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Why the Ultimate Leader Is a Steward Leader

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Season 3

BONUS - Almost Final Thoughts | Season 2 Episode 7

When it comes to leadership, you should strive to either be a servant leader or a steward leader. The latter is essentially a step further than the former. Thus, knowing the difference between the two and the characteristics you should develop to become a steward leader can make you a reliable and trusted person.

In this episode, Tim shares the vital characteristics of what a steward leader is and what it is not. We will also look into the relationship between a servant leader and a steward leader and the challenges the latter entails.

Tune in to this episode if you want to be an effective steward over the people in your care.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Know the characteristics of a steward leader.
  2. Understand the relationship between a servant leader and a steward leader.
  3. Discover whether selfishness, self-motivation, and ambition influence your leadership style.

Episode Highlights

[06:41] What a Steward Leader Is

  • The first and foremost characteristic of a steward leader is that he is a giver and a caretaker. He is also loving, communicative, consistent, humble, patient, and trusted.
  • In terms of their work ethic, steward leaders are observant, diligent, focused, strategic, and responsible. They can bring order to a chaotic environment and make and own up to their decisions.
  • Steward leaders also understand that their position is temporary. They know that it is seasonal and may change over time.
  • Get a more in-depth discussion of each trait by listening to the full episode!

[20:22] What a Steward Leader Is Not

  • The characteristics of a steward leader should not embody are mostly the opposite of what they should be.
  • According to Tim, hypocrisy may be the worst thing that you may have. In line with this, a false steward leader is arrogant, self-centered, a jerk, and selfish.
  • Aside from these, a fake steward leader is an owner and a victim. He is also lazy, sloppy, scattered, inconsistent, and oblivious. 
  • When it comes to work ethic, he is reactive, indecisive, and chaotic. He also considers his position as permanent, allowing him to step over some people.
  • Get a more in-depth discussion of each trait by listening to the full episode!

[28:15] Servant Leader vs. Steward Leader

  • At the base level, people who assume leadership roles practice an authoritative and controlling leadership style.
  • With the goal of serving humbly and treating people with respect, honor, and dignity, you become a servant leader. But if you take a step further, you will turn into a steward leader.

 [29:11] Kent Wilson’s Definition of Steward Leadership

  • Kent Wilson does not like the definition of servant leadership because many people can claim to be servant leaders even though they are not.
  • From a ministry standpoint, we do not have similar hybrids for other spiritual gifts in the church. Instead, we throw around the term “servant” loosely.
  • An authoritative leader uses servant leadership to control and manipulate people. But a steward leader ensures they meet other people’s needs.
  • A steward leader shifts between authoritarian and participative leadership styles.

[32:29] Servant Leader vs. Steward Leader

  • Servant leadership involves listening, healing, empathy, awareness, persuasion, commitment, and community. Meanwhile, steward leadership includes accountability, faithfulness, submissiveness, and humility. They are also generous, risk-takers, and non-owners.
  • The goal of servant leaders is to empower their followers, while steward leaders fulfill their mission and create a sustainable organization.

 [33:55] Selfishness, Self-Motivation & Ambition

  • The biggest challenge for people attempting to become steward leaders includes selfishness, self-motivation, and ambition.
  • When you fuel your leadership with self-motivation, you tend to focus on the results, especially on its quantity rather than quality. You also consider winning more valuable than loving.
  • Feeling entitled to success can also bring you to take credit and use other people to get what you want. You hate failing and admitting your mistakes.
  • You are always insecure and do not know how to say no to people. 
  • Get a more in-depth discussion of each trait by listening to the full episode!

[40:28] Being a Steward Leader

  • You can be a steward leader by taking care of yourself, your spirit, soul, and body.
  • You can also practice stewardship over your relationships with people. In terms of your workplace or organization, you can be a steward when you oversee a group of people.
  • You can also take care of your resources and treat those things as if you have stewardship over them. 
  • You also have stewardship over your vision and purpose. Be mindful of that, and treat it as something that has massive value.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“We’re not just sitting around, waiting on something to happen, and then we react to it. We meditate, we think, we plan so that we can be more proactive.”

“What we need to do, as a steward leader, is as best we can bring order to that chaos. And when you do that, and I believe you’re going to have influence and leadership over the people that you’ve been gifted with.”

“You don’t need to use people. They’re not just something that you use up and dispose of. And you know, great leadership isn’t really getting work done through people. It’s growing people and helping people along and being stewards over people.”

“I truly believe that everyone is a leader, a steward, an overseer, a caretaker in some capacity; there is something that all of us have responsibility over. It could be as simple as just some basic things like you have responsibility and stewardship over your body.”

“In my eyes, there is no greater steward than the person that runs a family. They’re overseeing the people, places, and things that they have been gifted, and they’re watching over their family, their extended family, their relatives, their spouse, property, resources.”

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