The Seven Foundations of Freedom

Do you feel free with your life, or are you in pursuit of freedom only you understand? Have you ever thought about what attaining freedom really means? Freedom means different things to different people. Like other complex concepts, there's no one way to define freedom. However, there are foundations of freedom that can guide us toward living a free life in the bigger picture.

In this episode, Tim discusses seven foundations of freedom. He talks about how others define the concept and its “ultimate” form in the spiritual sense. Finally, Tim shares the story of the 100-year-old Guinness World Record holder for working at one company for 84 years.

If you’d like to learn how to work on your life’s seven foundations of freedom, tune in to this episode! 

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Reflect and understand your definition of freedom.
  2. Discover seven foundations of freedom.
  3. Learn why attaining spiritual freedom is key for aligning the foundations of freedom.


Episode Highlights

[01:50] Tim’s Foundations of Freedom

  • Tim identifies seven foundations of freedom.
  • They're not in order nor definitive.
  • What inspired the topic was a story Tim read in his newsletter. It's about the person who set a world record for having worked in one job for the longest period.

[02:54] Seek, Go, Create Audience’s Definition of Freedom

  • Tim turned to the podcast audience’s definition of freedom. 
  • Some say that freedom is never free, life-changing, something you fight for, and only achieved in peace.
  • Some also brought up the different types of freedom, i.e., spiritual and worldly.
  • Others say it is another word for “nothing left to lose,” “found in Jesus,” “having choices,” and “elusive in this world.”

[10:49] Freedom and Independence Day

  • We often associate the word with Independence Day. The events during the holiday are related to the word in many ways.
  • But there are various layers to freedom, including spiritual, physical, financial, and political.

[12:53] #1: Freedom is Not Specific to a Country, Politics, or Geographic Location

  • This sentiment is near to Tim’s heart because he and his wife do not have a geographic-specific location.
  • The USA doesn’t own the concept of freedom. There is freedom in other parts of the world.
  • Many people feel limited in life because they believe their children must attend school in one geographic area. Homeschooling showed Tim that this is not the case.
  • There's a certain degree of freedom in not believing that you have to live in one place.
  • Political structures, in reality, are all about limiting a lot of freedom. No political party is “freer” than the other.
[16:14] “There's a certain degree of freedom to not believing that you have to live in one place.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[18:46] #2: Other People’s Opinions Do Not Impact Freedom

  • We have the freedom not to allow what other people think about us to control us.
  • Freedom has to do with the ability to control our world and life.
  • Other people's opinions significantly impact the elements explored in the first foundation. The other side of the coin is allowing those opinions to control us.
  • Social media has a huge role to play in this. It allows both positive and negative comments to impact what we think about ourselves.
[18:51] “Freedom is not impacted by other people's opinions. In other words, we have the freedom to not allow what other people think about us to control us.”  Click Here to Tweet This

[20:54] #3: Freedom from Emotional Turmoil

  • We often allow our emotions to control us.
  • Relating to the second foundation, we allow what other people think of us to impact our emotions and seep into our souls.
  • Allowing our emotions to control us impacts many things in our disposition.
  • Freedom from emotional turmoil doesn’t mean being emotionless. It’s about not allowing negative, destructive emotions to control us.
  • Emotional turmoil robs us of the freedom we have the opportunity for in life.

[23:14] #4: Freedom of Time

  • It’s the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it.
  • There’s freedom when we’re free from the burden of the past or the future. There’s also freedom when can operate in the present.
  • What does “eternal life” really mean? What is the freedom we may have if we truly understand this concept?
  • It’s also about freedom from death that ties down with spiritual freedom.
[24:40] “There's freedom when we're not burdened by either the past or the future—we're able to really operate in the present.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[26:51] #5: Having Clarity and Meaning in our Purpose in the World

  • Many of us go through life without understanding where we fit in the bigger picture.
  • There’s freedom when we gain clarity on what our assignment is in God’s Kingdom.
  • There’s a lot of freedom in knowing what we’re destined and not destined to do.

[27:32] “I think there are times where we look at other people, and we think we need to do what they're doing or ‘I should do that and copy them.’ I think if we are really clear, or at least more clear about who we are and what we're created to do, that there's just a lot of freedom in that.” - Click Here to Tweet this

[28:39] #6: Financial Freedom

  • Financial freedom means having the money or resources to do what you want. It relates to time. 
  • It's difficult to do anything without financial resources. There are a lot of burdens that come with this limit in resources.
  • Financial resources are an essential foundation for freedom.

[31:17] #7: Spiritual Freedom

  • Spiritual freedom means knowing there's something bigger in the world than you.
  • It's the freedom to ask what’s your place in the bigger picture and learn the world doesn't revolve around you.
  • Our mission is to step into the kingdom God has created and identify our assignment. 
  • Attaining spiritual freedom leads us to eternal life and all the other foundations aligning.
[32:00] “God created us, and He created us for a purpose, for a reason…Our real mission here is to step into that puzzle or that kingdom that he's created and identify what our assignment is. That is our purpose, and there is true freedom when we step into that.”  - Click Here to Tweet

[33:50] Living a Life of Freedom

  • 100-year-old Walter Orthmann has set the Guinness World Record for working at a single company for 84 years.
  • He started as a shipping assistant in a textile company at age 15. He worked his way up to become a sales manager and still holds the position with no plans to retire.
  • Walter’s reason is he believes what counts is the present and not the past or future.

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