Redefining Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age With Stuart Robles

The pandemic had a detrimental impact on the global economy, including increased unemployment and strain on people and healthcare systems. Despite these difficulties, there have been some encouraging improvements. For the first time, small businesses are venturing into e-commerce, and employees are beginning to experience hybrid work arrangements.

Much was said about the future of work post-pandemic, but what about the future of entrepreneurship?

In this episode, Stuart Robles joins us to discuss the new world of entrepreneurship. With 10+ years of investment banking experience, he shares the blueprint for buying, building, and selling your business in the digital era. Finally, Stuart imparts the lessons he learned in acquiring and selling numerous companies. He also answers why hard work is not the only key to a thriving enterprise. 

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for ways to level up your business, this episode is for you!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Uncover the roadmap to buying, building, and selling your business.
  2. Learn what Meso economics is and why it matters. 
  3. Discover the future of entrepreneurship.


About Stuart

Stuart Robles is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who is one of the partners at Briggs Capital. This international investment company serves sellers and buyers of small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Apart from being a businessman, he is a well-regarded mentor who has guided numerous business owners through their companies' growth and exit cycle. His expertise ranges from entrepreneurship and technology to company growth.

He recently co-authored The New World of Entrepreneurship, where he shared trade secrets on buying and selling businesses in the digital age. 

If you'd like to reach out to Stuart, you can contact him on his website. You can also send a message to his email, LinkedIn, or Twitter account. 

Episode Highlights

[02:10] Stuart, the Business Advisor 

  • Stuart used to be an entrepreneur before he entered the world of consulting. 
  • He now helps businesses develop exit strategies and sell their enterprises.

[04:58] Defining Entrepreneurship 

  • Serial entrepreneurs define entrepreneurship. They always come up with fresh business ideas and establish new enterprises.
  • Entrepreneurs develop enterprises and sell them when the time is right.
[08:35] “Entrepreneurs are organized. They're always the ones that are selling and collecting.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[09:53] On Writing The New World of Entrepreneurship 

  • Stuart found writing a challenge. He needed to seclude himself for two weeks to write The New World of Entrepreneurship. 
  • The pandemic changed the landscape of entrepreneurship. 
  • The book outlines what it takes to be a formidable entrepreneur. It also discusses strategies for buying, developing, and selling your business.
  • Companies can determine which work arrangement is most effective for them post-pandemic. 

[19:14] Lessons From the Pandemic 

  • Some companies will adapt to the digital age a few years from now, while others won’t. 
  • Interest in robotics will increase as businesses transition to the new normal. 
  • There’s also a looming recession and a rise in the interest rate.  

[24:46] On Government Intervention

  • Unlike the United States, the pandemic didn’t affect Latin American countries much. 
  • Stuart claims that there should be less government involvement. 
  • The free market should be allowed to function on its own.
[27:10] “[The government] shouldn't really intervene. They should let the free market just do what it has to do.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[28:43] The Meso Economics

  • To survive, business owners must hack the economic system.
  • It's the small and medium-sized enterprises that generate 80% of employment.
  • Working hard isn't the only thing necessary to keep your business afloat. You must find strategies to keep your company growing. 

[33:59] Stuart’s Entrepreneurship Journey 

  • Stuart had to move from one place to another because of his father’s profession. The experience allowed him to meet and connect with different people. 
  • When Stuart first started working, he focused on business development. 

[38:14] The Xennials 

  • People born between Generation X and the millennial generation are called Xennials.
  • Stuart considers Xennials a powerful generation. They still remember the pre-digital world but can adapt to the digital era. 
[41:08] “[Xennials are] very valuable for organizations…they're going to have a really ample view. They are going to be very strategic about things. Even if they were never taught about strategy or anything, you want to plug some of those in.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[43:17] Experiencing Different Cultures

  • People are the same across cultures. 
  • Traveling and immersing with different folks help change your perspective in life. 
[43:42] “Everybody's the same everywhere. There’s no difference. There's going to be stuff that was influenced by the religions, brought up with the climate, the weather, something that makes people certain way. It really does.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[48:48] On Stuart’s Success and Failures 

  • Having built and sold his first two ventures was a sign of success for Stuart. He would not have been led to Briggs if it hadn't been for this decision.
  • Handling vast enterprises is a learning experience. 
  • A broken partnership thwarted Stuart's ambition for a start-up.
  • Be careful of people who don't honor agreements.

[55:06] On What Makes a Successful Exit

  • People who have acquired and sold businesses will likely succeed when selling their own.
  • Preparing an exit strategy for your company requires different skills and knowledge. 
[56:38] “The ones who do well are the ones who already did a transaction once. It wasn't sexy, but they got to learn. They got on the other side of the world. It’s so different. Your vision as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, changes so dramatically.”  - Click Here To Tweet This

[01:00:57] For Whom Is Stuart’s Book? 

  • Stuart recommends The New World of Entrepreneurship for business owners who have been in the field for more than a decade. 
  • It will also benefit those planning to sell their company and wondering where to start. 

[01:06:00] Seek, Go, or Create? 

  • You need to go and look for opportunities to establish a thriving enterprise. 
  • However, you should also create ideas for your business. 

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