Unleash Your Strength Within with Eddie Villa

When we think of improving ourselves, we often jump to the conclusion that we need to work on our weaknesses — but that’s where we’ve been wrong all along! It’s often challenging, sometimes even impossible, to refine ourselves where our weaknesses lie. There’s no shame in that. God gave us unique abilities and talents we must share with the world. We don’t have to be the best in everything. We only have to unleash the strength within ourselves to fulfill God’s purpose for us.

In this episode, Eddie Villa talks about why we feel miserable when we make others happy and disregard our feelings. He also shares how we can uncover the power hiding within us through the Gallup Strengths assessment. As a society, we must rely on each other’s abilities for us to flourish. As such, Eddie explains why we should focus on improving our strengths instead of our weaknesses.

For those who want to use their God-given talents to maximize their potential, this episode is for you!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Discover why we should appreciate each other’s strengths.
  2. Learn about the Gallup Strengths Assessment.
  3. Uncover why people lose their identity.


About Eddie

Eddie Villa is a husband, father, mentor, and entrepreneur. His life mission is to help others obtain mastery of their strengths. He believes when we discover our unique abilities, we become energized, inspired, and empowered. To date, he has talked to thousands of entrepreneurs, couples, and communities and helped them find their calling.

Apart from this, he is also the author of the digital book, Unleash Your Strengths which aims to uncover the power that lies within us.

If you want to connect with Eddie, you can check out his website or social media channels: Facebook and Instagram.

Episode Highlights

[04:23] On Trying to Be Who You’re Not 

  • We desire to make the people around us happy.
  • Eddie has a strategic personality. He wanted to help others improve but realized that the more he helped them, the more they pushed him away.
  • Eddie became sensitive to rejection. He began to serve other people’s needs while ignoring his own. 
  • For Eddie, trying to make others happy feels like a commitment to misery.
[06:29] “To try to make other people happy is, I would say, a commitment to misery.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[06:44] Losing Your Identity 

  • Many employees are searching for other careers or quitting their jobs because they’re losing their identity.  
  • While working for a large enterprise, Tim shared he wanted to resign from day one. He did not function well in a corporate structure.
  • Tim talked about his experience of visiting Romania and seeing people lose their sense of identity because of living in a former Communist country with little hope.

[09:40] Eddie’s Turning Point

  • We instinctively know what should and shouldn’t be done at work. However, because no one will listen to our opinion, we keep it to ourselves.
  • After his fifth promotion, Eddie found himself working all the time. He and his family lived in the property he managed to make things as efficient as possible.
  • Eddie discovered a patch of grass near his office. Tune in to the full episode to learn how the patch of grass gave him the strength to walk away from his real estate job!
  • Resisting God’s purpose for our existence will make us miserable. 

[15:12] Living Authentically  

  • When Eddie decided to be true about himself, he became present with his family.
  • Being authentic makes you genuinely happy. It allows unlimited access to income, relationships, and health.
  • Eddie’s children wanted to live their truth as much as their father does.

[17:11] Generating Income in the Patch of Grass

  • Companies fired Eddie multiple times.
  • The most unstable source of income is to work for someone else.
  • If you were following your calling, you would wake up with joy every day.
  • Look out for the greatness and opportunities that may come once you work for yourself. 
[18:11] “The most unstable income source is to work for someone else. The question that I should have been asking all along is, 'how can I generate an income just by relying on myself'?" - Click Here to Tweet This

[22:29] The Gallup Strengths Assessment

  • Eddie hated the concept of self-development tests. They identify you as part of a group even when you believe otherwise.
  • However, he became excited with the Gallup Strengths assessment because it tells you who you are and what makes you unique.
  • Today, he can help people love who they are and get the results they want.

[28:04] Becoming a Part of a Network Marketing Business

  • You can experience personal development through network marketing businesses. They push you to be the best you can be.
  • Eddie never knew he would be part of a network marketing business.
  • Go for whatever you’re called to do by God.

[30:28] Focus on Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses

  • School and employment systems are all about developing your weaknesses instead of leveraging your strengths.
  • The system tells us to serve a certain need.
  • Focus on yourself so you can do things your way.
  • Being someone we’re not meant to be will take away God’s purpose for us.

[34:48] Overview of Gallup Strengths Assessment  

  • Researchers formulated the exam through the responses of thousands of people.
  • The test tells us we have 34 unique talents and strengths. It shows how we love to do things and what we care about most. Listen to the full episode to know about the Gallup assessment ranking! 
  • The test blends with other personality exams like Myers-Briggs or DISC. It’s accurate in identifying the uniqueness of a human being.

[38:27] Thinking of Your Calling

  • People either feel encouraged or disheartened when asked what they want to accomplish.
  • Some compare themselves with others and think they can’t be at par with successful personalities.
  • Society forces us to do things we’re not good at, and it makes us miserable.
  • Think about your strong points, bring in people capable of doing things you couldn't, and do something together.

[41:57] Eddie’s Lessons from Coaching

  • People are jealous of another person’s strength.
  • Strengths finder tests identify your authentic abilities. Comparing yourself with others is pointless because there is no one like you. 
  • Comparisons are good only if they serve to energize and inspire you.
[43:14] “There is no perfect strength for anything. What I learned was, whatever it is you feel called to do, then you already have the talents and the strength to do it. The problem is you don't believe it.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[46:06] Working Under the Stress

  • Lacking the belief that you’re the right one for the task causes stress.
  • While our strengths are unique, our problems aren't.
  • We start believing in ourselves when we operate in a space where our strong points are utilized.
[46:26] “Your strengths are unique; your problems aren't.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[48:04] Everyone Can Lead 

  • Leaders don't have the same combination of strengths. There is no perfect personality for leadership.
  • People want to follow a leader who is trustworthy, compassionate, hopeful, and stable. If you want to learn more about these traits, check out Eddie’s book, Unleash Your Strengths!
  • What we see today are poor examples of leadership. As such, it becomes harder to understand what real leadership looks like.

[52:18] Tim’s Strengths 

  • The Strengths report is divided into three: high energy, no energy, and negative energy.
  • High-energy keeps you energized, while the others make you feel bored or drained.
  • When you see your assessment results, think about what those mean to you.
  • Tim wants to help people get to where they want to be. Listen to the full episode to hear more of Tim’s Gallup Strengths results!
[1:09:18] “When we're looking at our strengths, we realize we don't have to be those things that we're not. We can just do things our way.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[1:14:11] Using Strengths in a Marriage

  • Using strengths in a marriage is a universal idea applicable to other types of relationships.
  • Understand how your strengths are complementary. The reason couples think their strong points conflict with each other is because they believe so.
  • Any strength can be complementary when partners look at what they become together.

[1:18:52] Appreciate Our Differences

  • Appreciate the strengths your partner has instead of focusing on their shortcomings.
  • Every strength focuses on one thing. Because it prioritizes only one area, some things won’t get done. In such cases, we must rely on the strengths of others. 
  • Start to appreciate people's differences. Don’t be selective on who you value.

[1:27:06] Seek, Go, Create 

  • While Eddie is not doing a lot of seeking, he’s into creating because he’s filled with ideas.
  • He will soon release his second book and documentary to spread the lessons of his movement.
  • He’s also in the middle of creating a new program that will change the world of marketing.

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