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Faith With Action: Building a Successful Business Rooted in Christ with LaDondra Hervey

Faith With Action: Building a Successful Business Rooted in Christ with LaDondra Hervey

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Q&A

Most Christians find it difficult to merge faith with action. There could be many reasons, such as finances, hustle mentality, and trauma. Such barriers keep you from your calling, hindering you from serving your purpose — a loss to your community. You have so much to offer; God has great plans for you. It’s time to realize that and reclaim your power.

In this episode, you will be hearing about LaDondra Hervey’s journey and the powerful lessons she learned in life. She breaks down the victim mindset, generational trauma, and how you can conquer both. She also explores entrepreneurship and marrying faith with action to fulfill your purpose. Finally, she addresses the barriers between you and your calling and how you can overcome them.

If you want to find out how to become who God wants you to be and truly serve your purpose, then this episode is for you.

About LaDondra

LaDondra Hervey is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and certified business coach. She empowers women to create sustainable businesses rooted in Christ and helps women entrepreneurs create profitable businesses that support their vision. She is passionate about uplifting others so they find freedom in Christ and be who they truly are.

If you want to know more about LaDondra, reach out to her on Instagram. You can also visit her website or join her Facebook group.  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Find out how to break generational cycles and reclaim your power. 
  2. Discover how to marry faith with action. 
  3. Learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur and do business in God’s way.


Episode Highlights

[02:57] Meeting LaDondra

  • LaDondra is the founder of Women Operating Kingdom Enterprises. Her business focuses on helping women go from purpose into profit and beyond into legacy impact.
  • She grew up in a house where drug abuse and alcoholism were present.
  • LaDondra’s responsibilities and musing inspired her to break the generational cycle and be her own boss.
  • Although she doubted herself at first, she found her place and served business owners after surrendering to God’s will.
  • Everyone needs a purpose.

[09:32] Breaking Generational Cycles

  • Her grandmother was always spiritually grounded and became her biggest role model.
  • When LaDondra wanted to get mad or bitter at the hardships in her life, she would see her grandmother walking through the lens of love.
  • She observed everything as a child because she didn’t want to repeat the same cycle.

[12:36] Finding an Entrepreneurial Spark

  • Her great grandmother was a bootlegger, and some of her uncles sold drugs.
  • Because of that, she saw entrepreneurship in the wrong way. However, she also saw it differently after job shadowing her grandmother.
  • After seeing the house where her grandmother worked as a nanny, LaDondra decided she wanted the same lifestyle and freedom.
  • One of her uncles was also smart with his money and applied business principles.

[17:00] LaDondra’s Experience in Law

  • In West Texas, there was lots of racism happening.
  • Some people with small cases were sentenced to disproportionate punishment in prison. It took a long time before they finally got justice.
  • Her uncle’s unfair sentence pushed her to become an attorney, but it wasn’t her calling.

[19:50] The Victim Mindset

  • She doesn’t have a victim mentality because the desire to break the generational cycle is deeply rooted in her.
  • She wanted to model something different for future generations in her family.
  • Because nothing’s impossible with Christ, she was going to do all that she could do and be all that she could be within her ability.
  • Losing hope causes a victim mentality.

[22:54] Defining “Kingdom”

  • For LaDondra, the kingdom is Christ culture.
  • Christ culture is establishing a culture wherein love is the foundation. We can show true love through faith with action.
  • Use Christ culture to effect change, merge faith with action, and conquer worldly conformity by being grounded and rooted in love and God’s way.

[22:54] Creating Your Legacy

  • Legacy starts in the present with decisions that we make.
  • Her family was her foundation. But it was the negative legacy in her family that pushed her to make the right choice right now.
  • She always makes decisions intending to make an impactful legacy in mind.

[32:45] How to Step Into Your Power

  • Assess who you are and what matters to you the most.
  • Define what success looks like for you.
  • Reflect on the stories you’re telling yourself.
  • Discern between truth and lies.
  • Take aligned action according to God’s plans.

[37:43] Money Talks

  • Christian women have lots of emotional baggage when it comes to money.
  • You need money to tithe, survive, and advance His kingdom.
  • Making money isn’t bad.
  • Understand where you’re going and what system will get you there without conforming to other people’s models for success.

[44:15] Marrying Faith with Action

  • Seek God’s desire and develop a mindset that’s connected to that.
  • You don’t need to have all the answers before creating a strategic plan and taking action; let God guide you and direct your path as 
  • Assess your spiritual gifts. By combining faith with action, you can translate them into a business.
  • Don’t be afraid to take imperfect steps.

[49:09] Being an Entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurship takes a lot of grit, hard work, and heart work.
  • You cannot skip the process.
  • Count up costs before you build, then do the work.
  • Just because it might be scary doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to do it.

[53:47] Women Operating Kingdom Enterprises

  • She experienced unfulfillment and fell into the performance trap.
  • She realized that she hadn’t surrendered her business to Him fully and only used Him as a resource instead of “the source.”
  • Releasing some things made her feel joyful and more fulfilled.
  • Being woke means becoming alive to your way — and she wanted to help women break their generational cycle and become woke.
  • Listen to the full episode to learn how she helps women with purpose, profit, and legacy!

[58:34] The Women She Works With

  • The women they usually coach have had their business for 1-5 years.
  • If they find their businesses stuck or not going according to plan, she helps them get out of that messy middle.
  • Don’t give up. Surrender to God and get support.

[1:01:08] Powerful Beyond Belief

  • She didn’t plan on writing a book and kept putting it off, but God struck her with a strong sense of fatigue that only left enough energy to write the book.
  • She feels that the Lord wrote through her.
  • Becoming the person God calls you to be and reclaiming your power means getting back to a place of alignment and truth.
  • You are powerful beyond anything that you or others believe about yourself.

[1:06:37] Seek, Go, or Create?

  • She chose to seek because she needs to slow down often, seek the kingdom, and realize everything else will be added to her.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[08:13] “If you don’t have purpose, then what do you have?”

[23:51] “… love yourself enough to answer your call. Love yourself enough to be who God has called you to be. Love people enough to step into that call to serve; be that vessel; to be that light; to be that answer, that solution to the problems that you were destined to solve.”

[47:05] “Your gifts are to be used outside of those walls. It’s to build up the kingdom; the kingdom is not just in the church, the kingdom is all around us.”

[51:47] “Whatever you’re building, you got to be willing to put your hands to the plow, to do the work, to make those sales calls to show up for that live, to show up on that podcast, to get beyond your own fears. Just because it’s fearful, it doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to do it.”

[01:03:09] “We’re going to take back power, the power that has been stripped from us […] and we’re going to get back into a position where we are standing powerful beyond belief because you are truly powerful beyond anything that you believe about yourself, and that other people spoke about you and projected on you.”

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