Failure: How Finances Impact the Family | Season 1 Episode 4

Going through difficulties in life can be quite challenging, especially for children who are in their formative years. These struggles can leave terrible marks on their souls as they grow up. But overcoming them together as a family, with the help of our Heavenly Father, is possible.

In this episode, Seek Go Create host Tim Winders and his wife Glori discuss how financial ups and downs can impact a family, especially children. They also talk about their learnings and experiences while going through this challenging period. Furthermore, they share where their children are now after experiencing those struggles.

Make sure to listen to this episode if you want to learn how to move toward success with a nourished spirit, soul, and body.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Get to know more about Tim and Glori's children.
  2. Learn about the struggles their children experienced.
  3. Discover practical ways to get past the failure mindset.


About Glori

Glori Winders is a minister, crafter, motivator, and author. She is also a cook specializing in creating delicious and easy-to-make meals, especially for those with dietary restrictions. She and Tim have been together for over 30 years with two children, Dulce and Joshua. As partners, they have ventured into the entrepreneurial world while fostering their love for God.

Glori has written the cookbook The Yeast Free Cooking Manual and has helped countless people around the world to enjoy healthy eating. She also co-wrote 40 Days To A Sizzling Marriage with her husband, Tim.

Learn more about what she does by reaching out to her on Twitter or Facebook. You can also read about her blogs on her website.

Episode Highlights

[08:55] The Family's Early Beginnings

  • Both Tim and Glori were criticized for their unpopular parenting decisions.
  • Glori wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, so she started a business with Tim, allowing her to juggle working and being a mom.
  • They preferred to homeschool Dulce and Joshua so that they can take their kids with them as they travel.
  • Homeschooling their kids allowed them to become further ahead than regular school.
“From a very small age, I can envision myself when things got tough, crawling up in His lap and just letting Him love me.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[14:04] Practicing Faith

  • Glori started to have a father-daughter relationship with God at the age of five.
  • Both Tim and Glori walked their spiritual life in front of their children. Their family manifested their faith 24/7.
  • They fostered a Hebrew mindset and believed that everything in the world intermingled with each other.
“It has just been so wonderful to watch how they are following after the Lord. You know, the Scripture says “raise your children up in the way they should go, and when they're old, they will not depart from it.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[17:35] The Spirit of Giving

  • They taught their kids about the significance of giving rather than receiving.
  • Every Christmas, their children would be more focused on buying gifts for other people.

[21:57] Transitioning After Their Financial Downfall

  • Glori and her kids enjoyed a pretty well-off life in their lavish home.
  • In 2008, their lives slowly started changing. Their children began relying on scholarships and taking AP classes.
  • They had to get rid of their things but later realized these were more of a burden to them.
“Even in our heyday of success, we were like, ‘Lord, we just want You to use us. We want You to use us. We want to make a difference. We want to be impactful.’” - Click Here To Tweet This

[26:27] The Essentialist Mindset

  • Both Tim and Glori had humble beginnings when they were kids. Thus, they worked hard to become better parents.
  • They fostered a “go big or go home” mindset and focused on impressing other people.
  • This struggle taught them the significance of having an essentialist mindset. Learn more about this perspective by listening to the full episode!
“How much energy and mindset does it take to, you know, keep things up? Are they a blessing? Are they a burden? And I think a lot of our things had become a burden and an anchor to us.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[30:34] Their Struggle as Parents

  • Their financial downfall caused a lot of pain and anger on Glori's side. But she chose to stay beside Tim instead of lashing out at him.
  • Tim felt a lot of shame because he could not provide for his family.
  • They realized the impact of seeking God during this challenging period.

[36:54] Dulce's College Life

  • Dulce had to grow up a little bit faster than her peers and graduated college in three years.
  • She had to take loans and juggled studying and working.
  • When she graduated, she became an au pair and traveled to different countries while working as a nanny.
  • Learn more about Dulce's journey and where she is now by listening to the full episode!

[43:22] Joshua's Struggles

  • Joshua moved to Los Angeles when he turned 18.
  • He was not excited about college and had been making scripts, filming, and editing video clips.
  • He called Tim and Glori one night and told them he could not find a job. He also had to sleep in his car for weeks.
  • Learn more about Joshua's struggles and where he is now by listening to the full episode!

[49:18] What God Taught Them During This Period

  • God used this struggle to teach and humble their family.
  • They allowed God to be in control of their relationships, work, and personal lives.
  • They believed He was always faithful to His words.
  • They let love rain down in their marriage and family. 
“There's nothing wrong with abundance. There's nothing wrong with success. It's just that our perspective has changed.” - Click Here To Tweet This

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