Building a New Culture Rooted in Christ with Alex Sezer

Most business owners and their teams know the importance of culture in their organization. Your teams lose cohesion without good company culture. The company might hire the wrong people, and you'll struggle to realize your mission. Sometimes, you have to build a new culture from the ground up.

The truth written in the Bible has guided Alex Sezer in his life, business, and in creating a new culture within organizations. In this episode of Seek Go Create, Alex shares how companies can go through a cultural transformation from a biblical perspective. Listen to his story and discover the importance of your identity staying rooted in truth. Learn from Alex as he combines leadership, faith, and business in his journey to success.

Find your identity and build a new culture within the truth of God’s Word when you tune in to this enlightening episode! 

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. Realize the importance of finding your self-worth and identity in truth.
  2. Find out the biggest mistakes organizations often make and how to avoid them.
  3. Create a new culture of stewardship in your life and businesses through God’s Word.


About Alex

Alex Sezer is a culture catalyst and a keynote speaker. He is the CEO of Alex Sezer Ventures, where he teaches leaders to create a new culture of stewardship at their offices. He wants to help organizations to grow and undergo cultural transformation rooted in Christ. 

Alex has walked many different paths. He was a former football player at Texas A&M and an engineering graduate. Alex gained experience as a leader and entrepreneur when he became the president of Twin City Properties and founded his own business. He combined these experiences and skills to carry out his mission and create better organizational cultures.

Want to learn more about Alex? You can visit his website, LinkedIn, and Instagram, or send him an email!

Episode Highlights

[04:06] The Many Paths of Alex Sezer

  • Alex helps leaders create their ideal new culture in their organizations. He inspires students, teachers, and athletes to live out their dreams.
  • From the start, Alex was already speaking at church and teaching at Sunday school. He was involved in the ministry and continues to apply that in what he does now.
  • He studied engineering at Texas A&M. However, Alex didn't go down the traditional path. He found that he enjoyed the people and relationship side of things.
  • Besides all these roles, he was also a football player in college.
  • God has shifted Alex’s path many times. However, he continues to follow wherever God sends him as long as he’s fulfilling his mission.
[06:25] “I marry the mission and date the methods. So whenever God wants to shift me in life, I'm okay with that as long as I'm fulfilling his mission in my life.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[08:58] God’s Strategy for Alex

  • Alex is very sure of who he is at this point in life. His certainty of who he is allows him to go wherever God wants him to, even if it's outside his comfort zone.
  • As a toddler, he remembers dreaming about what he’s doing today. He may not have understood then, but whenever he’s speaking on stage, he remembers his dream.
  • It took a lot of steps to get Alex where he is today. However, he wasted none of these steps. God strategically engineered this plan to get him there.
  • Alex continues to trust God and let Him shift his path. He knows he'll see God's strategy when he looks back.
[10:49] “For where I am right now, He didn't waste a single step. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. So that lets me know that I'm not just aimlessly wandering around... God is an engineer when it comes to how he plans and orchestrates things.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[13:37] The Temptation of an Idol

  • Texas A&M is one of the largest colleges in the nation. Here, Alex was blessed to play in front of thousands of people.
  • An idol is anything that takes the worship or admiration of God. You might see some of the most intense worship in football games.
  • Unfortunately, there’s a temptation in sports and in other possible idols to build your identity on them.
  • As a player, people will place an identity on you. You might find yourself attaching your value and self-worth to something as fickle as other people’s opinions.
  • Alex learned from Scripture that we could defeat this temptation by relying on the truth written in the Bible. Don't let yourself be tempted to seek validation by external forces.
[22:12] “If we can rest on what's written, that's how we defeat the temptation of I'm going to attach success to this or I'm going to measure my worth by this.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[25:23] Leaving the Spotlight

  • Many sports athletes haven’t figured out how to transition out of attaching their identity to sports.
  • Unfortunately, their days as a player can abruptly end. There is often no time to figure out what they can do next. 
  • Many find themselves questioning their worth and value. They don’t transition well when they’ve attached everything they are to how others view them. 
  • You can go from being a status symbol of success to being viewed as old and washed up years later.
  • Alex was able to leave that space because he realized that football wasn't his identity. He does miss parts of football, especially facing struggles as a team as close as theirs.

