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Seize the Opportunity with Barry Habib

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Q&A

What do you do when life presents you with an opportunity of a lifetime? Or are you perhaps having a hard time looking for good opportunities to come your way? We can never tell what life has in store for us, and it pays to know what to do so that you can get something positive out of your struggles.

In this episode, we talk to Barry Habib, a leading expert in the mortgage and real estate markets. He has engaged in many opportunities throughout his life that made him the successful businessman, producer, and writer he is today. With his positive mindset and magnetic personality, Barry shares how we can seek and seize the opportunity right in front of us.

Tune in to the episode and learn how to find opportunities, success, and fulfillment in your daily endeavors.

About Barry

Barry Habib is an American entrepreneur, author, and expert in the mortgage and real estate markets. He founded MBS Highway, a company that helps mortgage and real estate agents forecast good market opportunities. His expertise in these markets has gained him respect as a regular speaker and commentator in CNBC and FOX. His best-selling book: Money In The Streets, has taught many to seek and seize the opportunity that is waiting around them.

He has created, managed, and sold many successful businesses within and even outside of his expertise. For these amazing feats in the financial markets, Barry was hailed with multiple awards and titles. Aside from his passion for the financial market, he has explored endeavors in other ventures. For instance, he is also a general partner and lead producer in the popular Broadway show: Rock of Ages

If you want to reach out to Barry, you may do so at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. But if you want to learn more about how Barry can help you in the financial market, check out MBS Highway.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Discover how Barry brought positive customer and employee experiences across his successful businesses.
  2. Learn how to make sense of the mortgage and real estate markets.
  3. Know how a successful high-performer like Barry maintains his positive and magnetic personality.


Episode Highlights

[02:16] How Diverse Opportunities in Life Fit Together

  • Barry shares his experiences as a businessman and speaker on mortgage and real estate markets. He also had experience as a producer and actor in popular shows.
  • To handle these all at once, Barry follows a simple philosophy of spoiling his customers and employees. With this core value, he diversified in different lines of work.
  • Barry noted that the cornerstone of success is removing the point of friction with your customers and employees.

[05:08] The Present and Future of Mortgage and Real Estate Business

  • Barry has found great success in forecasting both real estate and mortgage rates. He correctly called the turning point in the housing market back in 2006 before the economic crash.
  • He pointed out the importance of looking at the right metrics in the real estate markets. For instance, looking at the population growth and other related factors allowed him to predict the market correctly.
  • Barry emphasized that you need to do the math to know the real value of these metrics.
  • Tune in to the episode to learn more about how Barry does this!

[14:53] Making Sense of the Stock Market

  • Right now, we want everything to run instantaneously the way we see fit. On the other hand, media bias tends to gravitate more toward negative news.
  • Barry stated that the most important thing is to be cautious and alert. As a contrarian, he becomes cautious when there is too much euphoria and greed on the market. 
  • Efforts that push interest rates to zero create the wealth effect and income inequality.
  • Barry pointed out that the current hype in market conditions is similar to what happened 21 years ago. The pump and dump that has happened currently in the stock markets is a Ponzi scheme.
  • Learn more about why valuation matters by listening to the full episode. 

[26:49] Barry’s Advice

  • What people should make of this information depends on their income, debt, age, and goals.
  • Barry currently has eyes on assets such as gold, silver, and Bitcoin. He is also interested in real estate and long-term bonds. 
  • Chasing the craziness in the stock market is similar to gambling. Barry emphasizes the importance of making sure to analyze the stock that you’re investing in.

[32:57] Barry’s Experience in Other Pursuits

  • Coming from a poor background, Barry maintained a positive mindset. He learned to appreciate and enjoy what he had, and at the same time, go forward and set his goals.
  • His book talks about seeing opportunities and getting through tough times. He emphasized maximizing the good times that we all experience along the way.
  • Barry shares his secret to being magnetic: make everyone you come into contact with feel better and smarter.
  • Barry created his own medical imaging business. Guided with his principle of customer satisfaction, he aimed to deliver prompt readings to anxious patients.

[38:24] Working in the Entertainment Arena

  • Barry took advantage of the opportunity to star in a movie to network with people. Through this, he was able to star in nine more films.
  • With the connections he made in the industry, he could partner and produce Rock of Ages. 
  • Barry shares how Rock of Ages became the first Broadway show to allow drinking in the seats.  
  • Barry re-emphasizes the need to recognize and remove points of friction. This way, he was able to create a better experience and earn more profit along the way.

[43:36] On Redefining Success

  • Barry pointed out that a common thread amongst successful people is that they have an optimistic mindset. So if you want to be successful, you have to be more optimistic.
  • The first thing that you have to do, he said, is to be mindful and purposeful. He shares the importance of reflecting on why you are doing the things you do. 
  • He then talks about setting goals and finding out your destination. Despite facing many turns along the way, he believes that we would always get to our goal.
  • Barry noted that some successful people are unhappy because they lack fulfillment. This fulfillment comes from helping others.

[48:13] The Daily Habits of a Successful High-Performer

  • Barry shares how he starts every day by saying what he is grateful for. Having this mindset of gratitude allowed him to deal with tough situations.
  • Barry admits that he can still get distracted. But he recognizes that meditation and exercise are good habits to maintain. 
  • Lastly, a great part of a daily routine is trying to do good.
  • Barry further added the importance of reaching out and showing appreciation to others.

[53:59] Barry’s Book

  • Barry’s aim in writing the book was to reach out and help people.
  • The book aims to make people realize their ability to seek opportunities. All they have to do is change their focus.
  • Barry emphasizes that his book is a book that’s from the heart.
  • He further said that in most things that we do in life, what matters is the heart.
  • His book incorporates his story with personal development and business examples.

[59:44] On Seeking Greater Things

  • Barry emphasizes the importance of being aware of opportunities.
  • If you change your focus to look bigger, you’ll still be able to see what’s in front of you. But you won’t miss the stuff out there as well.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[04:41] “You want to give a great customer experience, a great employee experience. If you start with that and put a lot of work behind it, you have a really good foundation to go across any business line that you want.”

[36:16] “Because who doesn’t wanna create that? Who doesn’t want to be in touch with somebody that makes them feel better, that makes them feel smart? You can do that for people, but you can’t give what you don’t have. So you have to put in the time in advance.”

[41:47] “And what I discovered was through all these little businesses that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of creating and participating in, that there really is money in the streets. All you have to do is see it, and then pick it up and do good with it for others.” 

[45:09] “But the thing that having that mindset of gratitude allows you to do is deal with the invariable tough situations that are going to happen. Because I’ve got a rule that if something upsets me, I’m human, I’m gonna get pissed. But let me keep it to two minutes because I don’t want it to rob my joy.”

[56:15] “Are you willing to go to the levels that it takes to make it successful?… All these things that have to come of it; begin with the heart, the commitment, the making the decision to yourself that you’re going to move forward.”

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