Your True Value, Scaling Business & No Excuses Success | Q&A with Jessica Yarbrough

Some entrepreneurs were born genius. While they can rush headlong into starting a business, some are less confident about their skills. Unknowingly, they sabotage themselves because of their uncertainties. Without support, they risk undervaluing their skills and offers.

In this episode, Jessica Yarbrough, a marketing and business consultant, shares advice on creating high-priced online businesses. She reveals her trade secrets on valuing and marketing your business. She tackles how you can avoid self-sabotage and determine the value of your online business.

With lessons on credibility, simplicity, and self-care, this episode is not one to miss!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. You will learn how to determine the value of your business and scale it accordingly.
  2. Discover how credibility and simplicity are essential in building a successful, high-priced online business.
  3. Jessica Yarbrough shares advice on collaborating and getting over the fear of starting a business.


About Jessica

Jessica Yarbrough runs a structured, high-ticket coaching and consulting business called Coaches Scaling To 7 Figures. Her goal is to turn genius ideas into reality by transforming them into valuable, high-priced services online.

Jessica urges all entrepreneurs to be bigger than their excuses and insecurities. If you are ready to take full responsibility for your life and business, get in touch with her on Facebook or her website. She also teaches valuable business and life lessons on her LinkedIn account live every Tuesday. She will help you find the best way to execute your business.

Uncover more learnings via the Coaches Scaling to 7 Figures Facebook Group or their YouTube page.

Episode Highlights

[03:18] Jessica's Goals

  • When starting a business, most people chase the money. However, Jessica's goal is to help others build their company around their innate skills or their “core genius.”
  • She takes people who want to translate their skills into a lucrative coaching, consulting, or training business.
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[05:04] Teaching as a Skill

  • You can use something you're good at and teach other people your skills.
  • Teaching is a skill of breaking down knowledge so that it will be easier for other people to absorb.
  • Before going into teaching, ask yourself, “Do you want to teach?”
  • People with the talent and passion for teaching end up being top earners in the coaching industry because of this magnetism.
  • Coaches and teachers should hone a growth mindset by investing in education and future knowledge.

[08:11] Identifying the Talent of Teaching

  • In the teaching and coaching industry, you have to be a people person. These kinds of people bring energy and love into imparting knowledge and connecting people.
  • You also have to be a problem-solver and accept personal development.
  • Teachers and coaches must also have a knack for breaking down concepts and creating a structure of learning.
  • Some people are good at what they do but can't make it into a structure and break it down to bite-sized concepts. Simplifying concepts is crucial.

[14:36] Greener Pastures

  • People often start musing about leaving their repetitive jobs and look for more fun or dynamic work. It's a human condition.
  • When owners get bored, some business owners make their businesses blow up intentionally or subconsciously.
  • Work around this and be aware of your thinking patterns.
  • However, if you want to pursue another business, go ahead.
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[18:07] Building Credibility Online

  • Credibility is evident in how you show up and treat others.
  • Spamming, scraping email addresses, and cold-messaging clients are detrimental to building credibility.
  • To build credibility, connect, add value, and build relationship equity with your prospective clients. Being pushy and spammy is a lousy approach to connect with them.
  • Always lead with value without the fluff.
  • Credible businesses teach their audience, show people what they know, and rise above the noise and clutter.

[20:46] Relationship Equity

  • It means building a rapport with your audience.
  • Achieve this by approaching your audience with credibility and authenticity.
  • Leave calls to action in your content for those who want to take the next step of connecting with you.
  • Engage them with content, ask questions, and start a conversation.
“The ideal clients that can afford your services are actually going to stop and listen to what you have to say. If you don't do that, they're going to block you. They will never buy from you. You get one chance at a first impression.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[23:40] The Law of Reciprocity

  • People often give with the expectation of getting something in return.
  • Marketing with a mindset of “What will I get from this?” is detrimental as customers feel it.
  • Coaches and teachers must hone the sincerity to help others.

[26:26] To Single Mom Entrepreneurs

  • Looking back from where she is now, Jessica is grateful she has changed others' lives while being a mom.
  • There are times when you just have to get through life alone. If you have a partner who has a stable income, be thankful for your partner.
  • As a single mom, she advises others to hope and pray, keep pressing forward, and save money.
  • Get the support you need. Hire a house cleaner and a babysitter once a week for a start.
  • Take care of yourself. Get a massage and some downtime.

[31:26] Jessica's Past Mistakes

  • It's self-sabotage when you're not raising prices because you do not see and own your value. Ask for more value and more time for yourself.
  • Keep things simple. Focus on what you need in working toward company growth.
  • Listen to the full episode to hear about Jessica’s big “uh-oh” moment while scaling her business.
  • She was collaborating with people she hadn’t vetted.
  • The reasons behind bad decisions like these are wanting to get there faster or being gullible.

[36:39] Choosing People to Collaborate With

  • In choosing a good collaboration, look at real, measurable client results. Don't just listen to hearsay.
  • They should be relevant to what you do and have the fit right with your industry. You should be able to resonate with your collaborators' clients, too.
  • Potential collaborators know how to teach and not teach fluff. You should be able to get “aha” moments and takeaways.
  • Lastly, your values must align with theirs. You can determine this when they give you their sales pitch.

[39:55] Avoiding Burnout

  • Our culture feeds on our burning out. There should be a balance in life.
  • Take on new businesses that do not break the bank or jeopardize your health or relationships.
  • A good business is one you can manage while maintaining a healthy balance in your life.
  • Hustle culture is not sustainable. You’ll want to build lasting and scalable businesses.
  • By streamlining, raising prices accordingly, and systemizing things into a few processes, you can create a sustainable business.

[47:23] How to Value Yourself

  • We usually downplay our strengths, and people are shocked when they discover their most significant wins.
  • Look at how you’ve transformed the lives of your friends and clients. You need to acknowledge there is a high value in that. Your prices must be in congruence with this value.
  • The next step is actually breaking the fear of doing it.
  • After you've gotten past the fear, you are ready to create the package and program you'd like to share.
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[50:00] An Entrepreneur's Fears

  • People usually harbor a lot of self-doubt and fear. They think they are not worthy, or they cannot measure up to expectations.
  • People who have gotten through the Great Depression have a different mindset. However, times are different now, and we have various opportunities before us.

[51:42] The Middle Ground Market

  • The middle-ground market asks for discounted prices.
  • Jessica typically avoids servicing this market she acknowledges she is not here to work with everybody.

[55:00] The Challenges in Scaling Your Business

  • The hardest thing to do is breach the $100,000 to $150,000 mark. To get past this milestone, choose habitual transformation.
  • Be wary of wasting other people's time and yours. Some people lack discipline in spending their time.
  • Overcome analysis paralysis. There is a place and time for thinking.
  • Take action with speed and precision, and make it all the way. Don't do it halfway.
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