Redefining the Meaning of Success and Overcoming Roadblocks Along the Way

Take a minute to think about the people you look up to, whether you know them personally or not. Do you feel a tinge of jealousy?

In this modern world, it's so easy to compare ourselves to others. People often measure their success through the standards and achievements of those around them. It's all too easy to end up chasing someone else's meaning of success, even if it is a roadblock for us.  

So what is the meaning of success, and how can we achieve it? 

In this episode, Tim talks about giving meaning to success to suit us and creating a life we are called to live. He also discusses the seven roadblocks of money, stuff, titles, past and/or future, time, people, and comparison. We need to be aware of these things that will stop us from achieving our life purpose.

Listen to the episode if you want to find out how to overcome these roadblocks and move toward what you’re created to do!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn why we should redefine our meaning of success and stop looking for the answer from others.
  2. Discover the seven roadblocks to success and how we can overcome them.
  3. Understand that we should not obsess over these roadblocks to the point of stress and anxiety.


Episode Highlights

[05:37] What Is the Meaning of Success?

  • The Merriam-Webster dictionary has varied definitions of success.
  • While we can measure an elusive concept like success, remember that we all define success differently. 
  • Tim’s meaning of success is evolving. He currently defines success as the process of moving towards the life that you were created to live. 
[10:51] “[Success] is the process of moving towards the life that you were created to live.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[11:05] Redefining the Meaning of Success 

  • Tim’s redefinition comes from a foundational belief system that we’re all created for a purpose while on this earth. 
  • Your purpose or assignment will not become apparent until you develop that relationship of listening and obeying God. 
  • On the way to achieve our purpose, we will need to go through seven roadblocks.  

[14:44] Roadblock #1 - Money 

  • When we chase after money, we often ignore other essential pursuits. 
  • It's natural to chase after money when you don’t have enough for your basic needs. 
  • However, when you are above the threshold of basic need, you need to be careful not to think of wants as needs. 
  • Don’t be trapped by looking at how much you earn and thinking that it’s the meaning of success.
  • Money is just a tool we need to survive. 

[22:16] Roadblock #2 - Stuff 

  • Similar to money, many of us tie the meaning of success to stuff we own. 
  • When we constantly compare ourselves to others, we may think we also need certain things to be successful.
  • Do not let your stuff own you. 
  • Essentialism is a way of living where you question whether what you have is essential to what you want to achieve and accomplish. 

[26:18] Roadblock #3 - Titles

  • Be careful about tying your identity to titles because, at some point, you may lose them. 
  • It’s also easy to fall into the trap of looking down on others when you tie the meaning of success to a title. 
  • Remember that just as you have a purpose in this life, so does everyone else. 
[28:18] “Do not believe that I, we, you are better than someone else because you've got that title beside your name. Because there are other people that may not have a title...but they were created and designed and they have an assignment, just like you do.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[29:46] Roadblock #4 - Your Past and/or Your Future

  • While it's vital to learn from our past experiences, we should not let them rule us. 
  • Do not be caught up by past glories so much that you lose sight of the present. 
  • Similarly, do not keep wishing and living for the future because this takes you away from the present. 
  • If you focus too much on the chase, you forget to live out what you need to live out today.

[34:21] Roadblock #5 - Time

  • We live in a world where the hustle mindset is encouraged. 
  • We need to be cautious about this since busyness isn’t necessarily the meaning of success. 
  • It would be best to focus your time on what you were designed and created to do. 
  • Don’t copy other people’s schedules. You need to find your rhythm and what works for you. 
  • Having the time to think and be creative is also important. 
[38:08] “Don't mimic other people's success. Don't copy other people. Find what works for you and evaluate your days, evaluate your rhythms, evaluate the way things work for you.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[41:01] Roadblock #6 - People

  • There will be people who will push us towards or away from success. Be careful of who you surround yourself with. 
  • People can also refer to your followers or those that you lead. 
  • Be careful about measuring your success by how many people follow you.

[44:02] Roadblock #7 - Comparison

  • Comparison is at the root of all the other roadblocks. 
  • We live in a time when it's so easy to compare, especially with social media platforms. Constant comparisons will become damaging to you over time. 
  • Comparison will make us think that we need to do things a certain way. 
  • Remember that you need to walk your journey — not someone else’s. 
  • Comparison will lead to stress and anxiety, which will take you away from the path you’re supposed to be going down.  
[44:15] “The biggest barrier [to success]...is comparing yourself to someone else.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[50:13] Learn to Listen

  • When we become busy attaching ourselves to the seven roadblocks, we become too stressed to hear anything else. 
  • Not only will this stress take you away from your purpose, but it can also kill you, literally. 
  • We all need to lead a life of freedom. 
  • Become aware of the traps and roadblocks, and you’ll figure out how to overcome them. 
[51:11] "Let's attempt to avoid those barriers of money, stuff, titles, past, and the future, time, people, and then the comparison trap, so that we don't go down and lead the life of anxiety and stress. Listen, we all need to be leading a life of freedom. We need to be moving towards what we were created to do.” - Click Here to Tweet This

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