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How to Be Proactive in Today’s Reactive World with Tim Winders

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Extras

It’s been a month since we welcomed the new year, but it seems like the ghost of 2020 continues to haunt us. 2021 has barely started, yet it brings tremendous challenges. Watching the news, reading articles, and scrolling through social media can be tiresome these days. But it’s important to remain patient and avoid taking a reactive stance — being reactive can be  damaging, unhelpful, and stop us from being proactive.

In today’s episode, Tim will talk about the importance of proactivity and the downfalls of being reactive. He will discuss four categories to becoming proactive and answer some questions you have about his lifestyle, the podcast, and business.

If you’re having a hard time fulfilling your tasks in today’s social climate, this episode may spark a fire and remind you of your life’s purpose.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Discover the four big categories on how to act proactively rather than reactively.
  2. Learn how to avoid reacting too quickly when feeling intense emotions.
  3. Tim answers questions about their lives at the RV, starting the podcast, and mentorship.


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Episode Highlights

[09:01] Tim Answers Your Questions!

  • Tim and his family work, travel, and live in an RV. It has been both a challenging and incredible experience for them.
  • The words seek, go, create, and now gave Tim reasons to move forward.
  • The show’s theme was formulated through Tim’s observations of his previous interviews and his passion for letting people understand the meaning of success.
  • For Tim, the biggest challenge facing businesses and leaders today is the lack of focus due to society’s many distractions.
  • As a business and leadership coach, Tim works with people who consider themselves leaders in businesses, organizations, or families. If you’re interested in working with Tim, connect with us at

[22:40] How to Be Proactive When the World Wants Us to Be Reactive

  • We all have a purpose. Unfortunately, many people are more reactive to circumstances instead of proactive.
  • Being reactive to the junk around you impacts your emotions and actions. It can prevent you from accomplishing what you’re created to do.
  • Tim will share four categories that will allow us to be more proactive and less reactive to the world: mindset, actions, systems, and resources.

[24:09] First Category: Mindset

  • Establish and set your expectations. Avoid creating grandiose expectations nor low expectations.
  • Prepare yourself and expect to have distractions thrown at you.
  • Control what you can control. Many circumstances are uncontrollable; it will be better to deal and work with them than fighting them.
  • Choose your battles. Don’t pour energy into unwinnable arguments and situations.
  • Know where you fit in the big picture. You are not the center of the universe; other things happen around you.

[31:02] Second Category: Actions

  • Establish the habit of having alone time. It’s essential to have time to think, meditate, pray, or do nothing.
  • Avoid social media distractions. We live in a constant state of engagement that pushes us to react all the time. 
  • Stay healthy and rested. Don’t make big decisions when you’re fatigued because you’re more reactive when you’re tired.
  • Moving your body helps clear your mind and get away from distractions. You’re more proactive when you’re rested.
  • Practice; use your muscle of focus — practice working on things without distractions.

[38:42] Third Category: Systems

  • Our world is full of systems. Understanding them allows us to be more proactive than reactive.
  • Plan: Although we all have different personalities, planning our future goals allows us to be prepared for difficulties.
  • Strategy sessions: Listen to the full episode to know how Tim works with his clients in helping them strategize, review, assess, and adjust their plans to improve their businesses or organizations.
  • Mechanisms: Mechanisms allow us to have structure and systems in place to gather data and get input.
  • Use systems and tools to stay on track, be accountable, and not lose focus. Find project management tools that work best for you to monitor your plans.

[44:30] Fourth Category: Resources

  • Don’t isolate yourself or limit your connections with other people. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking people for support.
  • Do not feel guilty or ashamed about asking people for help. We are in a society where we’ve got to begin reaching out and helping people more.
  • Begin building leaders and grow your team. Think about others’ needs; build and encourage the people around you.  
  • Self-awareness. Knowing ourselves is the best way to recognize our strengths, weaknesses, and passions.
  • Be with a wise counsel. Be with a coach, mentor, or someone who holds you accountable and initiates tough conversations with love and compassion.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[00:41] “I encourage you with whatever you’re doing, just to remain faithful, be patient, understanding, love as many people as you can, because there’s just so much going on in the world.”

[23:29] “Unfortunately, what many people do going through life — instead of proactively moving towards that ‘something’ — they react to all the circumstances, all the stuff, all the junk that’s going on around them.”

[24:17] “Our mind is the first battleground of being proactive versus being reactive.”

[30:28] “I think when we begin thinking that we are the center of the universe and the entire story revolves around us, it starts putting us in a position where expectations get altered. We start thinking we have more control than we really have.”

[46:03] “I didn’t have answers for a lot of what was going on and I began isolating myself. Do not isolate yourself because it becomes really easy to start reacting to things and becoming — I’ll use a strong word here — more of a victim instead of being proactive, and taking charge of your future, and moving forward with goals, and establishing what you’re supposed to do and accomplish.”

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