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Maximizing Your Wealth Potential Through Intentional Living with Caleb Guilliams

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Q&A

There are many tools available if you want to achieve financial freedom. Factors like time, skills, and money are all relevant. Still, usually, they become commodities used to control you rather than you controlling them. Fortunately, wealth is within your reach if you start to understand how it works and where you can find it in your life.

In this episode, we talk to Caleb Guilliams, the founder and CEO of Better Wealth. He discusses intentional living and the ideas and philosophies that influenced him and how he creates an impact by managing other people’s assets.

Listen to this episode if you want to know how you can have control over your money while maximizing your future wealth.

About Caleb

Caleb Guilliams is a financial prodigy who started his career at the age of 19. He founded Better Wealth Solutions, a company committed to showing people how to be more efficient and reach their highest potential through wealth. He is the author of The And Asset, a book that explains compound interest as an effective way to save and use your money at the same time.

Are you interested in reaching out to Caleb? You can contact him through his website or Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn about Caleb’s values and superpowers.
  2. Know how you can challenge your scarcity mindset and shift your perspective toward wealth and intentional living.
  3. Discover the four principles of Better Wealth and how you can improve your relationship with money.




Episode Highlights

[02:45] A Wealth Perspective

  • Retirement shouldn’t be the metric you want to be headed toward.
  • Caleb believes that intentional living is the metric that determines your future wealth.
  • Money should be a tool that helps people take back control of their time.

[04:58] Caleb’s Superpower

  • Caleb, 24, says his dyslexia helped him learn unconventionally by going to the experts and seeking out mentors.
  • Although it’s hard for him to read, he developed an ability to take complicated things, make them simple, and articulate them.

[11:58] Relationship with Money

  • Caleb thinks that people are still ignorant about money, Christians more so.
  • People tend to be guilty when they talk about money, so it feels like a sin.
  • The Bible talks about money and being good stewards.
  • Money should be a tool that enhances your identity towards intentional living, not the other way around.

[15:12] Growing Up with Values

  • Caleb is the oldest of six kids, was homeschooled, and grew up in a faith-based home.
  • He remembers going to a college class in high school and getting an A, but his dad was less concerned about the grade and asked if he had learned something.
  • His mom taught him that he has a moral obligation to change things he can control, like his attitude, and not be a dyslexia victim.

[25:50] Foundation of Wealth Mindset

  • Caleb shared the foundational books he read before he was 18 by listening through Audible.
  • After reading Think and Grow Rich, he realized he wanted to dedicate his life to becoming the most valuable person he could be.
  • He headed a bank’s investment department because he wanted to be more helpful to the people he was working with, even though he could have earned twice as much elsewhere.

[37:44] Definition of Success

  • Caleb views success as an ability to help people see and reach their highest potential.
  • He feels successful when he becomes a helper alongside you because you are the hero of your story.
  • Every decision you make with your time, money, and abilities has ripple effects.

[43:16] 4 Principles of Better Wealth

  • #1 Clarity. Any road will get you there if you don’t know where you want to go.
  • #2 Efficiency. Optimize your money, and understand your cash flow, assets, and debt.
  • #3 Consistency. You need to be consistent in the long term and develop the ability to control your capital.
  • #4 Use. Your greatest financial need is to use money in a way that you want to live your life.

[54:10] The And Asset

  • Caleb’s book has the tips to efficiently use your money on special types of life insurance contracts.
  • The best feedback he got was about the book’s simplicity, as if a fourth-grader wrote it.

[56:58] On Better Wealth

  • Caleb founded his company on the belief that if people understood what he was teaching, the business would grow.
  • Better Wealth walks people through the four principles through education, financial coaching, and implementation.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[04:13] “I’m 24 years old in an industry where the average age of a financial advisor is 58.”

[28:30] “Wealth starts in how we think. A lot of people read my book, or listen to my show, or hear me speak, and they want a tactic. There’s nothing wrong with tactics. I love efficiency hacks. But I’m telling you: you are missing the point if you don’t understand that wealth begins with how you think.”

[30:22] “The solutions that we find to our weaknesses become our greatest strengths.”

[48:52] “When we play the long-term game, we have to understand that every decision we make has a consequence. Going back to the time value of money, a dollar today is worth way more than a dollar. A dollar loss today is worth way more than just a dollar.”

[54:34] “I hated life insurance when I first started. And then when I truly understood it, I realized it’s not the what; it’s the how people are using it. It’s how people are teaching it. And it can be an amazing foundational asset to store your capital and use it throughout your life.”

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