How To Get Lost | Q&A with JK Winders

Many of us don't realize that desperately finding a way out of our situations can lead us even more astray than when we started. However, despite our worst moments and the bad days, there are still ways to see the good in the bad. After all, you cannot truly find yourself without first getting lost.

In this episode, JK Winders joins us to discuss how it’s like working behind the scenes of the Seek Go Create Podcast. JK also shares his journey of finding himself when he escaped to the big city of LA at 19. He lets us in on his photography and travel journey and how it has broadened his perspective in life.

If you've been seeking an escape from your life to find yourself, this podcast will resonate with your heart.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Take a peek behind the scenes of the Seek Go Create Podcast.
  2. Discover the power of creative outlets in JK's journey.
  3. Learn about the missionary trip that broadened JK's perspective in photography and life.


About JK

JK Winders is an adventure, portrait, and documentary photographer. He is also an author, artist, and nomad. Furthermore, JK is the producer, engineer, and brand manager for the Seek Go Create Podcast. In all things, he aims to explore and create to inspire.

You can connect with JK on his website and Instagram.

Episode Highlights

[03:54] Working Behind the Scenes of the Seek Go Create Podcast

  • As the podcast's engineer, he loves being able to listen to and absorb the raw conversations.
  • All the conversations in the podcast are wisdom he received from his father condensed into a handful of episodes.
  • There are challenges on the technical side, but they always try to make it work to share the great conversations.
  • For JK, it's fun to figure out the workarounds of the challenges recording in an RV.
  • Tim's company has a contract with JK's company. Listen to the full episode to learn more about how they work together!

[08:19] The Challenges of Producing a Podcast

  • How do you get the show in front of people?
  • How do you create something visually appealing for people to just stumble upon?
  • What's something that jumps out at people and makes them say, “I could listen to that”?

[10:29] JK's Elevator Pitch

  • He’s a visual artist, a freelance creative director, and consultant working for different projects and businesses.
  • He is also a full-time nomad.
  • As a photographer, he wasn't a fan of finding a niche because he enjoys different facets of the medium.
  • JK believes you should add the range of things you're good at to your business card.
“If it's something that you think that you can find, you know, a bit of a bit of range in and you enjoy doing it, add that on your business card, put a little hyphen between jobs and things that you're good at.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[13:50] JK's Photography Journey

  • At 19, all JK wanted was an escape from their family's difficult chapter.
  • He moved from the small town of Georgia to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking.
  • He would go downtown and dabble in street photography to acquaint himself with the city.
  • It is a challenge of trying to condense a story into one frame.

[18:09] Creative Outlet

  • There's therapy in any kind of creative outlet. 
  • JK has come across a lot of people who have found redemption and solace in the creative process.
  • It heals and shows you there is something better outside the pain you feel.

[19:05] Searching for His Own Story

  • The first time he slept in his car, JK felt terrified and defeated.
  • To prove he was still a part of society, he went to Four & Twenty Cafe to get himself a nice, hot breakfast.
  • He did not want to be in that position, but, at the same time, he was searching for his own story.
  • There has to be dips and valleys to tell a story worth telling.
“As someone who loves story and storytelling, I know that there has to be kind of those dips and those valleys in order to, you know, tell a story worth telling.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[24:13] The Fuel to His Desire to Travel

  • Every time Tim went on overseas trips, he would sit down with JK with an atlas, showing where Georgia was.
  • He was able to witness different places through the trinkets, pictures, and flags Tim brought home.
  • JK loved watching model trains moving along the tracks in such a graceful way. 
  • He loved the engineering aspect of the trains, traveling, and everything that falls under that.
“I think that there was definitely a part of me that loved just the idea of emotion—just eloquently, fluidly moving from one place to another.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[27:55] Solo Backpacking in Europe

  • He went to Berlin to capture a product launch party. 
  • While planning, Tim suggested extending the Europe trip because JK has never traveled there.
  • JK found out that trains are the best way to travel across Europe, and being able to hop on and off of any train was one of the most liberating experiences for him.
  • His brother-in-law, who embarks on mission trips, referred JK to document their trips.
  • It opened opportunities for JK to travel back to Europe.
“I want people to grow in that discomfort because it’s done wonders for me.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[32:58] Capturing Photos with a Group Sharing the Gospel

  • JK shares the story of his trip to Romania.
  • JK tried to soak in as many details and see what all there is to capture.
  • It was rewarding to sit, converse with, and hear the story of the people.
  • As a young boy, he would always say he wants to be a missionary when he grows up. That trip to Romania became his first missionary trip.

[39:50] Showcasing His Travels Through Books

  • JK has written three books documenting his experiences on the road.
  • The first book, Hopeful Wanderer, was a photo journal of his journey. 
  • The second book, Off the Beaten Path, delves into his creative process as a photographer.
  • The third book, Horizons, is a collection of landscapes.
“‘Go’ is the journey, ‘seek’ is the planning aspect, and ‘create’ is its own way of putting your hand to the plow—but ‘go’ is the process.” - Click Here to Tweet This

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