When God Says Shift with Shayna Rattler

Not one person can say that they’ve never experienced trials in their lives. As challenging as they can be, these disruptions can make you stop and look at your life. Perhaps these are exactly what you need to find the right path to take. In retrospect, you can see that they are God’s way of telling you to go another way to fulfill your purpose and reach your destiny. That’s how Shayna Rattler found the right life path for her to walk. 

In this episode of Seek Go Create, Shayna joins us to talk about the God shift moment, what it means, and how it can push you to take action. She shares how the disruptions in her life moved her to answer God’s calling to the ministry. God wants you to go and grow beyond your four walls of comfort. It’s how you can live the life He wants for you. 

It’s time to move! Tune in to the episode and learn how to let the disruption in your life shift you onto the right path.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Find out how disruption in your life can push you to the right path.
  2. Discern if life’s trials and disruptions are messages from God.
  3. Discover the greatness God wants you to reach when you step out of your comfort zone.


About Shayna

Shayna Rattler is an ordained prophet, author, and speaker whose purpose is to help others’ dreams come true. Shayna has worked with a variety of people, from celebrities to entrepreneurs, on their journey to achieve personal growth and excellence. She empowers individuals and organizations to experience a God shift from disruption toward their greater destiny. 

Shayna has written four books, including A God Shift: Divine Move From Disruption to Destiny to show how difficulties can become your God shift moment. She is also the host of the podcast and TV Show, A God Shift, where she continues to share her message.

You can learn more about Shayna and the God Shift Movement on her website and Instagram.

Episode Highlights

[02:02] Let’s Hear from Shayna 

  • Shayna works to transform Christian lives. As a preacher, she shares information and helps others implement it in their lives.
  • The Church struggles to step away from tradition, often avoiding change and only teaching people how they can grow in place.
  • It’s important for those who recognize these gaps to help fill them in. 
  • Create a place where people keep growing even outside the Church.
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[08:47] Giving God 145%

  • Shayna was raised by her grandmother and father. Back then, she didn’t truly grow up in church, nor did she realize what it meant to live for God.
  • Shayna didn’t seek God for herself until her 20s. It wasn’t until her early 30s that she started living according to the Word.
  • At that time, she realized that she didn’t give her all on the most important part of her life — her walk with God.
  • When Shayna was called to the ministry, she was shocked and hesitant. She didn’t grow up in church and felt unqualified for the role.

[14:44] Shayna’s God Shift

  • Shayna knew that every spiritual principle has an application. When she started seeking God, she applied what she learned from the Word to her life.
  • Similarly, Tim started seeking God by regularly reading a chapter from Proverbs.
  • Too often, people sit back and let God do everything because of His power and control.
  • However, you also have a role to play in your relationship with God.
  • Shayna found that her mouth was her most powerful weapon. She had never been quiet, but she learned to align what she has to say with where she wanted to go.
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[20:39] Trials in Life

  • Hardships and disruptions are a part of life.
  • Things don’t always go smoothly for Shayna. It’s through looking back that she can understand her experiences better.
  • God always answers your prayers. However, He doesn’t always answer them the way you expect Him to.
  • Regardless of her current circumstances, Shayna recognizes she has a lot to be grateful for.

[25:50] From Business to Ministry

  • Shayna’s work as a business coach was thriving. Things took a turn in 2018 when the business started drying up, leading to her God shift calling into ministry.
  • She had just spent thousands for her book launch before her business slowed down. It was this disruption that called her attention to God’s call. 
  • With not much going on in her business, Shayna could focus on answering God’s call. 
  • The transition was not smooth, but she was able to work as an occupational therapist in between.

[33:09] Shayna’s Purpose and Personality

  • Shayna is known for her high energy and task-driven personality.
  • Her drive means she’s always in action. However, this can also mean she can quickly start taking action in the wrong direction.
  • In 2019, Shayna went on a spiritual retreat where she received a vision of what her ministry will look like. Unfortunately, she looked at it through the lens of a business coach.
  • Your purpose (why you’re here) will always stay the same and lead you to your destiny. Shayna’s purpose is to help people’s dreams come true.
  • Meanwhile, your assignment (who you’re called to help) will keep on changing. Your calling (how you help people) can also vary.

[40:43] What It Means to Experience a God Shift Moment

  • A God shift is a moment or disruption in your life that follows God’s purpose for you.
  • God is committed to putting you on the right path. It’s through disruption that He invites you to focus on taking the next steps in the right direction.
  • She realized she helps people with their God shift moments. Shayna then took action to bring this new movement into reality.
  • Don’t let God do all the work. Reflect and see what you can do in your partnership with God.
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[45:27] Disruption or the Devil?

  • People have the tendency to blame everything on the devil. However, we’re not always under attack. Sometimes we can be under alert.
  • You can discern if it’s from God through the Word and prayer.
  • When your circumstances align with your prayers and God’s Word, that is God calling your attention 
  • Don’t get stuck trying to figure it out. If it’s not against God’s Word, you can take action and see how He responds.
  • You don’t always need to see what’s in the distance. He will show you where you need to go. 

[50:28] Your Destiny Blockers

  • Destiny blockers stop you from going where God wants you to go. These include timing and people’s preference for comfort and predictability.
  • Don’t be the person who always wants the easy way through.
  • We all want solutions for our problems. However, no one truly has a completely comfortable and predictable life.
  • If you focus on staying in your comfort zone, you won’t be able to follow God’s path for you.
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[53:58] The Parents’ Push

  • Parents want a better life for their children. Rather than giving them a safety net, give them room to make mistakes and learn.
  • God wants to give us everything we want. However, He also wants us to grow and mature.

[59:09] What You Can Learn from the God Shift Movement

  • The God Shift Movement reminds you that you have the authority. It’s up to you to take the right path.
  • Unfortunately, many of us have not learned how to build and exercise our authority.
  • Shayna wants you to overcome adversity, grow faith, and make your dreams come true with God Shift.
  • Check out Shayna’s guide to learn more about the four shifts.
[01:00:36] “While we're waiting to see what God is going to do next, He’s saying, ‘No, I'm waiting to see what you're going to do with what it is that I've already given you.’” - Click Here To Tweet This

[01:02:26] Go to Grow

  • The only way to gain traction is to go. 
  • Figure out where you need to go next and move toward it with all aspects of your life.
  • Seek, go, and create is a process. Though she can always seek and create, it’s through ‘go’ that she can move forward with what she found and what she created.

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