Celebrating 200 Episodes: A Special Look Into Being a Podcaster

In 2019, Seek Go Create released its very first episode with our host, Tim Winders. More than three years later, Seek Go Create celebrates its 200th episode! It has been 200 insightful episodes of being a podcaster and redefining success in leadership, business, and ministry. 

In this celebratory episode, Tim and his wife, Glori, do something different. Our host, Tim, finds himself on the other side of the mic! Glori asks him questions about their journey so far. He shares what he learned from being a podcaster and how Seek Go Create continues to change their lives. Tim talks about the moments in the podcast close to his heart and gives a peek into what lies ahead for the show.

Tune in to this special episode and celebrate Tim's 200 episodes of being a podcaster with us!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn how Seek Go Create changed Tim and Glori's lives.
  2. Have some things you want to share with the world like Tim? Hear some great tips for being a podcaster!
  3. Get a sneak peek into what’s in store for the future of Seek Go Create.


Episode Highlights

[02:04] Why Tim Started Seek Go Create

  • Tim loves podcasts. He is a big podcast consumer and thinks audio is an exciting medium.
  • While working with a client on their podcast, someone told Tim he should try being a podcaster.
  • He knew he had ideas and things he wanted to share and listed them. All he needs to do is start. 
  • They're celebrating their 200th episode, and the rest is history.

[05:04] Facing Challenges

  • Most podcasts experience podcast fade. They fade out after a few episodes and eventually stop releasing new content.
  • Tim never faced this challenge. He loves interviewing people and having the opportunity to ask and learn new things. For him, there is no shortage of things to talk about.
  • His biggest challenge is that he's a generalist. He wants to avoid narrowing down his audience, making discoverability a challenge.

[06:59] Tim, Live on Air

  • Tim would love to do a live TV show.
  • There have been times when they've prepared to start a live show but have yet to do one.
  • Tim and Glori are taking their time to pause before truly going live.

[08:15] Tim’s Favorite Episodes

  • An episode close to Tim's heart is the very first episode. He talked about their lives and shared stories of their most challenging times.
  • Another favorite solo episode of his focuses on where the name Seek Go Create came from back in early 2020.
  • His favorite interview moment was the episode with Quan Huynh, an ex-convict who has written a book. Tim and Quan had a powerful conversation about forgiveness.
  • Society today doesn't easily forgive others and yourselves. Vindictiveness can impact your relationship with God and people.
[09:22] “I was praying about it and asking the Lord what to do. And I felt like the Lord said, ‘Tim, I need you to share that testimony, that ugly testimony of all that happened.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[11:46] Podcast Energy Boost

  • Some things fatigue you and while others energize you. Tim found that being a podcaster and interviewing people energizes him.
  • Glori affirms Tim is an extrovert — talking with people is his energy boost. Glori's energy doesn't come from being a podcaster herself. Instead, she gets energy from designing and being behind the scenes.
  • It’s good to know your strengths and what energizes you.
[12:37] “Every time I record an episode, when I am done, I am energized. I'm excited. I love it. I'm so glad I did it. And it's kind of that catalyst that just keeps me going to the next one.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[14:50] How Podcasting Affected Tim’s Life

  • The podcast is more than three years old and now has 200 episodes. Everything Tim has done for the past years revolved around redefining success.
  • From the podcast to YouTube, his books, and coaching, Tim’s work fits together to that topic.
  • He aims to help people define success in the world and the Kingdom of God. This mission often means exploring various topics and relating them to success.
  • Tim and Glori initially focused on the hustle. As they got older and wiser, they realized that success is more than wealth.
  • Wealth is fleeting. Don’t allow material things to define and be a measurement of your success.
[16:27] “It's the mission I'm on. To really help people ask what success really is. What is success in this culture, in the society in this world, and in the kingdom of God? And really drill down on that.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[22:57] Advice for Being a Podcaster

  • Tim advises brainstorming and listing your ideas. Find people to talk to early on. Planning like this helps counter one of the biggest struggles of running out of ideas.
  • Have people that you can discuss the podcast and your ideas with.
  • Just go and get started. Set up a mic, get your software, record, upload, and share. See what happens.
  • Tim usually has multiple Seek Go Create episodes recorded and ready beforehand.

[26:40] The Importance of Consistency

  • Tim and Glori's son, Joshua, has thousands of followers on Instagram. One of the things he does is post consistently every day.
  • Being consistent is one of the most important habits to have. Seek Go Create has been posted every Monday morning for the past 3 years.
  • Consistency is valuable for anything, not just podcasting. Inconsistency might disconnect you from the people you're trying to reach.
[29:29] “It's foundational for just a lot of things. Success is just trying to be consistent as best as you can.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[29:43] Finding Interview Guests for Seek Go Create

  • Tim's initial basis for his guests was just his curiosity. He knew he wanted to talk to specific people.
  • In general, Tim often talks to people in leadership in both business and ministry. 
  • Now, he wants to find more specific people with stories about redefining success. They are the people who have gone through a catalytic event that changed their lives.
  • Their system includes an intake form that people can answer. They read through it once a month.
  • Behind the scenes, being system and procedure-driven helps the interviewer to focus on what they’re good at. It’s with their team effort that a podcast can be consistent.

[33:45] Seek Go Create’s Topics

  • Early in the podcast, their first season focused on the things that Tim and Glori have done.
  • Next season, they talked about their nomad way of living.
  • The third season focuses on being the ultimate leader. Tim has always enjoyed the topic of leadership and dives deeper into that this season.
  • Tim is now working on a new faith-driven leader series of episodes. He saw that people struggle with how to live with faith and stay true while within the world.
[35:42] “I see people struggling with how do I live my faith out in this world that has so much stuff and junk going on? How do I stay true to who I am and align my beliefs and, and my spiritual foundation with the work world and making money?” - Click Here to Tweet This

[37:47] The Future of Seek Go Create

  • Tim and Glori often have conversations about the relationship between video and audio. While Seek Go Create is an audio podcast, they look into how the video aspect can fit in.
  • Tim likes long-form interviews. However, they plan to move to short-form, bite-sized content because it's easier for people to consume.
  • They continue to adapt and look into opportunities to share information.
  • As mentioned, one of the things they’re working on for the future is the season about being a faith-driven leader. From there, they’ll see how it goes.
  • They also want to look into communities around the topics they usually discuss.

[42:23] The Listeners’ Suggestion

  • Tim and Glori are soon celebrating their anniversary.
  • They’re asking you, the listeners, for suggestions on where they can have a relaxing celebration.
  • Send your thoughts by commenting on YouTube or sending an email!

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