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Why Genuine Connection Matters to Hustlers with Joe Fier

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Q&A

It’s the dream of nearly every entrepreneur to be the best hustler. There’s a satisfaction that comes with maximizing your productivity. However, many people might be forgetting a crucial part of business and in building an active network success: genuine connection.

In this episode, Joe Fier talks about how forming real engagements with other people has helped him in his businesses and in building an active network. He discusses how being true to yourself and generous with others can take your success to new heights. Finally, he shares three surefire catalysts for growth.

Listen to this episode if you want to build an active network of supporters to grow your business.

About Joe

Joe Fier is the co-founder of Evergreen Profits, where he helps entrepreneurs utilize audience building and creative monetization strategies to grow their businesses. He provides actionable step-by-step guides about business growth and personal improvement through his podcast, Hustle and Flowchart.

Reach out to Joe through the Evergreen Profits website or LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Join the Hustle and Flowchart community by signing up for group membership.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn how forming connections can help you improve as a hustler and build an active network.
  2. Know how diversity in personalities can lead to more innovation, not conflict.
  3. Discover the benefits of having your podcast.




Episode Highlights

[04:16] The Skill of Connection

  • Joe has a natural talent for connecting with people and building an active network, a skill he puts to good use in his business efforts.
  • Staying connected can be more difficult in a pandemic due to the lack of physical interaction.
  • How well you use social media tools can impact how successful you are at forming and maintaining connections.
  • If you have trouble interacting with different people, start first with a network of close people you trust.
  • Stand out by being extra thoughtful, such as texting acquaintances on their birthdays.

[14:01] On Personality Types

  • Joe and his business partner Matt Wolfe found out that they have radically different personality types.
  • Despite their different personality types, they still built a robust professional relationship by having the same vision.

[17:15] Pandemic Adjustments

  • By hiring someone to take over the operation side of the business, Joe has put more effort into tasks that he loves doing.
  • Eventually, Joe streamlined his business by removing unnecessary tasks that don’t contribute to his vision for the enterprise.
  • A big part of Joe’s routine in this pandemic involves breathing exercises.
  • Joe also sets aside time for activities he loves to do and then schedules all of his work around those blocked times, making him more efficient.

[25:01] Hustling as a Personality

  • It’s sometimes hard to enjoy leisure activities if you’ve conditioned yourself to always hustle.
  • What helped Joe is when he allows other people to remind him to slow down and rest.

[30:58] Joe & Matt’s Business Partnership

  • They first met each other as acquaintances in the music space before they eventually ventured into joint businesses.
  • While they’ve been through several businesses already, they never closed a potential enterprise because of a fight.
  • An essential part of their partnership is to ensure that they’re on board with the same vision.
  • With this trust, Joe and Matt can deal with any issues before they develop into deeper problems.

[36:57] The Hustle and Flowchart Podcast

  • Joe and Matt envisioned the podcast to share the best knowledge they got from their professional networks for the last few years.
  • From offering courses, they eventually transitioned to the podcast format.
  • While officially a marketing podcast, Hustle and Flowchart is essentially a self-improvement podcast for business people.
  • Joe and Matt can form deep connections with the people they work with for the podcast, including many of their guests.

[47:51] The Role of Connection in Marketing

  • Genuine collaboration comes from real connection, not from purely transactional relationships.
  • Authenticity or being true with the people you collaborate with is essential in building rapport and gaining support.

[51:55] Serial Experimenters

  • Being a serial experimenter requires curiosity, a love for learning, and the dedication to keep trying new things.
  • By pushing boundaries and being a nonconformist, more opportunities can open up.

[1:01:10] Joe’s Advice

  • You should have a podcast even if you feel that there are enough podcasts in the world.
  • The process of running a podcast brings many benefits, from widening your network to having access to the best minds in your niche.
  • Don’t worry about having the right tech. What’s more important is to have a general idea and a clear mission for your content.
  • You will learn about yourself and the people around you when you publish your own podcasts.
  • There’s a specific prestige that comes with having your podcast.

[1:16:23] Catalysts for Growth

  • Understand yourself, including all your quirks and personality traits.
  • Find ways to collaborate with others. Your generosity can open up doors of opportunity.
  • Don’t be afraid to give out your best stuff. Your kindness will lead to greater authenticity with your partners and your network.

[1:18:35] What’s Next?

  • Joe is working on optimizing his behavior as a person.
  • He is currently prioritizing the aspects of his life where he needs to be at his best and other parts where he can give himself a break.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

[06:46] “We have all these tools. And even social media platforms, they’re all just tools. But a lot of folks maybe just weren’t using them right or maybe even now aren’t fully using them for how they’ve been built.”

[10:29] “Our businesses have been thriving lately because of our network and the way that we connect with people around us. And it really does start with the people that know, like, and trust us.”

[35:05] “Eighty percent of our partnership is making sure we’re on point on the same page with the vision.”

[1:01:57] “Essentially, everyone should have a podcast. And that’s for the folks that think they should have a podcast. You should. Don’t even second-guess yourself.”

[1:09:12] “There are relationships that we’re building in scale, in mass, right now, through just talking through the single microphone.“

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