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From Ministry Worker to International Businesswoman: Mixing Faith & Business with Katie Hornor

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Q&A

Do you believe that there’s nothing faith can’t do? Today’s guest, Katie Hornor, can testify to that. From experiencing betrayal and hardships in a foreign country to becoming the successful woman she is today, her faith and passion for ministry anchored her through it all.

In this episode, we are joined by Katie, a renowned faith-based international businesswoman. She talks about her journey and all the challenges she powered through to be who and where she is today. Katie shares how her faith pieced together her passion for ministry, family, and service.

Tune in to this episode to discover how Katie leads and creates impact through ministry, business, and homeschooling.

About Katie 

Katie Hornor is an online business coach, mentor, and international speaker. Her expertise includes course creation, curriculum development, and relationship marketing. Currently, she coaches entrepreneurs from her home in Mexico.

She is also a homeschool mom of five, and she’s leading the homeschool movement in Latin America. Moreover, Katie is an author of over 50 published books, and many are Amazon bestsellers.

To know more about Katie and her work, you can check her website. You can find the resources mentioned in the podcast here.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn about Katie’s journey and the challenges she overcame.
  2. How can you manage a thriving business and ministry at the same time?
  3. Discover more about getting started on homeschooling and business.


Episode Highlights

[03:50] Katie’s Elevator Pitch

  • Her work involves empowering people to do what they are created to do.
  • She works with Christian business owners.

[12:02] Takeaways from the Pandemic

  • It is okay to slow down and give time for what’s important.
  • The pandemic has been suitable for connecting with family despite the physical distance.
  • People are too accustomed to being busy. Hopefully, the pandemic has taught us to slow down and be creative.

[17:10] Why People Are Scared to Be Quiet

  • Many of us grew up in a culture full of judgment.
  • Personally, Katie went through a lot of soul-searching before realizing she didn’t need to base everything she did on everybody else’s judgment but God’s.
  • It took her lots of quiet time and questioning to detach from pleasing others.
  • People tend to be scared to stay quiet and do what they want because of outside judgment.

[21:54] Moving Out of the USA

  • Katie thinks that life wouldn’t be as prolific and productive if she and her family had stayed in the US.
  • Surrendering her life to God’s call led her to all the experiences she’s had.

[26:50] Katie’s Ministry Work 

  • She went to do a traditional mission at a Bible college where she went around looking for financial pledges to support her mission.
  • Three years later, she moved to another part of Mexico to take over a missionary couple’s children home ministry.
  • Due to blacklisting, they had to move back to the US. However, they found another opportunity to come back to Mexico.
  • When they did, they were supposed to stay and finally take over the children’s home ministry. However, there were many disagreements regarding bringing outside leadership in the ministry.
  • With all the setbacks, Katie and her husband had to find a way to support their family. This led them to build their business.

[32:18] Opening Up to New Opportunities

  • Katie and her husband started a Mexican business called Lemonhass.
  • It is a curriculum company that is the only literature-based homeschool curriculum in Spanish.
  • They hold online training and conferences to train parents on how to homeschool in Spanish.
  • Despite it being a business, Katie still sees what she’s doing as ministry work because she focuses on building relationships.

[41:16] Ministry Through Business

  • Through their coffee shop business, they get opportunities to share the gospel and interact with other people worldwide.
  • Expanding their ministry to a business level allowed them to share the gospel with more people, especially people in business.

[45:49] Relationship with Money

  • Katie’s money issues came from how she was taught to think about money.
  • She has realized now that God doesn’t need money to provide for people. Money shouldn’t define who you are and stop you from serving others.
  • Service comes first before the money.

[55:59] The Handprint Legacy Live

  • It is a three-day virtual event for faith-based owners of small businesses.
  • It is a marketing training on how to create a successful online marketing funnel.

[59:14] How Flamingos Embody Faith

  • Katie talks about one of her books entitled Faith Like Flamingos.
  • When she took her family on a trip to watch flamingos in Mexico, she realized how flamingos embody faith.
  • While they were viewing the flamingos from a boat, Katie thought that the way they didn’t care and just did their thing even around alligators portrayed their strength and beauty. This made her associate flamingos to how faith should be.
  • The book consists of 25 days of short lessons about flamingos and an application of God’s word for each lesson.
  • She shares life lessons and personal stories of balancing ministry and business, which can be daunting.

[1:05:46] Tips & Thoughts on Homeschooling

  • Know why you’re homeschooling. Your whys will keep you strong when it’s hard to do it.
  • Homeschooling is a unique opportunity to celebrate your child.
  • Get to know your child and what they excel in.
  • You have a lot of liberty to create a unique curriculum that can holistically support your child.

[1:08:15] Starting Your Business

  • Just start doing something.
  • Katie says they started with two businesses because it was God’s calling for them to do two at once.
  • However, she suggests focusing on one business first when starting.
  • Take action for God to bless it.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[15:32] “If we really let ourselves have the time and space to be quiet and have that time to think, then you’re going to see how beneficial it is.”

[23:49] “Each of those experiences made us who we are. And at each step along the way, the Lord was refining things.”

[33:39] “All you gotta see is the next step. And He leads and He guides the way he wants to take you, and it’s just been amazing that now we’re reaching families all around the world.”

[53:32] “The relationship has to come first. The money is a nice secondary, but it’s secondary. It’s got to be about the relationship. They don’t care what you have to offer until they know that you care.”

[1:01:43] “It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or what you’re doing, or what your business is or is not. If you’re a Christian, you’re a Christian doing all of those things.”

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