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The Long Road of Writing a Book

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Extras

Everyone has a story to tell. Statistics show that 80% of Americans have thought about writing a book. So if you’ve got a burning desire to share your stories, this episode is for you.  

This week, Tim flies solo to share his experiences in writing a novel. He talks about how he got the idea for his story and the struggles he faced while writing. He also shares some tips on how to start writing a book. Tim also reads some excerpts from his new novel, “Coach: A Success Story Redefined.”

The process of writing a book can be long, arduous, and challenging. However, it is a rewarding experience. You never know, the story you wish to tell may just change another person’s life. Tune in to find out how Tim started writing and how you can, too!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn more about the process of how to start writing a book. 
  2. Find out about Tim’s upcoming book, Coach: A Success Story Redefined.
  3. Be inspired to tell your own story, or perhaps even write your own book.


Episode Highlights

[01:41] Why Write?

  • Tim says that writing a book is all about sharing a message. 
  • But at the same time, writing a book is for the author: their growth as they learn more about themselves in the process of writing.
  • Writing a 70,000-word document is a very different experience from being a speaker and coach. 

 [06:17] How to Start Writing a Book 

  • Tim got the inspiration for the book even before the idea of starting the podcast.
  • One night in 2014, after reading Scripture, the story came to him. 
  • He started jotting down notes from his idea, and that’s how he got started.

[08:43] The Challenges Tim Faced 

  • Tim thought it would only take a couple of weeks but soon realized it would take much longer than that to develop his story fully.
  • Tim has a background in engineering, so creative writing was a new field for him. He needed to stretch and work out new writing muscles. 
  • Listen to the episode to learn more about Tim’s struggles with how to start writing a book. 

[10:00] Get a Coach

  • Tim’s story had several gaps, which he was able to resolve with the help of a coach. 
  • Consider getting a coach to help you do something you’ve never done before. They can guide you on how to start writing a book.

[11:53] Dealing with Criticism

  • Tim was hesitant to put out his book into the world because of fear of criticism. 
  • He reminds us that we should always be gentle with our criticisms. 

[13:10] Other Challenges

  • Setting aside time just to write is a challenge. 
  • Tim also found it hard to focus on the practice of writing.
  • At the tail end of his writing process, he had doubts about whether the world needs his story.
  • Tune in to the full episode to find out how Tim got over his doubts. 

[14:43] Inspirations

  • Tim dedicates his book to Og Mandino, whose writing had a considerable impact on his life. 
  • Tim hopes to change people’s lives the way Og Mandino impacted his life.

[16:30] Synopsis and Excerpts

  • Tim says that the story is not about him, although the main character has some of his characteristics.
  • Tune in to the podcast to listen to the synopsis and excerpts from the book.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[3:14] “Having gone through the process I’ve just gone through, I also believe that writing a book is all about the author, the writer, and the growth and the process that they go through.”

[05:04] “Take that as the challenge — maybe writing is all about you going through a process because I know that it was for me.”

[09:27] “For anyone that’s doing something new, [that] is when you’re stretching or working a new muscle. You know, if you haven’t done it before, you may have to keep working at it.”

[10:10] “If you’re doing anything that is a little bit different, a little bit tough, a little bit challenging, something that you’ve never done before, I believe that there’s great value in getting a coach or someone that can assist you or help you with that process.”

[10:50] “This is fiction, but it’s fiction with a purpose. It’s fiction with a mission, it’s fiction that can also alter or change your life if someone reads it, because it’s got that kind of message in it.”

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