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Learn How to Communicate Effectively and Turn Your Words Into Wonder, Wisdom, and Wealth with Aurora Winter

how to communicate effectively Aurora Winter

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Q&A | 1 comment

Words are powerful tools that everyone has at their disposal. Unfortunately, we often take this gift for granted. Many are unaware of how much learning how to communicate effectively can transform us and the world around us. Sooner or later, we all have to realize that how you express your thoughts ultimately affects how your message is received.

In this episode, we talk to Aurora Winter, an individual passionate about creating. She understands the power of words and how to use them to touch other people’s lives. She discusses how to communicate effectively and in such a way that your intended receiver understands the message fully. Aurora also tells us why leaders should be interested in reading books and in writing them.

If you want to learn how to turn words into wonder, wisdom, and wealth, this episode is for you!

About Aurora

Aurora Winter combines the best of Silicon Valley and the best of Hollywood. She is a best-selling author, media coach, TV producer, ghostwriter, and successful serial entrepreneur. Aurora uses her filmmaking expertise and neuroscience to help individuals become successful leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs. She helps her clients turn their words into wealth, wisdom, and wonder.  

If you’d like to reach out to Aurora, you can contact her on LinkedIn. You can also check out her website to know more about what she does.   

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the importance of words and messages when it comes to business.
  2. Learn how to communicate effectively with the help of the neuroscience of communication.
  3. Discover the beauty of books and why every leader should write one.



Episode Highlights

[02:45] The Importance of Words 

  • Aurora helps people convert their words into wealth, wonder, and wisdom.
  • Words are powerful, and they’re something everyone has at their disposal.
  • The things that you’re offering don’t have to attract everyone. 
  • As you learn how to communicate effectively, your words can attract or repel. 
  • That’s okay; you can’t be the right resource person for everyone.

[07:45] Using a Little Bit More Wonder

  • There is nothing wrong with pursuing money, but our society has gotten too obsessed with money.
  • A rich life has multiple aspects, one of which is wonder.
  • We need more wonder and awe in our lives.
  • Too much focus on money makes us live two-dimensional lives.

[09:24] Bridging Hollywood And Silicon Valley

  • Aurora aims to bring out the best of both worlds.
  • Silicon Valley is where all the smart engineers in the tech space are.
  • However, the people there don’t always know how to communicate effectively.
  • Meanwhile, Hollywood has all the dazzle, twinkle, and glow of the entertainment industry.
  • She brings the attention-catching communication methods of Hollywood into the business space.

[12:34] How Aurora Gained Experience

  • Aurora has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She sold her first business for six figures in her 20s and launched other successful ventures.
  • She also always loved writing.
  • Aurora majored in economics and was an executive and market feasibility analyst but had less time for herself.
  • Later, she and her husband started a yacht charter business and eventually moved on to selling boats.
  • Aurora admits that she has a restless mind. She channels this towards thinking of ways to add value to her pursuits. Tune in to the full episode to know how she does! 

[19:16] Reconciling Ideas and the Message

  • Emphasize asking the question, “How can I add more value?”
  • Doing so will make you avoid competing head-to-head with others.
  • The honest answer is not always the most exciting.
  • You have to merge a million-dollar idea with a million-dollar message.

[21:46] Understanding Motivations

  • Aurora realized that all the tax benefits she advertised were merely bells & whistles to people who only want a boat.
  • She also helps people publish their books and provide media training.
  • It’s not always about tax savings.
  • It’s also about improving how things are normally done.

[25:40] The Female Perspective

  • When she was young, Aurora thought that the playing field for men and women was equal.
  • She did not want to play the victim card.
  • Now that she’s older, she realized that women are not heard as much—something that she is passionate about.
  • The neuroscience of communication plays a significant role in being heard and learning how to communicate effectively.

[28:38] How to Communicate Effectively

  • Women are used to talking longer and with more words.
  • Sometimes, as women talk, they’re only just discovering what they want to say. 
  • This is fine in personal relationships but problematic in professional settings.
  • You can learn how to communicate effectively by understanding the neuroscience behind it.

[29:18] The Three Steps in the Neuroscience of Communication

  • First, you have to catch the attention of the person you’re addressing. You can visualize this as going past a crocodile.
  • Second, you have to pass the social sniff test, which you can visualize as knights barring your way.
  • After you pass these two steps, then you can deliver the message to the king and queen.
  • Remember that you want to address both the king and queen. So, you need a good balance between numbers and statistics. 
  • Your audience should know the point of the story. Breaking your message down into chunks helps. 

[34:48] How Aurora Redefines Success

  • Ask yourself what you are good at in terms of mastery and practice.
  • Next, ask what fills you with joy and energy. 
  • Finally, ask who can benefit the most from your work.
  • If the pandemic had not happened, we would all have very different lives.
  • We do not know what the future holds. Listen to the full episode to hear Aurora’s stories of cataclysmic choices and significant life experiences.

[42:13] Why Every Expert, Entrepreneur, and Leader Needs a Book

  • Leaders are people who have something valuable to say and share with others.
  • A book is a fixed form that encapsulates your ideas. It’s like a seed.
  • Writing the right book will boost your business while sending a clearer message of who you are.
  • A podcast with episodes feels pretty much like a book with chapters.
  • Listen to the full episode to learn about the value that Aurora gains from writing books.

[51:43] The Beauty of Writing a Book

  • Around 80% of people want to write a book. 
  • First-time authors usually take more than three years to do so. However, most authors don’t publish their works.
  • Your book is a story that someone can relate to, even if we often take these for granted.
  • A book is also your legacy; it can travel over time and touch the lives of others.

[55:08] Advice for Those Who are Hesitating

  • Who are you to dismiss who you are and what you have to offer? Do not let your ego dictate what you create.
  • Somebody needs your message, especially those who are going through a similar emotional journey.
  • Aurora helps those who have an idea but need a structure for their words.

[1:00:10] How Aurora Works 

  • Aurora creates drafts extremely fast to have a general theme.
  • Speed can also alleviate overthinking and make the writing process more alive.
  • Don’t start editing and rewriting immediately. Finish your first draft first.
  • If you’re still hesitant about doing something, try out the 90-Days Challenge. In this challenge, you write and read every day, and reflect weekly.
  • After these 90 days, you’ll get clarity on what you need to do moving forward. 

[1:09:11] Seek, Go, or Create?

  • Aurora connects with ‘create’ the most. 
  • She loves creating and believes that everyone can create something new.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[02:55] “I help people turn their words into wealth, wonder, and wisdom. I think so many people have at their disposal their breath, their words.”

[04:38] “I love helping people who are writing movies or writing children’s books. And so we are evoking wonder. Now sometimes that wonder can also eventually turn into wealth. But the first goal could be wonder.” 

[43:19] “Every entrepreneur and leader would benefit from a book for two purposes. One, to share their message one-to-many and leverage their time much more effectively. Two, to chain the framing of the conversation so they’re not just seen as another entrepreneur with another widget.”

[51:57] “I’d love everybody to appreciate the value of their authentic story, the things that you’ve lived through your expertise and your life experience can be valuable to others.” 

[55:13] “Who are you to dismiss who you are? And who are you to let your ego be dictating what you create?… And what is creation? Well, I feel like we’re all little droplets of water in the ocean of God, or unified field, or the universe, whatever word works best for you. So do your little job as your little droplet of water, your little droplet of divinity, your little droplet of creation. And maybe you, maybe a book is not what you create, but don’t create it from the, ‘Who am I and who would listen to me,’ because somebody needs your message.”

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