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How to Find the Golden Pearls in Your Life with Dr. Allen Lycka

How to Find the Golden Pearls in Your Life with Dr. Allen Lycka Setbacks happen for a reason. It changes not only the way we do things but also the way we perceive our situation. Failures allow us to think creatively and evaluate our lives. As many...

How to Handle Crises in Business & Daily Life with Marco Robert

We are in a pandemic right now, and everyone is under pressure. Businesses are struggling as the world economy grinds to a halt. This period makes it even more important to learn how to navigate during a crisis scenario and turn around struggling companies to ensure they weather out the storm.

Do Your Willpower & Personality Determine Your Future Self with Benjamin Hardy

Many of us believe we have a fixed personality and it affects all our actions and choices throughout our lifetime. This thinking, though true to an extent at present, limits our ability to define our future.
In this episode, organizational psychologist Benjamin Hardy talks about his books Willpower Doesn’t Work and Personality Is Not Permanent. He poses a challenge to the prevalent view that we are defined by our past and personality types. He introduces us to the concept of the “future self” and how it can guide us to grow and become better individuals.

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