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How to Handle Crisis Situations in Business and Life with Marco Robert

How to Handle Crisis Situations in Business and Life with Marco Robert

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Q&A

ie are in a pandemic right now, and everyone is under pressure. Businesses are struggling as the world economy grinds to a halt. This period makes it even more important to learn how to navigate crisis situations and turn around struggling companies to ensure they weather out the storm.

In this episode, business turnaround expert Marco Robert talks about his insights on the present crisis and how we can survive the disaster and find opportunities along the way. He also discusses with us his secret steps in assessing a failing business and turning it around. This episode is perfect not only for business owners but also for everyone affected by the present crisis.

Tune in to this episode to discover how to handle crisis situations in business and life!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn about effective ways to navigate and lead a business during crisis situations.
  2. Discover the seven gradients of assessing a business’s core problem and developing a turnaround strategy.
  3. Find out how to not only survive but also thrive in this pandemic.


Episode Highlights

[02:36] Getting to Know Marco

  • Marco realized every business has one core problem.
  • He developed a decision matrix to hone in the core issue, earning him the reputation as the world’s fastest business turnaround expert.
  • He understands the importance of psychology in solving problems.

[05:51] Marco’s Pulse on the Pandemic

  • Nobody really knows what is going on.
  • The media should set aside politics; instead, it should focus on sustaining the world.
  • Leaders and influencers should hold the flag right now and use their power for good.

[10:14] How Companies Can Recover from Crisis Situations

  • Communication is incredibly important to sustain your bond with the client.
  • Companies should be as transparent as possible to co-workers, employees, vendors, and customers.
  • Cut your expenses and go bare-bones. You can remove 30% of your expenses overnight.
  • You have to be in a foundation of cash right now.
  • Discern who is merely trying to get your cash and who has a proven record that will benefit you.

[15:50] Cash Is King

  • It makes sense to buy in the stock market right now, but keep the cash if you’re not willing to lose the money.
  • Learn to discern. Put yourself outside the scenario.
  • People are still optimistic right now; we might not have reached the bottom just yet.
  • Gear up and sit on cash so that you can buy when the appropriate time comes.

[21:21] The Different Types of Investors

  • Most venture capitalist firms usually start with their own money; eventually, they will have a fund.
  • It’s a highly regulated industry with lots of due diligence required of them.
  • Angel investors are professionals with fewer requirements and can organize into a group to create a bigger investment.
  • Mergers and acquisitions are a science on how to use the four levers: cash, credit, funds, and internal financial mechanisms.

[25:22] Future Potential Industries

  • After the crisis, the services sector will be well-positioned.
  • Blue-collar companies are also good, for they are technically sound. However, their business systems could still be streamlined and improved.
  • Most baby boomers are independent business owners who are now about to retire and sell their businesses.
  • There is a massive vacuum in wealth that needs to be transferred.

[31:34] How to Exit a Business

  • Businesses with the same industry and profit could be worth different amounts to two people.
  • An investor will always be willing to pay more for the business.
  • Even without improving net operating profit, one can sell the business through streamlining it first.

[34:55] How to Turn a Business Around

  • A business unfolds in a series of seven steps or gradients.
  • These gradients concern management, value creation, revenue generation, leadership, profitability, cash flow, and equity capitalization. 
  • Listen to Marco explain each gradient in the full episode!

[41:26] Identifying the Business’ Problem

  • Experts from different fields will always be biased in thinking they know where the problem lies.
  • Around 90% of business owners don’t know where their problem is but think they do.
  • These business owners end up wasting a lot of time solving the wrong problem.

[44:29] The General State of Leadership

  • Most business owners are delusional, thinking business is a science in that applying the right model will give them the results they want.
  • Leadership is heuristic. Push leaders tend to be poor leaders; pull leaders tend to be respected.
  • Situational leadership means you have the ability to understand external forces at play.
  • Most pull leadership traits should be adopted, but push leaders tend to excel in crisis scenarios.
  • Running a country is different as you are faced with impossible decisions and dilemmas.

[51:36] Silicon Valley

  • The smartest people went to the best schools.
  • All the cash in the world is represented in those schools, and every fund is invested in technology.
  • Silicon Valley had an open-source culture where they share ideas and collaborate with each other freely.
  • After the cost of living exploded, the open-source culture isn’t as strong anymore.
  • There is a mentality of entitlement and no more drive to reinvent the world.

[56:38] Thoughts on Tech Pioneers

  • The Zuckerbergs are trailblazers and have their own personalities.
  • Leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are typical geeks who did not expect their business to boom.
  • Congress will always try to regulate and mingle with their business.

[1:01:53] Habits to Stay Sharp

  • Develop awareness and be organized.
  • Fix your bed. A confused environment leads to a confused mind.
  • Learn about your physical health and well-being not just when you’re sick.
  • Manage your energy levels without using stimulants and depressants.
  • Humans have a seasonal diet, so shift your diet according to the season.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“Most business experts out there actually have a very tunneled vision when it comes to business.”

“We’re literally at the cusp of the biggest transfer of wealth in human history that’s about to happen right now.”

“The biggest challenge is that most business owners think they know where the problem lies, but they don’t know.”

“Most of business is not scientific. It is heuristic.”

“The essence of man is through creation . . . You owe it to mankind to do everything you can to make yourself and make the world a better place through creation.”

About Marco

Marco Robert is an international speaker, influencer, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist. As a rapid turnaround and M&A expert, he has successfully saved numerous companies that were expected to fail within weeks or months. Marco is adept at remaining calm under extreme pressure and turning around crisis situations.

To know more about Marco and his work, you can visit his website. You may also reach him through LinkedIn.

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