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How to Find Peace in Uncertainty with JK Winders

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Extras, Q&A

COVID-19 has irrevocably changed life as we know it. It has dashed even the most carefully laid out plans — from career transition to major events prepared long in advance. Despite mounting uncertainty about the future, take comfort in the fact that it’s still possible to make sense of this seemingly confusing journey. Social media and being a responsible content producer are some of the ways to achieve this.

In this episode, my son, JK, joins us to share how the pandemic tested his resolve. He explains his evolving relationship with social media and details what it takes to be a responsible content producer. He gives us a glimpse into his life after the lockdown and illustrates how it’s possible to find joy and meaning by confronting your fears. 

Listen to the episode to unearth more productive ways of looking at life during the pandemic.

About JK

JK Winders is an artist of many trades: a photographer, creative director, documentarian, and avid explorer whose work has been featured in Bespoke Post and Folk Magazine. He is also the creative director for the Seek Go Create Podcast. 

You can connect with JK on his website or Instagram.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Discover how setbacks can still serve as valuable life lessons. 
  2. Appreciate the role of social media and be a responsible content producer. 
  3. Learn how to build the strength to face your fear and anxiety.


Episode Highlights

[03:28] Introducing JK

  • JK Winders is a multi-skilled artist who provides creative direction and consultation to people and businesses. Thus, he is a content producer.
  • JK recently became an uncle.

[05:26] Seek Go Create as a Family Project

  • SGC is a family endeavor.
  • As SGC’s content producer, JK follows many different podcasts because every podcast has a unique spin.
  • JK believes SGC can provide a fresh insight on how they tackle the coming season as a family.

[11:18] The Challenges of 2020 

  • For JK, “confusing” is the word that captures 2020, given the inconsistency and uncertainty of all that’s happened.  
  • Although he was used to working remotely, he still felt angst over the future. 
  • JK worked up the courage to plan a large event in Yosemite, but it fell through because of COVID. 
  • He felt defeated and personally attacked by the pandemic.
  • After sending refund emails, JK realized that he’s still proud of overcoming his initial reluctance to organize that event in the first place. 

[17:52] Test of Willingness

  • In retrospect, JK feels that most of the year’s happenings are a test of his resolve. 
  • He would give himself a B+ or an A- for accepting the turn of events. 
  • JK feels that he connected with his community and widened his circle in 2020 more than any other year.  

[22:12] On Content Creation 

  • As a photographer, JK initially hesitated to showcase his work on Instagram. 
  • During the pandemic, he decided to up his social media game. 
  • Now, JK believes that social media offers a platform to inspire people. 
  • Even if you have a small following, people are listening to your story. As a content creator, you have a responsibility to release quality work and positivity. 

[26:40] Best Social Media Practices

  • A strong social media presence starts with knowing that you have a story worth telling.
  • Lean into what makes you unique.
  • Unlike influencers that operate in a barter-like system, JK focused on developing relationships with brands and businesses like Bespoke Post and Folk Magazine. 

[31:45] Building an Instagram Portfolio

  • Instagram has become the go-to place to assess a photographer’s work. 
  • A photographer’s Instagram feed should be a good representation of his abilities. 

[33:09] Spur-of-the-Moment Decisions

  • In May 2020, he bought a motorcycle on a whim even though he didn’t have a license nor ridden a bike before.   
  • Although he was terrified during the motorcycle safety course, he realized that it was a fun experience once he got over that fear. 
  • He believes that purchase was one of his best decisions since it allowed for many joyful moments during the pandemic.  

[36:51] Overcoming Anxiety 

  • JK left little room to make mistakes when he bought the bike. He couldn’t carry it nor had a license to drive it. 
  • There were many what-ifs after the initial purchase, but his first travel to Sun Road proved it was all worth it. 
  • Although the ride was dangerous, the experience ended up one of JK’s most inspiring.
  • After getting over his fear, JK found that it’s easier to discuss his other anxieties openly.
  • Although most emotions may be valid, they’re not gospel truth. 

[42:21] Cruising Through the Continent

  • JK bought the bike in May and took the motorcycle safety course in June.  
  • By July, he was already at Columbia Falls. During August and September, he was at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. By October, he arrived at Grand Junction and planned to spend the rest of the year in Utah.  
  • Buying the motorcycle came at a time when he needed rejuvenation.  

[47:24] Holidays in the Winders Household

  • JK recalls that the holidays were always a happy childhood experience.
  • Decorating the house before Halloween and keeping it up until February or March was a household tradition. 
  • One of his favorites was the family’s gift-giving tradition, which shines the spotlight on the giver rather than the receiver. 

[52:04] Expectations for 2021 

  • JK looks forward to building his community even more next year.
  • He remains optimistic even though it might not be possible to host events as soon as possible.
  • Although things might permanently change, JK remains excited for a future where he can harness his creativity to navigate the future.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[04:09] “What I do is I write best-selling books to transform people into fulfilling their destiny, and each and every one of us has a genius hidden inside. Genius talent, genius skills, genius abilities.”

[07:33] “You can’t have a shift in your wellness, health, or weight, until you have a permanent shift in your mind, okay, because everything starts with the mind.”

[09:20] “This body is the only temple you have on this earth to express the soul and spirit you were given. How important is that?”

[16:19] “So it’s fascinating what you can do if you think right, talk right, act like, live right, eat right, and exercise right.”

[39:29] “There are three channels through which to ask, and those are: ask yourself, ask others, and ask God. And we found that each of those channels are equally important to, you know, employ in your life so that you can become what we call a master asker.”

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