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Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World | Q&A with Phil Cooke

by | May 4, 2020 | Q&A

Phil Cooke is a writer, television producer, and media consultant based in Burbank, California.
He has worked for clients such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, The Salvation Army, Mercy Ships, Southern Baptists, The American Bible Society, and The Museum of the Bible.
Cooke produced Billy Graham’s most-seen program, “Starting Over,” which reached around 1.5 billion people across 200 countries in one day. Joel Osteen said, “Phil Cooke is one of the greatest communicators of our generation.”
In this episode, Phil discusses the challenges of being a Christian in Hollywood, why Christianity has become ineffective in modern culture, media skills that every leader should know and how leaders must be focused on getting their message out. Plus, he discusses the “new normal” that will require every organization to operate online.
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