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Channeling God’s Compassion Through Audacious Generosity with Kevin White

generosity Kevin White

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Q&A

The world was already harsh, and with the pandemic, it’s only gotten harsher. Amid the stress and uncertainty, it can be easy to forget that we ought to be kind and compassionate. As Christians, what is God calling for us to do during these times? Audacious generosity is God’s way of making us his conduit for blessings to transform the world. 

In this episode, we talk to the founder of Global Hope India, Kevin White. We discuss how audacious generosity is not an expectation but an opportunity given by God. By being generous, we can channel God’s compassion. It doesn’t matter where we are — we can seek and pursue God in all aspects of our lives and serve Him.

Listen to the episode if you want to become audacious with generosity and channel God’s compassion!

About Kevin

Kevin White is an author, speaker, and leader who advocates for audacious generosity to transform the world. He wrote Audacious Generosity to help people experience, receive, and give more through God.

Kevin founded With Love From Jesus Ministries back in 1999, which distributes essential resources to high-need populations. He founded Global Hope India in 2003 to spread the word of God to India. Outside of nonprofit organizations, Kevin has also started churches and businesses. He also speaks professionally and is the host of Living the Dream and Missions Changed My Life.  

Interested in Kevin’s work? Check out his website! You can also reach him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the truth about audacious generosity and God’s compassion. 
  2. Learn how God is present in all aspects of our lives, even in work and business. 
  3. Understand the importance of vision in both your walk with God and your professional life.


Episode Highlights

[02:19] God’s Compassion and a Grandfather’s Love

  • Kevin shares that becoming a grandfather taught him more about God’s compassion and goodness. 
  • Like how we give good gifts to our children and grandchildren, God loves to give good gifts to those who ask him. 
  • God is investing in today for future generations to come.

[09:13] Kevin’s Highs and Lows 

  • Kevin feels God’s compassion through his family. He also feels it while he works with startups and missions in India. 
  • His lowest points were when his parents got divorced and when he got fired as a pastor for working too much. 
  • His hardships helped him see God’s compassion and generosity. 
  • We would never choose hardships, but it is in times of hardship where we grow the most. 
  • We don’t have to be in a state of constant conflict, even during stressful times.   

[21:01] Business and Ministry

  • People often try to separate God from business and ministry, but ministry should always be in everything you do. 
  • God can be found everywhere, even in business conferences. 
  • Regardless of your work, some things remain the same. It’s important to know your finances, value your people, and know your core values. 

[29:52] The Vision of an Entrepreneur

  • As an entrepreneur, it’s critical that you see what others haven’t seen yet. Vision will help guide you and your decisions. 
  • Even the Bible says that people without vision will perish. 
  • Build your strategy around your vision.  

[31:30] Global Hope India

  • Kevin shares how God led him to pursue missions in India. 
  • It’s only because of this that he learned to pursue the presence of God in his life. 
  • India represents a third of all people in the world unreached by the gospel of God. But this is slowly changing. 
  • India is, unfortunately, one of the poorest countries, and its government is not able to help all its citizens. 
  • The pandemic has affected India more than others, and we need to do something about it. Learn more in the full episode! 

[50:35] The Truth About Generosity

  • God has given us the spirit of love and power, not fear. He always wants to be present in our lives. 
  • We often associate generosity with giving and money. But remember that God is the Giver. 
  • Give only what God allows us to give. Do not look at giving as an expectation from God. 
  • Look at giving as a way to channel God’s compassion and love.

[57:29] No Margin for Generosity

  • Realize that God’s compassion and generosity are limitless. He has so much more capacity than we credit Him for. 
  • Allow God to use you as a way to give and share blessings to others. 

[1:02:48] Kevin’s Message

  • Know that God loves you no matter who you are. 
  • The world needs God more than ever. Look for Him as He uses you to create more goodness in the world.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[19:52] “We live in a fallen world and there’s going to be unfortunate things that every person is going to endure, we can either get bitter as a result of those bruises or we can become better. And if we let God, he will make things better.”

[23:49] “God would say take down the walls, ‘don’t put me in a box of business or a box of ministry, but have ministry when you are in business.’”

[28:36] “There’s not a whole lot of difference between nonprofit and for-profit, [it] is what you do with it.”

[51:47] “God really showed me in His Word that he’s not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.”

[55:17] “Giving is liberated when we start thinking of giving as whatever God puts into our hands. And the pressure doesn’t go on me anymore — it goes on God.”

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