[33:08] Moving Forward

  • Alex's decision to stop playing was for his health. It wasn't a hard transition because he had his skills and experiences and formed relationships working in his favor.
  • After graduating, Alex worked for an energy consulting firm. While fishing at a lake, he met a man who would become a good friend and mentor.
  • Years later, he became a manager and later president of his friend's company. Alex was also able to start his own business buying real estate.
  • Then he felt God shifting him towards something else. He tried different things until God called him to do what he does today. 
  • Alex used his knowledge of the Scripture and leadership experience. He now helps workplace leaders create a new culture from a biblical perspective.

[40:52] God Shifting Alex 

  • Alex talked to his friend and mentor about leaving, who gave him a great offer. He could start his business but continue to work.
  • However, Alex refused the offer. He didn't want to split himself because he wanted to commit to being a proper steward wherever God took him.
  • Alex went from income to no income. These transitions in his work and business were easier because he didn’t attach who he was to what he was doing.

[44:28] Working With Alex

  • Now, Alex works with leaders who are in a place to make organizational decisions. It’s at this level where change can happen.
  • Most organizations he works with are the ones large enough to have issues. This is often when teams of people realize the importance of culture.
  • Startups can also work with Alex to set a great foundation for their organization. Unfortunately, people tend to ignore issues that don't have an immediate impact.
  • Too often, Alex and his work serve as an aspirin. People often work with them when they’ve already reached a point where they realize that something is wrong.
  • Alex is cost-efficient for his customers. He knows that he can give them what they need in a short amount of time and follow up regularly.

[49:36] Common Mistakes Organizations Make

  • One of the biggest mistakes within an organization is a lack of clarity and communication. 
  • Founders can have a vision in their head that can become blurred. Find out how you can effectively and clearly communicate it to the people in your organization.
  • The number one mistake is hiring the wrong people and losing the right ones. There’s a huge difference when you’re surrounded by the right people.
  • Alex takes a holistic approach to culture. Communicating your vision and mission and having the right people can help you build a new culture in your company.
  • Society often tries to get us to conform to their expectations. However, no one can buy culture. Connections and relationships bring people to work.
[53:49] “Culture is taught, not bought.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[55:41] Hiring the Right People

  • Alex uses the Word of God as a foundation for his coaching. 
  • In Exodus 18, Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, gives instructions on forming the right team. From this passage, Alex learned the 3 Cs of hiring.
  • The first is to find someone with competency. Make sure they can do the job with excellence.
  • Next is character. The people you hire should match your core values.
  • Last is capacity. Place your people in the proper position where they can best thrive.

[59:27] Being a Steward Leader

  • In the beginning, God placed Adam in charge of something. This is where stewardship began as a God-given responsibility. While we may be in charge, we own nothing.
  • In the Parable of the Talents, a master gives his stewards talents, opportunity, and time. Like in the parable, everyone will one day have to answer the question, “what did you do with what was given to you?”
  • Alex sees everything in his life as an opportunity to be a steward. This includes being a father.
  • Leaders often start getting off track when they think of themselves as an owner and lose sight of what being a steward means. We need to build a new culture of stewardship.
[01:02:41] “We are stewards of everything, owners of nothing.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[01:05:26] Weaving the Bible Into Your Life

  • Alex has always used the Bible for everything else in his life. Why not business too?
  • Many business books often have roots in the Bible.
  • The Bible is a living, moving document, not just an ancient text for good advice. Despite the changes in time, it can still apply to what we’re doing right now.

[01:10:09] When God Tells Alex “Go”

  • Alex is in the season of life where he is in the go phase.
  • He is walking in faith and goes wherever God tells him to go.
  • Alex believes God will reveal more details to him as he continues through life.

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