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The Fourth Foundational Principle of Success: The Wisdom of God and How To Not Fool Ourselves

The Fourth Foundational Principle of Success: The Wisdom of God and How To Not Fool Ourselves

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Extras

Every day, we face mountains of information. The question is, do you know how to discern what is true? Many of us seek wisdom through experiences and research, but that’s worldly knowledge. Our abilities are limited. We cannot know everything, but the wisdom of God can light your path. 

True wisdom — the wisdom of God — comes through the Holy Spirit. When you feel overwhelmed by choices and stress, you need to go to the Lord and let Him guide us.

In this episode, we discuss definitions of wisdom. True wisdom doesn’t come only from earthly achievements but through walking with the Lord and trusting in the wisdom of God. Tim also shares three ways to develop wisdom and reconnect with the Holy Spirit. 

Listen to the episode if you want to find out how to develop humility, avoid fooling yourself, and gain God-given wisdom.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn what wisdom is, as well as the definition of the wisdom of God. 
  2. Discover how we gain wisdom from God and the Holy Spirit and how we can reconnect with Him when we feel disconnected. 
  3. Understand Tim’s three practical tips to develop and gain wisdom.



Episode Highlights

[00:48] What Wisdom is Not

  • Tim has repeatedly used the phrase “thou shall not fool thyself” in his coaching and writing. For Christians, wisdom comes from a relationship with God. 
  • Tim believes wisdom doesn’t necessarily come from education, training, and titles.
  • Leadership positions do not mean you have wisdom. You are responsible for gaining and developing your wisdom. 
  • We shouldn’t believe everything church leaders teach. We must discern whether they’re wise or not.   
  • We live in a world with a lot of disinformation and people stating things as though they’re the truth. 

[11:13] What Do People Think of Wisdom? 

  • Tim took to social media to ask followers what they think wisdom is. 
  • Among the responses were: ‘fear of the Lord,’ ‘discernment,’ ‘true wisdom is God-given,’ ‘sharing knowledge,’ ‘application of right and good,’ ‘learning from mistakes,’ and more!
  • We often gain wisdom and lessons during difficult times. It also comes from listening and learning from others. 
  • Wisdom comes from the Word of God, but you need to have faith that they’re true. Discernment is then the byproduct of wisdom.  

[21:55] How Do We Gain Wisdom? 

  • One of the foundations of wisdom is gathering information from others. 
  • We need to cultivate a spirit of humility. It’s dangerous to think that we know more than others. 
  • Remember, our wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit, and it is the wisdom of God that we need. We have a relationship with the Holy Spirit because of our relationship with God. 
  • In the full episode, Tim shared a story about how he needed to connect with his RV’s manufacturer to repair it. 
  • Similar to the RV, God created us with intent. We need to connect with our Creator. 

[30:20] God’s Reminders About Wisdom 

  • Humanity fell from God’s grace after being created. However, God still loved us enough to send a helper, the Holy Spirit, to guide us to reconnect with Him. 
  • The Book of Proverbs reminds us not to rely on the understanding of man. Instead, we should trust in the Lord; He will direct our path. 
  • Do not think that you’re wise; it is the wisdom of God we need, not that of man.

[32:21] How to Reconnect with the Holy Spirit

  • There will be times when you feel connected and disconnected from the Holy Spirit. 
  • It’s hard to find a connection to the wisdom of God when we’re too busy and stressed. 
  • Get plenty of rest and adequate sleep. Discernment and decision-making are difficult when we’re tired.  

[34:34] Three Things to Remember

  • We need to develop humility. Learn to admit that we don’t know everything. 
  • While we gather information, we need to be careful about information vacuums.
  • The internet and social media will give you things you want to hear, leading to confirmation bias. 
  • Be curious and ask questions. We need to ask questions to understand things like the Bible better. 
  • God created us to interact with others and learn about their specific area of wisdom and knowledge. 

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[22:29] “It’s so easy in the world we’re in today to kind of get puffed up and think we know things and think we’re smart and think we’ve gathered information. One of the things that we need to be wise about is to admit, maybe we don’t.”   

[29:03] “We are created. One of the most important things for us to be able to do is to connect with our Creator,”

[31:12] “Chapter two of Proverbs talks about the value of wisdom. In chapter three, verse five, ‘trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, He shall direct your paths.” 

[34:03] “When we have a lot of stress, it’s very difficult to think clearly, it’s very difficult to be connected, it’s very difficult to hear that voice of the Holy Spirit and to get wisdom from our Creator. We need to seek and have study time.”

[39:05] “There’s not any one person that has access and has the capacity to hold all the wisdom that exists that comes from our Creator.”

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