Finding Fulfillment in a Modern Life with Don Newman

In this world, the hustle and bustle of modern life often leaves us feeling overwhelmed. Increasingly dominated by technology and constant distractions, we are entering a period of 'hurry sickness.' However, it doesn't have to be that way. People used to live with simplicity and imagination, enabling them to appreciate various joys and experiences. 

In this episode, Don Newman offers a refreshing reminder of the power of creativity, reflection, and fervent prayers. Through his personal stories and insights, he encourages us to reconnect with the values of our upbringing. Modern life might push us to hurry and hustle, but resist the urge — for your spirit’s sake. He emphasizes that God is a partner in our lives, not a genie granting wishes. Navigate the obstacles to prayer and unlock the transformative potential of a life centered on spiritual partnership.

Join us in this thought-provoking discussion with Don Newman, and let's redefine success and leadership together in business and ministry.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Discover how the power of prayer builds legacies — even in a modern life.
  2. Learn the impact you can make through a life devoted to intercession.
  3. Find out how prayer builds a multi-dimensional relationship with God and brings about His will on Earth.


About Don

Don Newman has a wealth of experience in ministry, leadership, and building legacies. He is a gifted storyteller who shares his insights on life and leadership through his writing and speaking engagements. As a pastor, conference speaker, and legacy coach, Don has authored multiple books about spirituality in a modern life, with his latest one titled "Praying for Reign.” He hosts the podcast "Living a Life Worth Remembering.”

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Don is a dedicated family man. Celebrating 40 years of marriage, he is a proud father of three and an enthusiastic grandfather of seven.

You can connect with Don and learn more about his work by email or visiting his youtube channel.

Episode Highlights

[02:01] The Joy of Grandparenting

  • Don is the director of publishing for Salem Author Services. He helps people publish the books they write. He's also a pastor, a legacy coach, and has been a church planter.
  • Don Newman shares the immense joy of being a grandparent and nurturing his grandchildren’s spiritual legacy.
  • The most difficult part of being a grandparent is when Don’s children need to discipline his grandchildren.
  • Don wonders why God is passionate about legacy.
  • God is generational, and there's nothing like having the love and support of parents that love each other.
[05:42] “I was so busy trying to work, manage my life, take care of my family, and get us to where we needed to go that I didn't have the time to tell stories and hear things at the level that I'm able to now.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[12:29] The Importance of Spiritual Legacy in a Modern Life

  • Grandparents influence their children and grandchildren through stories and prayer.
  • Don has seven journals, one for each of his grandchildren; he writes prayers, quotes, and things he wants to pass on.
  • Nurturing a strong relationship with Christ is the foundation for future generations.
  • Don and Tim explore how grandparents can share their faith, love, and encouragement.
  • Grandparents have the unique opportunity to create lasting memories with their grandchildren. They can be present in their lives and offer support and love.

[24:54] Embracing Simplicity and Nurturing Imagination

  • In the simpler times of their childhood, people grew up without the constant distractions of modern life, particularly technology.
  • The lack of gadgets fostered a sense of creativity, imagination, and unhurried living.
  • Don highlights that they made their own fun, playing with what was available.
  • He enjoyed the little moments, like watching a popsicle melt, drinking water from a hose, and fishing in a pond.
  • Those experiences taught them the value of slowing down and appreciating the present.
[26:31] “The greatest thing you've got to do to be successful in ministry is you've got to eliminate hurry, because hurry is the greatest enemy of your spiritual life.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[26:44] Resisting the Lure of Hurry Sickness of Modern Life

  • One of the biggest obstacles people face today is "hurry sickness," the constant rush that pervades modern lives. The world is a lot faster now.
  • Jesus was busy but never in a hurry—we, too can learn to prioritize what truly matters. Hurry is the greatest enemy of your spiritual life.
  • Don loves to see his grandchildren raised with some parameters on electronics use.
  • He enjoys seeing them do creative things rather than sit in front of the TV the entire time.

