Anniversary Celebration: Seek Go Create's Three-Year Journey With Tim Winders

October is an exciting time here at Seek Go Create. It has now been three years since the very first episode of the show was released in October of 2019. Throughout that time, you, our awesome listeners, have learned and gone through this amazing journey with Tim Winders. You’ve learned about business, ministry, leadership, and redefining success in each episode.

Today, we are celebrating the third anniversary of Seek Go Create with our host, Tim Winders. Tim looks back and talks about a few memorable episodes that you can listen to again or check out if you haven't heard them yet. He also shares his top three things he has learned in three years of podcasting. 

Celebrate three years of our Seek Go Create journey with Tim Winders when you tune in to this episode!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Look back at the three-year journey of Seek Go Create.
  2. Check out these memorable and must-listen-to episodes that Tim recommends.
  3. Learn from the three things Tim has learned from the past three years, and share your own!


Episode Highlights

[00:31] Seek Go Create’s Third Anniversary

[02:00] “I do not want to let this moment go by without saying how honored I am, how humbled I am, and how proud I am all at the same time of what we've been able to do here at Seek Go Create.” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • October is a month of celebrations, including another year of Seek Go Create.
  • Tim is honored, humbled, and proud of the amazing journey so far.
  • Since starting the podcast in the seat of his RV in October 2019, each episode has tackled various issues and topics.
  • Learn about redefining success, leadership, and ministry on Seek Go Create.
[03:13] “This passenger seat has been our studio. It's my office and that makes it interesting and a little bit cool. We talk about redefining success here.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[03:43] Must-Watch Episodes Along the Journey

  • On January 20, 2020, Seek Go Create shared its origin story.
  • The 100th episode of the show was released on May 3, 2021. In it, you'll find the various answers to the question asked on each episode: seek, go, or create?
  • Two episodes exemplified redefining success with the stories of Quan Huynh and Mark Whitacre.
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  • Visit the Seek Go Create website for episode notes and highlights. Send us your email address to receive news and resources from Tim!

[15:12] Seek Go Create by the Numbers

  • Seek Go Create has received thousands of downloads and listeners throughout its three-year journey.
  • The podcast has reached 82 different countries in the past three years!
  • The most downloaded episode of the show is its 1st Anniversary Celebration.

[17:16] Lesson One: Just Get Started

  • Before starting the show, Tim was helping a client with their new podcast. 
  • He was encouraged by his client, his family, and many others to host his own show. He did so with Seek Go Create’s very first episode, Collapse: Homeless and Bankrupt.
  • If people are encouraging you or you plan to do something, don't wait! Just get started.
[19:24] “If you've got a project that you feel like you should do, or you've been nudged, you've been encouraged, and people are telling you to do it. Just get started.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[19:57] Lesson Two: Consistency and Effort

  • Many podcast shows never succeed because they stopped being consistent.
  • Don't be concerned about the results. Instead, focus on activity and consistently improve your work.
[21:58] “Be consistent, don't check results. We've had results that have been through the roof at times, and some have been up and down.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[22:41] Lesson Three: People Are Awesome

  • There are many incredible and talented people that Tim has interviewed and worked with in the past three years.
  • You are also awesome for being part of Seek Go Create’s journey.
[26:53] “People like you the listener, the people we interview, people that are on our team, and the other podcasters out there are awesome.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[27:17] The Future for Seek Go Create

  • Many new interviews are coming up in future episodes.
  • Tim and his team will also be adjusting the format.
  • Tim's wife plans to be more involved in Seek Go Create and may be with me on the mic.
  • Tune in for new episodes that drop every Monday!

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Tim Winders is a faith-driven executive coach and author with over 40 years of experience in leadership, business, and ministry. Through his personal journey of redefining success, he has gained valuable insights on how to align beliefs with work and lead with purpose. He is committed to helping others do the same, running a coaching business that helps leaders, leadership teams, business owners, and entrepreneurs to align their beliefs with their work and redefine success.

In addition to his coaching business, Tim is also the host of the SeekGoCreate podcast and author of the book Coach: A Story of Success Redefined, which provides guidance for those looking to redefine success and align their beliefs with their work. With his extensive background, unique perspective and strengths in strategic thinking, relationship building, and problem-solving, Tim is well-suited to help clients navigate through difficult times and achieve their goals.