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Embracing the Nomad Life with Tim Winders

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Season 2

Dare to Be Different | Season 2 Episode 1

Many of us grow up thinking there is only one way to do things. We have a set path for education, work, and life goals we believe will lead us to success. However, this mindset is limiting us of what we could potentially do. It’s not easy to go down a different road, knowing that we are concerned with what other people would think. Nonetheless, daring to be different will surely open up experiences we didn’t know were possible.


In today’s episode, Seek Go Create host Tim Winders narrates the significant experiences that led him to the nomad life he enjoys today. He discusses how even if we don’t want to move from a house, adopting the mindset of a nomad opens up possibilities and allows us a lot of freedom. This episode is for everyone who feels trapped as if they have no options.


Tune in to this podcast to discover how the nomad life can set you free!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn more about how the nomad life can benefit you even if you don’t necessarily want to travel around. 
  2. Find out how your outdated values, notions, and possessions are limiting your success and options.
  3. Discover the mindset that will allow you to be truly free and do God’s will in your life.



Episode Highlights

[01:28] Tim’s Current Set-up

  • He is currently on a river in Central Oregon, in an RV park, sitting on the passenger seat of a 39 feet long RV.
  • He uses a webcam and an iMac for his coaching and consulting work.
  • Tim and his wife live a nomad life.

[03:46] Significant and Influential Life Events

  • Tim used to live in a large home back in 2008 and was primarily involved in real estate.
  • The economic downturn wiped all of their finances out.
  • When they left in 2013, they had to change their mindset.
  • Moving out and renting a storage unit made him realize just how much excess stuff he carried.

[09:40] The House-Sitting Journey

  • They first house-sat for a friend in Austin, Texas, who was away for a month.
  • They did some business in Colorado and were able to stay in a friend’s vacant vacation house.
  • Through a house-sitting app, they were able to connect with someone in Breckenridge who needed someone to house-sit while they were on a mission trip.
  • They also traveled to Australia and New Zealand and house-sat there.

[13:43] Living In An RV

  • Tim’s wife brought up the topic of buying an RV, and he hesitated at first.
  • He used to have bad memories and negative notions of living in an RV when he was a kid.
  • They gutted, painted, and refloored the vehicle until they finally moved in January 2019.

[16:19] The Mindset of Doing Something Different

  • The nomad mindset isn’t necessarily just about traveling. It’s more about being open to new things and having unique, creative solutions.
  • Thinking there is only one way to do something is a very limiting mindset.
  • An example was when Tim was considering homeschooling his children.
  • As entrepreneurs, Tim and his wife had to be flexible with their location, but their children’s school was holding them back on business.
  • In the end, thinking differently benefited their children rather than harm them, as they were ahead of their peers.

[21:22] The Geographic Limit

  • Tim started pushing himself to see if it was possible to innovate their business and set up new structures.
  • He wondered what it would be like to have a business that wasn’t location-specific.
  • Further down the road, he also thought about what it would be like to not live in the usual sticks-and-bricks stationary house.
  • He feels as if he was forced into that lifestyle, but now he does it by choice.

[26:09] There Are Many Options

  • We should realize that there are always numerous options out there.
  • We trick ourselves into thinking there is only one option and that we are locked-in and trapped.
  • You can make the changes slowly and not jump into it yet.
  • There is always a process of how things happen.

[27:50] The Irony of Technology

  • We are very digital in the modern age, but we still have a fixed mindset.
  • Tim recounts a story of their friend who lost all their sentimental things to a house fire.
  • We should reflect on which things really have value, and which could be minimized and kept digitally.

[30:10] Doing God’s Will

  • Tim asks God for His guidance and what He wants them to do.
  • However, Tim felt as if it was hard for God to instruct him when he was living comfortably and lavishly in their large house.
  • There is nothing wrong with owning a lot of possessions, as long as they don’t own you.
  • Tim felt like he had to purge a lot of his need to impress other people with possessions.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“You might thinking about this and going, ‘I don’t really see myself being what we call a nomad and traveling,’ even though most people would say they like to travel. But this is not necessarily just about that particular lifestyle of being a nomad. It really is about a mindset.”

“I do not think that there is only one school district or one school or even one way of educating your children that is their only path to success.”

“There are many, many options out there, and that’s what thinking differently, living differently, and just operating from a different mindset is all about.”

“I find it ironic or contradictory that we are digital in so many things, but yet in many ways, we’re so fixed.”

“God does not mind if you have a big house or have a bunch of stuff. He just doesn’t want all that stuff to have you and to own you.”

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