Unmasking Your True Potential with Dr. Robert Flower

How does it feel to hit a wall on your journey to success? 

Many of us try all kinds of things to move forward towards our goals. We read books, ask successful people, or watch motivational speeches. But, when we have exhausted all the means, it often leaves us with a feeling of wonder and isolation. Rarely do we realize the answer lies within us. The secret to attaining success is redefining how you see it — harnessing your great potential.

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Robert Flower, an entrepreneur, scholar, and man of potential. He shares how he started on his pursuit of studying potential after hitting a wall. Dr. Bob also discusses the power of perceptions in harnessing one’s innate talents. Finally, he explains his principles and theory and how they can guide you in truly achieving success.

Listen to this episode if you want to find out how you can discover your true potential and move towards success.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn how life events led Bob to his pursuit of studying potential.
  2. Redefine success by unleashing your potential. 
  3. Dr. Bob shares principles as a guide in achieving success.


Episode Highlights

[03:43] The Pursuit of Potential

  • Bob has always had a love for philosophy during his younger years.
  • Despite being a successful businessman, he felt the need to shift his life focus.
  • He shares his experiences, including the struggles he had to overcome.

[07:32] Dr. Robert's Formative Years

  • The passing of his father was a dark moment in Bob’s life.
  • Dr. Robert put himself through college and started a real estate development and investment company.
  • Nearing his 40s, he felt like he “hit a wall” despite his prospering business.
  • As soon as he set out on a new path, he met the geneticist and worked with them for years.
  • His perception of life changed when they studied how the 13 principles related to the existence of a molecule.

[14:38] Earning more by doing less

  • Bob decided to change his business approach after being diagnosed with leukemia.
  • He explains how taking a step into the unknown can be difficult.
  • As a great lover of philosophy, he read works of different philosophers and found a similarity in each one of them.
  • Discovering potential arises from innate energy.
[16:31] “And you know, what, one of the hardest things to do is to take a step when into the unknown, you don't know where that's gonna take you. But, you know, you have to take the step.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[19:05] Religious Background

  • He grew up in a Catholic environment until college.
  • At the start of his venture, he put everything off the table, including religion.
  • He differentiated beliefs as solid and perceptions as changeable. His shift from beliefs to perceptions became an eye-opener to accept himself.
  • Bob believes that everybody is a messenger.
  • By becoming an advocate of potential, he achieved a higher level of thinking. Through this, he also developed programs to assess and analyze people.

[23:33] Redefining Success

  • Success is achieving greater potential in all four levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
  • He educates people on God and His Creations.
  • Developing one’s potential is the key to a fulfilled life.
  • His assessments have become a basis for him to understand people.
  • God is all-potential; we should not be limited to what the world confines us.
[25:32] “Yeah, well, success is achieving greater potential. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you have to be able to accomplish success on all four levels, in order in potential theory, to be, quote, successful.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[31:19] Defining Potential

  • Movements that bring down the status quo are anti-potential.
  • The world does not understand the potential that lies beneath them.
[29:16] “Creator may be a supreme being, but not God. God is all potential. And he's there. It is there for us to use, to create, to become to evolve.” - Click Here to Tweet This
  • The 13 principles of cellular creation define the achievement of potential.
  • Spiritual energy comes from within.

[34:33] Moving Towards The Desired Direction

  • Developing one’s potential is the most important factor in pursuing success.
  • The path is not a straight line.
  • Using God’s power is critical to achieving a full life.
  • Feedback allows people to recognize the right track.

[38:05] Understanding One’s Place Through Principles

  • Bob classifies the principles according to groups.
  • A person functions in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. There is no other way to function in life. 
  • He narrows down the organizational group to create a picture.

[43:00] Discerning the whole picture

  • Bob describes the world as nihilistic with the inability of the people to see the whole picture.
  • He shares his experience teaching real estate economics at West Point.
  • A leader should possess both competence and character, which are rarely seen nowadays.
  • Fear, ego, ignorance, and self-deception hinder people from achieving potential.

[48:20] Hindering factors from attaining potential

  • Bob has conducted studies that focused on people’s thinking patterns.
  • The majority of the population relies on fear as the basis of decision-making.
  • Some of the strongest commitments in society are based on fear.
  • The liberty of formulating an opinion develops one’s character over time.
[51:14] “Yes, you can have an opinion. But just be sure about your beat as much as you can be sure about it. I mean, the you know, these are all things that develop character. And — that's how I ended up measuring character.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[53:18] What encourages and discourages Bob

  • It is encouraging for Bob to have a model in mind.
  • He hopes to answer God’s question by doing all that he can do and more.
  • Not reaching a greater degree of potential is a discouraging act for Bob.

[57:28] Creators of our own lives

  • Bob explains how people are the creators of their instances.
  • He mentions how the bible includes free will, yet it’s still a matter many are not prepared to accept.

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