God: Where Are You? | Season 1 Episode 2

We all have our personal stories when it comes to our spiritual journey. You may have even questioned God at some point. What we don’t know is that He is just there, waiting for us to finally have a relationship with Him.

In today’s episode, host Tim Winders shares stories on how he found God during financial crises and the lowest points of his life. He also discusses his insights on prayer, prosperity message, and blessings. This episode is for those who feel lost and want to find God in their lives.

Tune in to the podcast to develop a deeper understanding and relationship with God!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. In which areas in your life could you find God personally?
  2. Learn about the power of prayer and what true blessings really are.
  3. Discover how you can develop a genuine relationship with God.


Episode Highlights

[04:58] Tim’s Early Life

  • Tim is in his mid-50’s and was born at the tail end of the baby boom generation
  • He grew up in a small conservative town in Georgia.
  • He was indoctrinated into the culture of religion and was at the age of innocence.
  • It was a simple time, and people went to church almost dogmatically and out of obligation.
  • He grew up going to church sporadically. 

[06:45] Tim’s Time in Georgia Tech

  • Tim wanted to become successful and live comfortably in the suburbs of Atlanta.
  • He never went to church when he was studying and even had a few philosophy classes that basically declared there is no God.
  • God was way down the list of his priorities, which involved getting his degree, money, and women.

[07:42] Spiritual Start and Tim’s Wife

  • Tim’s wife had a father who was a preacher.
  • She always had a relationship with God at a young age and knew her priorities.
  • They talked about God one time, and she got serious because she couldn't marry someone who doesn't believe in God.
  • His spiritual philosophy is if you grow up nice and kind, you’d be okay.
  • Tim would go to church just to impress girls and even declared his faith with impure intentions.
“Prayer is a powerful thing. And many times, we don't understand, even when we don't know all the details of our prayer or what it means.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[15:14] Involvement in Politics

  • Tim and his wife attended a Baptist church because, in Tim’s eyes, he could network, which was favorable for a political career.
  • He felt as if he was merely checking off his to-do list of going to church.
  • Meanwhile, his wife was strengthening her relationship with the Heavenly Father.

[17:06] The Corporate Environment

  • Tim started working and wanted to become an entrepreneur to pursue money when his wife was pregnant.
  • He always wanted to impress other people and become rich.
  • Tim’s wife wrote in her journal and prayed to God that he would become the spiritual leader of their household.
  • She also lifted up in prayer their finances so she could stay home and take care of their child.
  • Prayer is a powerful thing, and you have to be prepared for what God has planned.

[20:50] God in Business

  • They met someone in a mall that connected them to a multi-level marketing business called Amway, which ultimately helped their family.
  • Tim realized he was not that good, and he began to soften his heart.
  • In a way, the business was like a very spiritual community as you had to share your profit, and it was hard to be selfish.
  • He made a big decision to follow Christ in one of their Amway meetings.
“Business takes a lot of work. It is very challenging, and it begins to soften your heart. Because if you're one that's like me, who thinks you are really, really good at things, you can find out real quickly that you may not be that good.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[26:44] The Prosperity Message

  • The prosperity message can be both positive and negative.
  • Tim experienced positive spiritual growth through the prosperity message, but it also made him think that working harder and performing better allowed his success.
  • Be wary of prosperity statements using God to justify serving the flesh.
  • God’s Kingdom doesn’t need any more funding.
  • There is no magic transfer of money from the wicked to the just.

[30:45] God’s Blessings

  • After doing better financially, he thought God was blessing him for the good things he did.
  • He felt he had divinely inspired ideas and would only ask God for guidance during times when he encountered problems.
  • When the 2008 financial crisis occurred, he cried out to the Lord because he felt He had forsaken him.
  • God made Tim realize he was only running to Him when he had problems and didn't really have a solid relationship with Him.
“To me, I believe that He said, Tim, ‘I'm not an ATM machine. I want to have a relationship with you all the time, not just when you're in trouble.’” - Click Here To Tweet This

[34:46] Lessons From the Crisis

“He truly wanted me to have a relationship with him 24/7 at all times. It just helped me come to a realization that I needed to stop segmenting my life, that if I were to have this spiritual journey,  it needed to be 24/7.” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • God didn’t want Tim to treat Him like an ATM machine and instead wanted him to have a relationship 24/7.
  • For entrepreneurs, blessings have very little to do with your own effort. It doesn’t mean you’re not a hard worker or smart—it simply means that we acknowledge Him.
  • In the lowest points of his life, he would just call to God and talk to Him.
  • Seek, Go, Create was his assignment from God.
  • God gave them seasons from miracles, to manna, to blessings. 
“We feel as if we've moved from miracle to manna to blessing, and I'm not in any way trying to say that we've arrived, we know all the answers. I'm just sharing our story.” - Click Here To Tweet This

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