[34:21] Holding onto the Values of Our Upbringing

  • Don reminisced about the values instilled in him by his parents, who placed a great emphasis on God, faith, and family values.
  • Their marriage wasn't perfect. They faced challenges that came with shift work and unfulfilling jobs.
  • Despite that, his parents were committed to living a meaningful life.
  • Don grew up in an atmosphere where he and his siblings could soar and be confident.

[38:33] The Effects of a Father Figure

[38:36] “In God's perfect picture, we live in a fallen world, but the perfect picture is that family unit with the father, being that sense of stability.” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • Father figures are crucial in people's lives, especially in their perception of God.
  • Many individuals who have had absent or negative experiences with their fathers struggle to receive what God has for them.
[42:35] “The greatest impact we can make in this world is we'll go to church, but we can't do everything at church. But we can do everything with this—our family.” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • Consequently, the Enemy has exploited this lack of a father figure to disrupt the family structure.
  • Don wants to support those who may not have experienced a loving father figure.
  • He will do everything he can through prayers.
[44:03] “I'm not an executive director. I'm a son. I'm a son of God, I'm an heir. But I'm also a father.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[46:04] Systemic Problems in the Deep South

  • The Deep South is a racially charged environment.
  • Don recognizes the importance of asking questions and bridging the gap between different peoples.
  • Listening to the experiences of others can help them truly understand and empathize with the feelings of marginalized groups.
  • Many African Americans feel fear when the police pull them over.
  • Don embarked on a journey of self-reflection and growth when he started traveling and experiencing different cultures.

[53:19] A Multi-Dimensional Conversation with God

  • Don constantly sought better ways to explain the evolving nature of this relationship. He initially thought prayer was one-dimensional, but it’s more than that.
  • Prayer isn't just about sending messages and waiting for answers. It is about entering into a partnership with the divine.
  • Don wrote about his experiences to invite others to explore the possibilities of a life centered on prayer.
  • He believed that God desires a relationship with His children and their active participation in His plans for the world.

[56:14] Prayer as Partnership and Family Business

  • Don learned that God yearns for His children to actively participate in His plans rather than be passive observers.
  • This partnership is a means for God to involve His children in His work, allowing them to grow and mature.
  • Don realized that the true power of prayer lies in its ability to engage people in God's family business. Doubt and uncertainty plague the prayers of many people.
  • Don's message seeks to alleviate these fears, reminding people of the power and impact their prayers can have.

[01:02:54] Why Did You Fail to Work That Prayer?

  • Don encourages listeners never to underestimate the power and impact of prayers.
  • The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person has great power. 
  • Prayers are not instant. They require persistence.
  • By praying, we are stacking the heavens and filling the bowls of heaven on behalf of our great-grandchildren and beyond.
  • We see the power of a committed prayer life through stories like Dr. Dobson's great-great-grandfather, who prayed for seven generations.

[01:10:08] Overcoming a Modern Life’s Obstacles to Prayer

  • The Enemy will use various tactics to try to keep us from praying. They might try to make you feel unqualified or guilty.
  • God doesn't call the qualified; he qualifies the called. Even the people who think they’re nobodies can make a difference.
  • The blood of Jesus lends power to our prayers. Our past mistakes and what we think are inadequacies are powerless before him.
  • To grow in prayer, surround yourself with a supportive community that believes in you.

[01:15:01] The Value of Community and Support

  • The COVID pandemic highlighted our human need for community.
  • People need connection, but the pandemic separated us all.
  • A strong community will help you grow and open doors to the beautiful reality of prayer.
  • By engaging in a spiritual partnership with God, we can experience the fulfillment of being a part of His work.

[01:17:25] God Makes Us Hungry So We Can Seek

  • Our hunger makes us seekers of God and His truth and His Kingdom.
  • A back-and-forth dialogue with God will allow us to see His kingdom come into our lives and the world around us.
  • Tim wraps up the conversation by encouraging listeners to get the book ‘Praying for Reign.’

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