Take the Stage: The Power of Your Voice with Mary Snyder

If God did not want us to speak, then why did He give us a voice and a burning desire to share His message? Society has conditioned us to feel that we put ourselves above others when we speak on a stage. However, we need to remember that God gave us a voice for a reason.

Our voice is a gift for a greater purpose — to communicate, to express, and to connect in meaningful ways. We can also use our voice for public speaking, singing, praying, and teaching. So go do what God is calling you to do, whether it’s speaking, preaching, or teaching.

In this episode, we talk to Mary Snyder, a public speaker and coach who helps other speakers tell stories and messages that make a difference. She’s here to remind us that our voice can spread hope and encouragement. We can inspire and motivate others. Mary also talks about what storytelling can do for the greater good of humanity.

Do you want to move people to action as a public speaker? Don’t miss this episode and learn how to capture the attention of your audience!

3 reasons to Listen:

  1. Realize that our voices are powerful tools we can use to inspire positive change.
  2. Learn the steps in building a speaking career or ministry.
  3. Discover the importance of substance and meaningful content in public speaking, and why it’s not enough to only entertain.


About Mary

Mary Snyder is a public speaker and a coach with over 20 years of experience helping others craft effective and impactful messages that inspire their audience to take action.

If you'd like to reach out to Mary, you can contact her on her website or send a message on Facebook.

Episode Highlights

[02:50] Working with People

  • Mary helps people craft messages that matter, make a difference, and inspire their audience to take action.
  • She primarily works in faith communities. However, Mary is branching out to collaborate with secular businesses owned by people of faith.
  • She cannot separate being a follower of Christ from being an entrepreneur.
[05:14] “I can do what I do without offending the non-believer, but at the same time, I'm not going to minimize who I am.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[20:17] Being a Storyteller

  • Mary attributes her natural talent for storytelling to her upbringing.
  • She grew up with women who were wonderful storytellers.
  • Even the Bible is a collection of stories, and these stories move our hearts.
  • If you ask for money without context, people can reject you easily. Tell a story of a community coming together and helping others in need, and people are more likely to listen.
  • Knowing who you are helping and why strengthens people’s resolve to contribute.
[21:59] “If I told you a story . . . a story of resilience of someone who made their way all the way to this little town, you're going to be more likely to lean in and listen . . . Think about the commercials you watch. They're all stories.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[23:25] The Need for Face-to-Face Community

  • It has become more challenging to speak in front of an audience and appeal to the humanity of the soul.
  • COVID-19 is to blame, as well as people’s overexposure to media filled only with entertainment.
  • Mary agrees we need more face-to-face communities.
  • We used to gather around and talk to each other. However, we stopped living life with people when we built houses differently.
[25:25] “There is so much more to speaking than just the words coming out of your mouth. The power of communication is a full body craft.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[28:58] From Direct Mail to Social Media Marketing

  • It’s important for aspiring speakers and business owners to have an email list.
  • There are dangers to relying too much on social media platforms. They are often subject to glitches or policy changes that can impact your following or access to the platform.
  • Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Mary teaches people to share their message in person and in the digital space.
  • She advocates learning how to speak effectively in person and command an audience’s attention in order to effectively share a message digitally.
  • People have access to endless entertainment on their phones. If your speech is boring, they are just going to scroll.

[32:07] Using Your Voice Despite Setbacks

  • Mary wrote a musical 25 to 30 years ago that played on Broadway.
  • She never forgot a dear friend who told her, “What, do you think you’re Beth Moore or something?”
  • Mary felt devastated. However, she knew that if God asked you to share your message with the world, your job is to take the audience through the story and show them what He can do in their life.
  • Use your voice to do God’s call, despite the struggles you face.
[33:12] “When you step on a stage to deliver a God-given message, there is no larger call to be a servant. Because you are serving that audience.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[37:27] Ego and a Strong Personality

  • Mary has an incredibly strong personality and has never met a microphone she did not love.
  • She reminds anyone who has a personality like hers — big, bold, leader personalities — to watch out for their ego.
  • There’s nothing wrong with commanding attention as long as you keep it in check. The stage should be about the audience, not the speaker.
  • Mary has to pray for humility to ward off the intoxicating drug — the applause — that makes her want to keep talking about herself.

[44:24] Do What God Called You to Do

  • The first step is to determine what your message is going to be. What did God want you to share?
  • Expand the idea and write what that message is going to be.
  • The second step is to think of one person who will receive the message. Identify who they are, from their age and kids to their education and career.
  • Do they go to church? If they do, what kind of church? Is that person an atheist?
  • These steps are the foundation of building a speaking career or ministry.

[46:13] What Is Your Message?

  • What has God done in your life?
  • What’s important to you?
  • Is there something that people come to talk to you about?
  • What are the stories in the Bible that resonate with your soul?

[50:08] Why Do You Need to Know How to Share a Message?

  • If you are doing anything in the business world, you need to know how to share a message.
  • Don’t limit your dreams; you know where you want to be.
  • Don’t fixate on one thing that you end up missing what God has in store for you.
  • Sharing your story can help other people take the right path and avoid the mistakes you did.
[50:58] “Don’t minimize your dream. Don’t limit it. You know where you want to be. It’s okay to dream, but it’s okay to change.” - Click Here To Tweet This

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