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The Secrets of Successful Marketing and Copywriting with Jennifer Hudye

by | May 17, 2021 | Q&A

Marketing is, no doubt, a vital part of any business. Without it, you will have a hard time getting clients. However, marketing is not just about grabbing attention and convincing people—it’s all about your message. You have to be clear about your vision and purpose. What is, then, the secret to successful marketing? How do you write copy that works?

In this week’s episode, marketer, copywriter, and entrepreneur Jennifer Hudye joins us to talk about successful marketing and her marketing journey. She shares how we can learn to be a copywriter and the different ways to gather data. Jennifer also imparts her thoughts on social media, its pros and cons, and how to develop our message.

If you want to learn more about successful marketing and copywriting, then tune in to this episode!

About Jennifer

Jennifer Hudye is the founder and CEO of Conscious Copy and Co., one of the top and most sought-after copywriting companies in the digital marketing world. With her company, she aims to help entrepreneurs and business owners develop a unique message and communicate their vision in a way that stands out in the marketplace and inspires the right people to take action while reflecting who they are at their core. They also write copy that connects and converts.

If you want to learn more, you may visit her website or Conscious Copy and Co. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn about the importance of having a vision for your company.
  2. Discover the difference between successful marketing that converts from unsuccessful marketing that does not convert.
  3. Find out how you can get into the heads of your audience.


Episode Highlights

[04:47] Helping Other People See Their Purpose

  • One of Jennifer’s clients’ problems is knowing what they want to do but not knowing how to communicate it.
  • It is important to understand that your message is a living, breathing organism; it evolves over time.

[10:52] Successful Marketing in the Past vs. Today

  • In the past, advertising was a one-way conversation, where the focus was more on persuasion.
  • Today, we have various platforms such as social media and email. There’s now more dialogue.
  • Consumers nowadays crave authenticity—they want to connect with real people and real brands.
  • You have to make sure that you are coming from the right place. A sale must not be your main goal.
  • Start with your intention. People should feel invited, and not obligated, to accept your offer.

[21:31] Jennifer’s Journey and Lessons Learned

  • Jennifer grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so she knew ever since then that she wanted to become an entrepreneur.
  • As the only one who chose not to be part of their family business, she was hungry to succeed and to prove something to her family.
  • She launched her first business without any content marketing, assuming that people would find her and buy from her. In the end, she didn’t get the results she wanted.
  • Just as she was about to give up, she came across a podcast talking about direct response marketing. It led her to realize the importance of providing value to your ideal client.
  • Make sure you focus on who your ideal client is and communicate with them in their language.

[31:50] On Copywriting with Dyslexia 

  • Jennifer grew up partially dyslexic, so she experiences difficulty with spelling words.
  • While being committed to her business, she realized that to learn how to market, she had to learn how to write copy.
  • The more momentum she gained in marketing, the more people asked her to come up with marketing campaigns and write copy for them.
  • She decided to look at it as God giving her these opportunities to build up her skills and capabilities and grow into it.
  • The key to all of it is simplicity.

[40:48] The Importance of a Vision

  • Once you master copywriting and know how to sell in print, you can sell anything that matters to you.
  • Jennifer never thought of copywriting as her calling but as an important skill God wanted her to learn.
  • A vision helps entrepreneurs clarify and communicate their purpose.
  • Vision and copy go together because a vision can only go so far as our ability to communicate and get others into it. For a successful marketing copy, you have to include the vision and the message.
  • You need to understand the direction, brand message, target audience, and offers of the company. What is your message, and how do you communicate it?

[43:42] How to Get into a Person’s Head

  • This is an important question to ask for you to understand your ideal client and how they communicate.
  • Knowing what matters most to your consumers is essential to achieve successful marketing that converts.
  • First, identify who your ideal client is. Who is the person you want to attract? Focus on their psychographics instead of demographics.
  • Make a list of who you think your ideal clients would be and interview them.
  • The three main things you should know are their current challenges and frustrations, their ultimate desire or destination, and their fears and objections.

[52:21] Gathering Data

  • You can make a list of your ideal clients and have a 20-minute phone interview with them. Offer them something of value in return for their time.
  • For surveys, determine if the ones you’re sending your surveys to are your ideal clients.
  • Sometimes, how people write and fill out a survey is different from how they would communicate in real life.

[56:16] Social Media: Is It a Blessing or a Curse?

  • From the perspective of algorithms, it is a blessing to receive instant feedback from people on social media.
  • But we have to ask different questions to make sure we are interpreting the data correctly.
  • There is so much power to social media, but it can also be a curse.
  • You can find many different ways to grow your business successfully without using it.
  • Jennifer is looking for ways to make social media work as a blessing. 

[1:00:54] Coming Up With Your Message

  • Start by getting into the practice of envisioning on a daily basis.
  • What excites you? Who would you love to work with? What would you love to do?
  • Understand that it is a journey, and the vision you are building is one that you actually want.

[1:04:12] Jennifer’s Organization Code and Core Values

  • The code Jennifer has for her organization contains five things: expansive growth, compassionate honesty, aligned action, full ownership, and fun and joy.
  • She places importance on value-based decision-making.
  • Anyone on her team can challenge decisions made as a company if they do not align with those core values.

5 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

[10:48] “A leader’s job is to give people a better vision of themselves.”

[16:10] “When people are working for something bigger than themselves, they will go the extra mile, they’ll be excited to come to work, their job becomes deeply meaningful to them.”

[43:44] “I think that family should almost put as much effort into being close and supporting each other as anybody else because to my mind, the most important thing at the end of your days, when you look back on your life, I don’t think you’re gonna think how much money I made. I think you’re gonna think, ‘oh, my children loved me, they turned out well.’ That’s what’s really important.”

[44:15] “I don’t think that lack of money should prevent you from having a happy, fulfilled life with your children.”

[57:06] “I think there’s a deep understanding that an argument isn’t going to change anybody’s feelings or opinions. If it’s a deeply held identity thing, you are wasting your breath trying to talk somebody out of it. So whether it’s sexual orientation or whatever, accept and embrace and just stop focusing on things that divide you.”

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