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Living a Life of Meaning: How to Realize Your Purpose in Life

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Extras

Purpose gives color to life. It’s the driving force pushing you forward to live life to the fullest. However, there are days you may find yourself asking what your reason for being is.  There may even be times when you’re unsure if what you’re doing and how you’re living is in line with your purpose in life. 

This topic is a touchy one. On one hand, it’s essential to our lives, but on the other, it can be hard to grasp. In today’s episode, Tim Winders shares some practical ways to help you realize your purpose in life. We’ll try to simplify this massive concept, and in the process, show its manifestations in your life.

Tune in to the episode to know these steps, and apply them in your quest to find your purpose.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn how our culture is connected with our quest to find our purpose. 
  2. Discover the different systems in this world and how these affect your purpose in life.
  3. Get to know the three practical steps you can do to find your purpose.


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Episode Highlights

[05:25] Disclaimers About This Episode

  • If you’re right where you need to be and know what you were created to do, you may want to skip this.
  • Still, it doesn’t hurt to listen and reassess where you are.
  • I do not have all the answers.
  • I believe that it’s difficult to talk about this topic without having some type of faith involved. 

[09:35] Comparing Your Purpose with Others

  • Despite the negativity in your life, I believe you have a purpose. 
  • I don’t believe some people have more important purposes than others. 
  • Don’t let material things gauge your life’s successes.
  • Because of social media and how the world operates, it’s easy to compare yourself to others. 
  • We have to stop comparing and start lifting each other up instead. 

[15:17] You Are Where You Need to Be

  • Not only is there no need to compare, but I also don’t want you to believe you should be doing something else. 
  • I don’t want to leave you thinking what you’re doing isn’t your purpose and that you need to stop. 
  • You might be where you ought to be. 
  • Your current situation might even show you what you should be doing. 

 [18:17] Culture and Purpose

  • The generations before us grew up in a different time. 
  • They were far too busy to think about purpose in the first place.
  • They were consumed with living their lives, bringing food to the table, and having gratitude for being alive.
  • With our present culture, we may be making a bigger deal of our purpose than we should. 
  • Just like the generations, we should be thankful and acknowledge the things we have now. 

[23:15] Leisure Time

  • The generations before us didn’t have much time to rest.
  • They didn’t have a lot of free time to sit around because they were busy working hard every day of their lives. 
  • They didn’t have the luxury to pause and wonder about their purpose in life. 
  • At present, we have social media and more time to ourselves to ask about our purpose in life. 

[26:00] The Systems We Function and Operate In 

  • There are two systems in the world: The Kingdom of God and the System of the World. 
  • The passage in Matthew 6:33 captures the difference between these two systems.
  • I followed the System of the World for a large portion of my life. 
  • However, I realized I couldn’t find my purpose using that system.
  • Instead, you should pursue your purpose in the Kingdom of God.  

[28:33] The Kingdom of God

  • I chased success and purpose in the System of the World until a life-changing event happened.
  • While studying the Kingdom of God, I realized the goal of life doesn’t rest on money, status, or titles. 
  • Succeeding in your business and getting the luxuries of life are simply byproducts of seeking first the Kingdom of God.
  • There are still some universal things we must do regardless of assignment, like loving God and loving others as we love ourselves. 

 [34:15] Three Steps to Realizing Your Purpose

  • I was inspired by Matthew 7:7-8.
  • Scripture reads: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
  • There are three words in this passage that made an impact on me, which are: ask, seek, and knock.
  • We’ll use these as daily guides to know your specific purpose or assignment. 

[36:20] Step One: Ask and You Will Find

  • You have to start asking questions and looking for clues. 
  • Start asking questions like: “What am I good at?”, “What gives me joy and energy?” or “What is something I can speak about with no preparation?”
  • Ask everyone: God, family, friends, advisors, or coaches. You might find the answer.
  • Listen and reflect because their answers might reveal your purpose in life. 

[41:36] Step Two: Seek and You Will Find

  • You should spend some time with your Creator to know His plans for you.
  • There are practices you can try to know your purpose and grow in your spirituality.
  • Eliminate distractions like devices and noises—anything that affects your spiritual growth. 
  • Be still and give yourself peace in silence. 
  • I’ve mentioned more of these practices in this episode, so tune in to the full episode to know more about them.

[45:51] Step Three: Knock and It Will Be Opened to You

  • It’s not enough that you’re doing well with the first two; you should start knocking, getting out, and doing something. 
  • If you just sit by and do nothing, then you’ll get nowhere.
  • You have to move and take action whether you know or not what your purpose is.
  • Reflect on what you’re doing. If doors you knock on don’t open for you, you should look somewhere else. 

 [49:44] Concluding Words

  • Repeat the steps. Continue to ask, seek, and knock daily.
  • Our mission in life is to determine what our purpose or assignment is. 
  • I encourage you to keep moving forward despite life’s disappointments. 
  • There are lots of discouraging things in the world, but always remember you are created for something.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[10:46] “Wealthy leaders do not have a more important purpose than the mom raising two children on a tight budget.”

[12:16] “I mean, I talk a lot about being a nomad and how cool it is. I don’t think that’s any better or different than the person that has been called to one area or one region their entire life.”

[29:38] “I came to realize that the goal was not necessarily money, or status, or titles, but everyday to seek the assignment in His kingdom and then do all that we can to fulfill it.”

[32:46] “There is no assignment, there is nothing that will come up that will tell us we are not to love God, and love others, love our neighbors, love the people around us, or to love ourselves also.”

[49:37] “I would encourage you to get to where you need to be. That it may be as simple as ask, seek, and knock, so that it can be given, you can find, and it can be opened unto you.”

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