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How to Promote Your Business Through Podcasts with Tom Schwab

promote your business with Tom Schwab

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Q&A

There is so much noise in the world of business. Competing with countless brands is difficult, especially when you are just starting. That’s why you need a sound strategy to promote your business. Don’t just jump into the platform where everybody else seems to be. Focus your efforts on where your audience is listening.

In this episode, we are joined by Tom Schwab, an expert in podcast interview marketing. He shares how Interview Valet grows businesses by putting them in front of their ideal audience. We learn the value of guesting on the right podcasts and how this can promote your product or services. Marketing is not about being the loudest; it’s about knowing where to speak. Tom also shares his insights on success, building relationships, and why you need to share your expertise.

If you want to learn how to promote your business for business growth, then this episode is for you!

About Tom

Tom Schwab is the Founder and Chief Evangelist Officer of Interview Valet, the leader in podcast interview marketing (PIM). Here, Tom helps a diverse type of professional individuals connect with their ideal customers through podcasts. 

Tom got his mechanical engineering degree at the United States Naval Academy. He later went on to earn his master’s degree in Marketing at the Western Michigan University, Haworth College of Business.

Tom is the author of Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy. Additionally, he co-authored the book, The Mastermind Blueprint: Building a Rich Life, is based on his life experience.

If you want to reach out to Tom, you can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on Interview Valet.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how Tom redefined and chased his version of success. 
  2. Learn how to promote your business by choosing the right platforms and building relationships. 
  3. Find out tips and strategies on how to gain exposure for your business through podcasts.



Episode Highlights

[03:04] What Tom Does

  • Tom helps people gain exposure through targeted podcasts and interviews.
  • He believes that the strategy to promote your business never changes. 
  • You do not need to be louder to break through the noise.
  • Instead, be on platforms where people are already listening.

[07:40] Identifying Your Ideal Customer

  • We believe that we can help everyone, but not all people are going to resonate with you.
  • Ask yourself: who are your best customers, who do you add the most value to, and how can you find more of these people?

[10:08] Living in Michigan 

  • Tom was originally from the suburbs of Chicago where he graduated from the US Naval Academy.
  • In 1992, he took a job in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  • For Tom, the best musicians from Michigan are Stevie Wonder and Madonna. He also mentions one country star from Battle Creek.

[13:31] What Tom Learned from his Engineering Training

  • Draw a picture when you don’t understand a problem. 
  • Soon, you’re going to be limited by the size of your paper, not the size of your intellect.
  • There is not one final solution to a problem.
  • Be cantankerous; strive more and don’t accept anything less. In everything he does, Tom asks: is there a better way to do this?
  • The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy always increases. So, you always have to work to get your life in order.

[22:17] How Tom Redefines Success

  • After hitting his five-year point at the US Naval Academy, he decided to leave.
  • His father told him that he was a fool for walking away from this great career.
  • Tom then worked as an engineer and became successful in the corporate world. Yet, he felt miserable.
  • Tom saw an opportunity in selling medical devices; that’s where he flourished.
  • For him, following your success means going for where happiness lies. Tom aims to continuously be a better person. 

[27:45] Message For People Still Redefining Their Success

  • At the end of the day, nobody really cares about what you do. 
  • The most important thing is how you view yourself.
  • Nothing is guaranteed in life. Every day is a gift, not a given.
  • So, go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?

[31:10] Using Platforms to Promote Your Business

  • Everything in the world, Tom believes, is evolving. Nothing under the sun is new.
  • He built a company up through inbound marketing and sold it off. 
  • In 2014, Tom got an idea along with his other friends to promote a business by being a guest on podcasts.
  • Years back, you had to write blogs or send them to big publications to promote your business. 
  • Tom decided to tap into this idea to promote your business through podcasts. 

[35:34] The Evolution of Podcasts

  • Podcasts are called as such because they used to be listened to on iPods. 
  • We live in a time where it is easy for us to create content and repurpose it for others. 
  • Tom believes that the future is vivid audio, not video. 
  • That’s because audio is more relatable and engaging across generations.

[42:07] Challenges for the Industry

  • People have become so enamored with technology and tactics, that they’ve forgotten about strategy.
  • Many people understand the parts of their business, but not its heart and soul. 
  • Before you jump into a platform to promote your business, consider if your audience is there. 

[45:52] Building Relationships 

  • Invest in relationships. 
  • Having followers on any platform does not equate to having a relationship with your audience.

[47:49] Sharing Your Expertise

  • We all have something to share.
  • You don’t have to be the best at what you do to be considered an expert. 
  • You can share your insights based on your life experiences. Take on what you learn and pass it on to others. 

[51:09] How to Become Less Obscure

  • Get exposure; it brings opportunity.
  • Look at how your message or expertise can help people.
  • Find out your strengths and weaknesses. These characteristics can influence how you’re going to promote your business.
  • Being a podcast host is a great way to nurture your current leads.
  • But if you want to promote your business and get more exposure, guesting in other people’s shows is the ideal move.

[54:06] What People Typically Do Wrong

  • Oftentimes, people start without a strategy. They also have too many choices.
  • Make sure that the podcast where you want to promote your business has your ideal audience.
  • Next, look at the podcast’s website. Are people going to find your business through their site?
  • The third thing is the podcast’s reach. Are people listening to the show?
  • Finally, make sure that the podcast is consistent with your brand.

[58:23] Who Interview Valet Helps

  • Their company’s mission is to introduce inspiring thought leaders to millions of their ideal audiences.
  • They also help individuals with a national audience.
  • Further, they assist businesses to generate sales built on relationships.

[1:02:23] Seek, Go, or Create?

  • For Tom, it’s “create.”
  • Ideas are worthless without implementation, so it’s all about creation.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[03:18] “I believe that people’s biggest problem is obscurity, right? There’s thousands, millions of people you could help right now. The problem is they don’t know you exist.”

[13:34] “If you don’t understand a problem, draw a picture. If you still don’t understand it, draw a bigger picture… Sooner or later, you’re going to be limited by the size of your paper, not the size of your intellect.”

[20:46] “If I look back and say that I was a better version of myself five years ago than I am today, then I could say I’m successful today.”

[36:58] “We live in such a time today that we can create easily, in the format that’s easiest for us, and then repurpose it in the way that’s easiest for other people.”

[45:52] “One of the things that my grandfather told me was, ‘Relationships are the ultimate currency.’ And it’s so true; it’s the one thing that inflation can’t take. You know, and I would even say death can’t take it.”

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