • The biggest deterrent to growth is people not wanting to do the work. 

Leadership Insights

  • As leaders, it is necessary to invest in your people’s dreams.
  • This can help change their present and everyone else’s future.

On Being Open

  • The things that we are hiding are holding us back. When we release those things, we gain the power to overcome it. 
  • Most of the time, our walls of protection keeps us from achieving our destiny. 
  • In his case, help came from his faith community. He opened up to people and let them into his world. His life started to expand and accelerate then. 
  • We need to find the people who have our best interests in their hearts.  

Dealing with Life’s Tragedies

  • People tend to blame themselves, God, or even other people. This is when they start to build up walls in their lives. 
  • If people continue building walls brick by brick every single day, it inhibits them from realizing their life’s purpose. 
  • Remember God’s love and believe in His power to heal and lift you from every challenge and tragedy. 
  • People who are hurt must go beyond themselves to see the hurt in others. 

Finding Support

  • There are a lot of places where you can get help. Find a good church and a family of believers.
  • Remember that you are not alone. Find the people who believe in the best in you and want to see you recover from your situation.
  • Be careful of people who do not want to genuinely help but only look out for their interests.
  • Restoration is possible.

Reconciling Money, Business & Ministry

  • Rob discovered that when he is motivated by money, he only creates trouble and turmoil.
  • Business ministry means focusing on solving a problem and helping others to gain financial blessings.
  • You can reconcile money, business, and ministry when your heart is in the right place.

On Mastery

  • Mastery, as defined in the dictionary, is comprehensive knowledge or skill and subject or accomplishment.
  • Mastery does not happen overnight. It can happen by getting wisdom from many directions. It can also occur because you’ve done the work, and you’ve accomplished skill and become excellent at it. 
  • For Rob, you gain mastery not because of everything you’ve done and the mistakes you’ve made but with a community of people who are journeying together and helping others avoid the mistakes they’ve made.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[16:43] “I looked at so many different people’s perspectives—people who failed, people who succeeded. I looked at multiple people who had succeeded and saw what they did, and molded what I did and what I liked. And after a while, things started to finally click.”

[20:29] “I didn’t necessarily learn everything. It’s just that I failed so many times that I happen to know the wrong way to do everything. So, by nature, I know the right way to do a lot of stuff.”

[30:16] “Look, once you start helping people get what they want, they don’t care if you’re purple, or green, or orange.”

[33:34] “If you show up more times than anybody else, then you’re gonna eventually become a consistent figure in whatever niche that you decide to jump in. You just have to show up; you just have to be there.”

[1:03:40] “Sometimes it’s better to just keep something out there and refine it over time versus trying to get it perfect. Because sometimes people will get stuck in the ready, in the aim, and then they never shoot. So, ready, shoot, aim. Seek, go, create. Go, go, and go.”

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