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How Embracing Transitions Allows You to Grow with Hunter Irving

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Extras, Q&A

Life is not linear. As we grow older, we go through various changes and life transitions that ultimately turn our life around. As we move away from a place of comfort, we inevitably have to face frightening uncertainty at the forefront of life transitions. 

These periods can be challenging and even unbearable. But with God’s grace and guidance, we can take life transitions as an opportunity to grow and prosper. 

This week, we are joined by Hunter Irving, who is in charge of the web design and online presence of Seek Go Create. He shares his life transitions such as how he went from being selfish to selfless when he became a father. He also talks about his growth in Bible college and his transition from ministry to a career in sales.

Tune in to the episode to know how you can use transition periods to turn your life around.

About Hunter

Hunter Irving is in charge of the web design and online presence of the Seek, Go, Create Podcast. He puts together the pieces of the podcast’s YouTube videos. Aside from doing ministry work, he also does sales and web management.

If you’d like to reach out to Hunter, you can contact him on his Instagram.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Discover how the life transitions can change you.
  2. Find out how getting out of your comfort zone can help you grow.
  3. Learn Hunter’s secrets on how you can turn your life around.

Episode Highlights

[02:55] Who Is Hunter?

  • Hunter does a lot of different things; he considers himself an opportunist.
  • He’s a father, husband, and a follower of Jesus. Along with that, he does sales and website management on the side to sustain his family.
  • He has always loved ‘vision’ and looking ahead.

[05:26] Becoming a Father

  • Upon becoming a father, he became a lot more selfless and a lot more tactful in his approach to life.
  • His natural tendency tends to be just going along with the flow. However, as a dad, there’s a lot more structure in his decisions.

[08:43] On Meeting Tim

  • He grew up in Virginia and moved out to Colorado for Bible College. Tim was in the same apartment complex when they moved in.
  • He saw Tim at school as a shepherd who guided a lot of people along.
  • Listen to the full episode to know more about how Tim and Hunter met.

[12:54] Experiencing Growth in Bible School

  • He grew up in a Baptist Church and always knew that he wanted to be a pastor.
  • He went through an identity crisis during his first year at Bible College. 
  • When the first year ended, he was able to get out of his environment and pushed himself to grow somewhere more conducive. 
  • During his second year, he started to get a vision, and he shifted his personality to support others. By this time, he got closer to God.

[17:07] On Loneliness

  • Loneliness happens because of the lack of depth in relationships and the feeling of not being valued.
  • Being in the young and cool crowd feels good for a moment. However, Hunter says that he would have zero drive, purpose, or vision at the end of the day.

[21:48] Hunter’s Background and Path to Bible School

  • For Hunter, if he didn’t go to Bible School, he probably would have made mistakes that would not be his life’s finest moments. 
  • It was a defining time for him when his family shifted to full gospel movement when he was 15. 
  • Transitional periods and getting removed from a comfortable place enable growth. This is what life transitions are all about.
  • When they switched churches, he stepped into a lot of leadership and consistency.
  • His father taught him the importance of integrity and proper work ethics while his mom taught him grace and forgiveness. 

[26:18] Secrets to Turning Your Life Around

  • Start with understanding the situation you’re in. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck where you are.
  • You look, understand what’s going on, execute, and create something new to take place. Seek to understand your life.
  • Hunter says that you also need outside feedback like counseling and opening up to people.

[29:52] Navigating Ministry and Sales

  • Hunter helped a friend start a ministry. When his friend got married, he handed it over to Hunter, where he took leadership.
  • They were treating it like a church by doing outreaches and videos. Upon planning to get married, he had to transition away from the ministry.
  • Hunter is also preoccupied with mobile and online web management, as well as sales.
  • For anyone who wants to be in full-time ministry, don’t discredit where you’re at because God will help you grow.
  • Listen to the full podcast to know more about this transitional period in Hunter’s life. 

[38:34] Moving Forward with Ministry

  • With a Westernized culture, Hunter says that we have overly complicated the church because of different viewpoints.
  • Whether it’s ministry, family, or work, Hunter believes that God wants us to be tactful with everything we do.
  • Unfortunately, many ministries are only “shooting from the hip.”
  • Hunter says that he remains utterly open with the ministry in terms of what God wants.

[42:59] Hunter’s Expectations for 2021

  • Hunter’s number one expectation is that his family will come out of the pandemic better and stronger. 
  • He is determined not to let the pandemic dictate their growth and success.
  • They expect to transition out of Colorado and leave behind the stress that this year has brought them.
  • As 2021 sets in, Hunter shares that he wants to leave the country’s ‘divided mentality’ from 2020. 
  • He encourages everyone to acknowledge and love people despite them thinking differently than you.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[15:27] “You know, I could have tried harder, I know that. But sometimes people need to be reached out to, and that’s what I needed, and I know that a lot of people needed that.”

[16:07] “When I got back, I had all this time to myself, and I just needed purpose again. And I found that in Him and in His Word, and came back with that vision and a new environment.”

[26:20] “I think it all starts with seeking to understand what you’re in. If you don’t have an understanding on whether there’s an issue or not in your life, or understanding that something needs to change in your life, then you’re just going to be stuck in where you are until you get to that point. So if you’re not there, get there; just seek to understand your life.”

[36:18] “Don’t discredit where you’re at, and just let God teach you where you’re at, and He’ll show you many things, and He’ll grow you in the areas you need to grow.”

[45:37] “Because obviously, when you encounter someone that thinks differently from you, sometimes you want to resist that. But I think just loving everyone around you, I think that’s what I’ll put the expectation on myself for. Try to resist that mentality of division.”

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