Marriage: For Better, For Worse | Season 1 Episode 5

Many of us seek our one true love. We believe that finding “the one” and getting married is the beginning of a fairytale. However, marriage is not all about romance; it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a lifelong commitment to do whatever it takes to make things work.

In this episode, Tim and Glori Winders talk about their 30-year marriage, including their highs and lows. They explained how staying together despite all the challenges is both a decision and a commitment. You’ll understand how, after decades of being together, they remain excited and enthusiastic about what the future holds.

Tune it to the podcast and learn how you can be an excellent partner to your significant other, stay committed to your vows, and look forward to the future. 

3 Reasons to Listen: 

  1. Discover how you can continue making the marriage work and exciting after 30 years.
  2. Learn why marriage is a decision and a commitment to stay in the relationship despite life's challenges.
  3. Be inspired by how Tim and Glori support each other throughout the challenges they encounter.


About Glori

Glori Winders is a minister, crafter, motivator, and author. She is also a cook specializing in creating delicious, healthy and easy-to-make meals, especially for those with dietary restrictions. She and Tim have been together for over 30 years with two children, Dulce and Joshua. As partners, they have ventured into the entrepreneurial world while fostering their love for God.

Glori has written the cookbook The Yeast Free Cooking Manual and has helped countless people around the world to enjoy their meals. She also co-wrote 40 Days To A Sizzling Marriage with her husband, Tim.

Learn more about what she does by reaching out to her on Twitter or Facebook. You can also read about her blogs on her website.

Episode Highlights

[02:01 Our Marriage

  • Tim and Glori have been married for almost 31 years.
  • Marrying Tim was Glori's best decision. 
  • The couple's life today is just the beginning; everything they have experienced together is just a preparation for the future. 
  • Listen to the full episode to know the couple's lifestyle as they spend their time together while living in the RV!

[06:01] First Impressions and First Dates

  • When they first met, Glori thought Tim was dating someone else. For Tim, it was love at first sight.
  • Tim was a persistent suitor.
  • Glori expressed that she hated men and was not interested in dating.
  • Because of her parents’ marriage, she figured she was better off taking care of herself.
  • Glori did not see the relationship flourishing.

[09:49] Their Family Background

  • When he was young, Tim did not experience anything traumatic in their family. 
  • Glori, on the other hand, was traumatized by her brother’s battle against leukemia.
  • Her father wanted to celebrate his brother’s life, and Glori and her mother were unable to deal with their grief properly.
  • Glori's father experienced personal challenges that significantly affected their family. 
  • Her parents eventually got divorced.

[12:42] Opposing Forces

  • Tim was a very confident man and believed he was the man for Glori. 
  • His attitude was conflicting with Glori's mother. She believed that she and Glori were supposed to grow old together
  • She is sharing her story hoping she can help people who are also experiencing struggles.

[16:58] Glori as a Daughter 

  • Glori wanted to be a perfect daughter.
  • She had conflicting feelings about being present for her mother and following her heart. 
  • Perfection is unattainable.

[20:04] Dealing with a Suicide Attempt

  • Listen to the entire episode to hear how Glori handled her mom's suicide attempt. 
  • If you feel depressed, please seek help and reach out.  
  • Glori was in a difficult situation wherein she had to choose between her mother and husband. 
  • They decided to fight for their marriage. 

[26: 49] Divorce Is Never an Option 

  • Before marriage, Glori and Tim decided to be committed and never divorce.
  • The couple underwent counseling in the first year of their marriage.
“I literally felt like I was on a rack—a torture rack—and I was being pulled one way by Tim and one way by my mom and that I was literally gonna rip in half. That's just a really difficult place to be.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[30:46] Dealing with Other Issues

  • We use prayer to seek restoration from the Lord. 
  • Glori chose to decide what is best for their family and herself.
  • In life, you’ll always have to make choices and decisions; these situations would make you stronger. 
  • Challenges bring you closer together. 
  • The couple underwent spiritual growth together.
“Because we had vowed that we were committed to each other, instead of letting anything come between us or tear us apart, we just always said, somehow we're gonna let this work for us, make us stronger, bind us together stronger, that we will weather the storm.”- Click Here To Tweet This

[34:47] Finances Testing the Relationship

  • The couple admits that finances tested them individually. 
  • Glori was committed to making it work. 
  • Life and death situations are far more complicated than financial troubles. 
  • Issues will continue to come up, and you just have to resolve them.
“There are going to be issues that come up. And you just have to resolve that you're going to work through this.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[39:00] Talents and Rewards

  • Glori used her talents to serve the ministry when she had time to spare. 
  • She knew everything would be okay despite having nothing. 
  • They grew wiser and more mature.

[41:37] Letting Go of Material Possessions

  • Things can become a burden instead of a blessing. 
  • When you let go of things, you’re allowing God to work through you. 
  • It was an easier process for Tim than Glori.
  • Donating turned the couple's burden to others' blessings.
“We were just to the point, ‘Let's just sell everything. Let's totally lighten our load so God can really just do what it is he wants to do.’”- Click Here To Tweet This

[47:06] Glori's Health Issues

  • Glori dealt with candidiasis. Because of her difficulties in maintaining a diet, she came up with a cookbook, which helped them financially.
  • The health and financial issues caused Glori to be depressed.
  • Tim and Glori might have felt like quitting at some point, but they stayed together and encouraged each other.
“We would not wish our journey on anyone, but we appreciate the people that we have become because of our challenges” - Click Here To Tweet This

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