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As the saying goes, “You only live once,” so it would be nice if you could unleash your adventurous side. A simple way to experience the highs of life is by living differently from other people.

In today's episode, you will discover the beauty behind traveling across the country. Here, host Tim Winders shares his learnings and experiences while living and working in an RV for 12 months with his beloved wife. He also gives some tips and breaks down the things you may need to contemplate before embarking on this adventure.

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3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Get an overview of Tim's 12-month RV life.
  2. Learn about the ups and downs of living and working in an RV.
  3. Discover tips and insights on how you could start living and working in an RV.


Get a PDF copy of Tim and Glori's financial plan during their 12-month stay in their RV by emailing them at

Episode Highlights

[01:58] Overview of Tim's RV Adventure

  • In late 2018, Tim and Glori moved into their 2006 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager.
  • Their RV, known by its nickname Theo, is a 39-foot, class A motorhome with 21,000 miles.
  • They traveled 8500 miles and visited and stayed in ten states, primarily in the western United States.
  • They spent massive amounts of time driving. Once they reach a place, they stay there for a little while and immerse themselves in their culture.
“Does this area nourish our soul? Is it nourishing to our soul or spirit, soul, and body?” - Click Here to Tweet This

[04:54] Tim & Glori's 12-Month RV Life

  • After their first stop, Tim and Glori realized the RV life and cold weather did not always mix well. They eventually moved into places with warmer climates.
  • In their first few months, they had to determine the things they had to monitor and how they could get a stable Internet connection for them to continue working
  • During their stay in the Salton Sea, they had an epiphany. They asked themselves whether the RV life was nourishing their soul, spirit, and body.
  • Learn more about their specific experiences and insights on each destination by listening to the full episode!

 [16:43] How Tim & Glori Celebrate Holidays

  • Tim and his wife spent all of their holidays, such as the Fourth of July, in their RV.
  • They celebrate the holidays differently, visit their children, and stay with them for a while.
  • They also maintain communication through social media when they are on the road.

[18:00] Lessons Learned from Living & Working in an RV

  • Tim and his wife realized how much they enjoyed living differently and doing things in a non-traditional way.
  • They also learned to communicate better and met new people they can invite over for dinner.
  • They started learning how to repair broken things on their own by watching tutorial videos on the Internet.
“I would be doing my work at my computer in the front passenger seat of the RV, and a large ship would go down the Columbia River. And it was exciting to me. I would pull my camera out, pull my phone out, and take pictures every time, and we really enjoyed that area.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[19:59] Downsides of Living & Working in an RV

  • Living in an RV highly depends on your personality. It may be quite fatiguing, especially if you do not know where you are going to be.
  • Tim and his wife experienced what they call “decision fatigue” around March or April. Learn more about what it is and how they overcame this dilemma in the full episode!
  • Since they were both working, getting electricity and high-speed Internet was a bit challenging.
  • The weather of the places they visited was also a factor they always had to consider when traveling.
  • You may need to do some RV repairs on your own because you are consistently traveling from one place to another. 
“I was wearing shorts, but I had on a pullover sweatshirt. And we were kind of wrapped up in a bundle. We even carried a blanket with us, with our wine and cheese and all that. We went down and enjoyed on the beach. That was very different for us because we're used to, when we're at the beach, we're hot and we're sweating.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[26:02] Upsides of Living & Working in an RV

  • The best thing you would get is flexibility because you are in charge of your itinerary.
  • You get to see new and unique things without being just a tourist. You get to experience the local life and do different activities.
  • Your communication with your partner improves. You also get to meet new people while traveling and staying in local parks.
“One of the things we're finding is that we are, in many ways, enjoying doing things in a bit of a non-traditional way.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[29:16] How Much Does Living & Working in an RV Cost?

  • If you plan on living and working in an RV, consider the prices of gas, repairs, maintenance, RV parks, utilities, and many more.
  • You can get a PDF copy of their whole financial plan when you email them at
  • Tim and his wife were not extremely budget-conscious, so they plan to live on a budget in their next adventure.
  • Learn more about their top two most significant expenses by listening to this podcast!
“I will tell you that we have really enjoyed this time in the RV. We're gonna continue doing it. And again, we may not do this forever, but right now we are.” - Click Here to Tweet This

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