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Learning to Listen to God’s Voice with Cherlyn Decker

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Q&A | 0 comments

Are you going through a difficult time in your life, wherein you lose your sense of purpose and identity? Sometimes, we may feel like we have lost control of some aspects of our lives, be it in our careers or relationships. As overwhelming as these situations may be, don’t despair. These are chances for us to fully put our trust in the Lord and learn to listen to God’s voice. 

In this episode, we talk to Cherlyn Decker, an author, inspirational speaker, and faith coach. She graciously shares her journey filled with trials and challenges. Along the way, she realized that God provides her with opportunities and blessings to transform and flourish. Now, she is with us to share her experiences in her deep relationship with God. 

Listen to the episode to learn how to listen to God’s voice, so you will never get lost in your life’s journey.

About Cherlyn

Cherlyn Decker is a best-selling author, speaker, and spiritual life coach. Her book and signature talks have inspired Christians in their leadership and entrepreneurial pursuits. Using her voice, they can learn their purpose and impact those who they are called to serve. After all, her voice of clarity came from God. Everyone is welcome to listen.

If you want to get in touch with Cherlyn, you may contact her on her website or through Facebook or Instagram. 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Discover how you can find strength and courage when you rest in God in times of tribulations. 
  2. Find out why independence is fear. 
  3. Understand how to tune into God’s voice and trust His providence.



Episode Highlights

[04:08] What Cherlyn Does and What Leadership Means to Her 

  • She helps leaders and entrepreneurs experience and lead from God’s voice, so they can show up for those they are called to serve.
  • For Cherlyn, leaders help other people achieve their best. They recognize what’s hampering others from moving forward. 

[06:05] The Pivotal Moment in Cherlyn’s Journey

  • A phone call and the words: ‘I’m sorry, your position has been eliminated’ changed Cherlyn’s life forever. 
  • She had always known in her mind that God was her provider. When she lost her income, she had to let God show her that. 
  • Even before she got laid off, she was unhappy. She heard a voice inside her to go look for herself elsewhere.
  • However, she was sure that it was not God’s voice speaking to her then.

[12:10] Learning to Listen to God’s Voice

  • Just like how we know if we ran a red light, we know when we are being disobedient to God. 
  • In these situations, we have to trust God to shine a light on our paths and correct our disobedience.

One person in the Bible who always listened to God’s voice was David. Even though he was mighty, he always asked the Lord’s guidance on when to engage with his enemies. Whenever we ask for guidance, He may say yes, no, or nothing at all. When we don’t receive a response, we simply have to wait until we hear God’s voice. 

When Cherlyn does not hear God’s voice, she continues to walk in peace towards where He led her before until He tells her to stop. 

[15:30] Cherlyn’s Christian Background

  • Cherlyn grew up in a Christian household. This environment served as the foundation for her faith in God. 
  • However, that did not mean that she led a life without difficulties. Like what Paul tells us in his Epistles, we are to expect trials. 
  • But when we look to God in times of tribulation, we can find His goodness and peace. 
  • Even though Cherlyn does not like going through trials, these strengthened and sharpened her. They also solidified her faith. 
  • As a teenager, the relationships she had with her peers in their church were unhealthy. Luckily, she was able to find a different church youth group with whom she could bond. 

[21:14] Cherlyn’s Realizations

  • The word of God is our weapon. While their church taught her to study the scriptures, she didn’t understand how to use it as her sword of truth back then.
  • However, her denomination gave her building blocks and allowed her to have a good relationship with the Holy Spirit, who is the best teacher there is.
  • God’s voice led her to the tools she needed to equip herself in the world.
  • Looking back, Cherlyn now sees how God used the good, bad, and ugly in her life to transform her. 

[29:08] God’s Providence

  • Cherlyn had to learn how to let go of something when God asks because He has something greater planned. 
  • We, as 21st century Christians, have a distorted view of what blessings look like from God. 
  • We have to trust that everything God provides is good, and if there’s something that does not come from Him, we need to question it.

[34:01] Learning to Trust God

  • Independence is fear of letting God take charge. 
  • In the areas where God had not given her stewardship, Cherlyn was bringing chaos. 
  • Cherlyn had to learn that true independence comes from tapping into God, her source.
  • He may send us a storm to see if our foundation is built on our solid faith. That’s what happened to Cherlyn when she lost her job.

[41:15] Parenting as a Christian

  • Cherlyn fights her own battles and passes these victories down to her children as their inheritance. 
  • However, she believes in the value of testing, because this process brings forth perseverance and character.
  • Her prayer is for God to put her children in the refiner’s fire in her house, so that she may walk alongside in their journey.
  • When we are looking for a breakthrough, our best weapon is to find someone who’s overcome it. However, most of us don’t like being vulnerable. 
  • Cherlyn’s family did not go through challenges by themselves. God sent specific people to help them through their difficulties.

[46:25] On Writing Her Book

  • According to Cherlyn, writing her book is an act of obedience.
  • Not everybody can hire a coach to help them through life’s difficulties. She wrote about how God helped her and how He can do it for others as well.
  • At first, Cherlyn’s people-pleasing self feared baring parts of her life she had never even told her family and friends.  
  • However, the Lord redefined this trait of hers. God’s voice made her realize that she only needed to perform for an audience of one. 

[51:16] Takeaways from Cherlyn’s Book

All His sheep can hear God’s voice.

  • We just need to tune in our hearts to listen to the Lord. 
  • Our identity does not come from what we do or who we think we are. It comes from who the Father says we are.
  • If you don’t know who you are, open the Word of God and let Him speak to you. 
  • Tune in to the full episode to learn how to recognize God’s voice and how He speaks with you!

[1:06:26] Seek, Go, or Create?

  • For Cherlyn, the word that resonates most with her has to be seek. 
  • If she’s not seeking God’s voice first, she’s doing things for the wrong reasons.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[24:16] “Our past is not meant to be punishment. Our past is meant to point us to what God wants to teach us so that we can make changes and do things the way He wants us to do them moving forward.”

[35:31] “What the Lord has shown me is that my independence was fear, fear of what it could look like to be fully dependent on God.”

[43:45] “When we are looking for [a] breakthrough, our best weapon is to find someone who’s overcome it.”

[40:14] “I love how the Scripture talks about how when the storm comes, you can tell what the house is built on. Is it built on sand? And the foundation is going to be washed away. Or is it built on the rock? And it’s going to still get splashed. It’s still going to be windy. There’s still going to be thunder and lightning. But it’s built on a solid foundation. And I think at the end of the day, God lets that stuff happen to say, ‘Okay, let’s test this foundation here.’”

[1:02:27] “When you know who God says you are, nobody else’s opinion can change it because it doesn’t matter.”

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