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How to Find Peace in the Middle of Chaos

How to Find Peace in the Middle of Chaos

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Extras

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with your everyday responsibilities? 

Keeping up with your health, profession, and other duties while dealing with uncertainty is difficult in our fast-paced environment. As such, we have little to no time for relaxation. More and more people are developing burnout and anxiety that can lead to depression.

Despite what hustle culture teaches us, relaxation is still a crucial aspect of self-improvement. There are many distractions in the digital and physical world, but we must find stillness and calm within ourselves to discover real love and faith.

In this episode of Seek Go Create, we cover these bases as Tim shares what his past financial struggles taught him about peace. He also talks about the importance of rest and how it relates to discovering love and faith. Finally, he discusses his own opinions on how to find peace in the religious community.

If you seek tranquility amid the daily grind, then this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Discover the importance of rest.
  2. Learn the significance of peace in finding love and faith.
  3. Unravel the message of the Bible about attaining peace.


Episode Highlights

[03:45] What is Rest? 

  • Rest is a difficult subject to discuss because not everyone understands it.
  • Defining rest drew fewer responses than the preceding topics in this series.

[05:31] Tim’s Struggles 

  • Tim and his wife had financial difficulties a few years ago.
  • Looking back, he realized that their condition was not as terrible as he thought.
  • Tim learned many things about peace as a result of his hardships.

[09:24] The Bible’s Bigger Story 

  • As followers of Christ, we must study his deeds and what he accomplished throughout his lifetime.
  • No one had a greater mission than Jesus Christ. He died on the cross so that we can rebuild our relationship with God.
  • Jesus never rushed, despite having barely three years to establish his ministry.
  • We should not rush to fulfill our life’s mission.

[13:39] Significance of Learning Peace 

  • Learning about peace helps us grasp the meaning of love and faith.
  • The Lord demonstrated love and faith by living a peaceful life.
  • Finding peace amid all the distractions in our everyday lives is difficult.
  • We don’t deserve a stressful and anxious life.

[17:45] Living in the State of Rest 

  • We are at our most creative when we’re in a state of rest.
  • The fruits of the Spirit can only overflow if we’re at ease and aware of our identity as God’s children.
  • Being at peace means finding Heaven on Earth.

[21:02] Describing Peace 

  • Peace entails letting go of our fears and worries through the help of Christ.
  • Rest means sitting with Jesus on a dock while taking in the beautiful view.
  • Newton’s Law of Motion applies to peace. We may remain in a state of rest if we choose to do so.

[23:43] Trusting Jesus 

  • The Universe conspires to help you complete all your commitments.
  • We must put our faith in God’s promise that He will provide for all our needs.
  • Only by trusting God amid life’s storms can we find peace.

[28:00] Peace According to the Scriptures 

  • Do not be anxious because the Lord provides.
  • Seek the Lord’s kingdom, and you will find all that you need.

[31:14] Coach and Its Meaning of Peace

  • The protagonist must overcome adversities to learn the significance of love, faith, and peace.
  • One can find peace when love and faith dominate their soul.
  • Rest ensues when there is no conflict between the spirit, soul, and body.
  • Peace isn’t something that happens to you; it’s something that you earn and receive.

[34:33] Sabbath Is Shalom, Shalom Is Peace 

  • We have had the opportunity to live in a constant state of Sabbath since Jesus arrived. 
  • Shalom is a Hebrew word that brings peace and relaxation.

[37:36] We Are Meant for Peace and Rest

  • Jesus came to this world to give us rest.
  • Living in a state of peace is a work in progress.

    5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

    [13:00] “If Jesus Christ never felt stressed or anxious about the most important assignment that anyone has ever had on this earth, then why would we be about whatever we think our purpose and our assignment is?” 

    [16:03] “I don’t believe that hustle, fatigue, exhaustion, stress, and anxiety is how we should be living. I believe that those are devices of the enemy and not of God and that we shouldn’t be doing that.”

    [17:06] “There’s nothing that you have to do to prove yourself to your Father — by checking the boxes and going to church or working in the parking lot or working in the ministry…there is nothing scriptural about that. And nothing about what we’re talking about here says that the more you do, then the more you’re going to be rewarded in the future.”

    [20:04] “Experiencing Heaven on earth is being at rest [and] being at peace.”

    [32:54] “Peace exists when love and faith dominate one’s soul. That allows an individual to abide in a place of rest. Rest occurs when there is no conflict between the spirit, the soul, and the body. Peace is not a place or an event, nor is it taken or earned. It is received. It is a state of being. Peace is rest. Rest is Sabbath. Sabbath is shalom, and Shalom is peace.”

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