How to Adjust Your Morning Routine for Success with Glenn Lundy

What goes into your morning routine? Do you even have a morning routine? We often check our phones, read the news, wash up, eat breakfast, and go about our day. But did you know your morning routine is connected to success?

In this episode, motivational speaker and auto industry leader Glenn Lundy talks to us about the power of morning routines. He shares the right factors for building your morning habits and their importance in our lives. Glenn also discusses how powerful the correct mindset can be and ways to extract greatness from your business.

To learn how you can start your day geared for success, tune in to this episode!


3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn about the importance of mindset and how it can turn your life around.
  2. Discover the vital factors in creating your powerful morning routine.
  3. Find out how to adjust your sleep cycle to what’s right for you.

About Glenn

Glenn Lundy is an author, motivational speaker, and automotive industry leader. He pioneered the 800% Club to help owners and managers transform their company culture. Striving to serve more people and impact the world, he also hosts the #RiseandGrind morning show on Facebook, which is watched by over 30,000 people daily.

To learn more, you may visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

Episode Highlights

[08:20] How #RiseandGrind Came to Be

  • Its purpose is to help people change the way they start their day.
  • Glenn is a huge believer in powerful morning routines that allow us to tap into our mind, body, and spirit and give us a good reset so we can build solid foundations and move forward.
  • He considers #RiseandGrind as his service or ministry. He doesn’t care about the profits, but he just wants to give back and make an impact.
  • It started as a show, and then people wanted a Facebook group, and then shirts.,This led to a clothing line, and now they have planners and live events.
  • They also started taking it offline, going out into communities, helping homeless people, and supporting members who were battling cancer.

[17:01] Thoughts on the New Normal

  • Luckily, he quit his job in the retail side of the automotive world before COVID hit. Because of this, he and his family have been largely unaffected by the pandemic. Glenn is still amazed at how God was able to put them in that position.
  • This is his driving force behind showing and waking up at 3 a.m. everyday. He continues to connect and allow God to do work through his ministry.

[21:33] How #RiseandGrind Changed Glenn

  • The thing about going live is you have to look at yourself in the eye and see yourself speak every time.
  • Going live holds him accountable to being true to his word, thoughts, and actions.
  • He has to make sure that his every word matches his character and integrity.
  • Glenn now saw God as this fierce warrior, inspiring him to be thankful for what he has.

[28:23] The Morning 5

  • The Morning 5 stemmed from Glenn testing out and learning from multiple powerful morning routines.
  • While studying success, he noticed how successful people have morning routines that tap into humans' three dimensions: the mind, body, and spirit.
  • After trying different things and finding out what worked, Glenn came up with what he calls the “5 Steps to an Extraordinary Life.”
  • The steps are simple; the challenge is doing them consistently.
  • It’s about creating a foundational, strong, systematic, powerful morning routine that serves you and others by hitting those three dimensions.

[33:10] On Misses or Changes in the Morning Routine

  • You shouldn’t miss your morning routine if you can help it.
  • Nonetheless, there are key components in your routine that allow for flexibility.
  • Glenn gets up so early so that no one can interfere with his routine.
  • It’s important to find and create the space for reflection, connection, and gratitude.
[35:42] “Because we’re human and not God, we have to have some systems to really make sure that we spend time and reflect, spend time and connect, spend time and get grounded, spend time and get present, spend time in gratitude.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[38:15] The Study of Sleeping Patterns

  • Long ago, it didn’t make sense for our ancestors to sleep for 8 straight hours a day.
  • In the biological makeup of our DNA, we sleep in cycles of either light or deep sleep, with the cycles lasting around 2-3 hours each.
  • You can figure out your cycle through sleep tracking apps. Once you do, you can add or remove cycles.
  • The key is never to allow yourself to wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle, or else you can become groggy and lack energy. 

[43:43] The Pandemic’s on Glenn’s Mindset

  • The only thing that changed for him was how he and his family are now watching the news everyday.
  • They were walking in fear instead of walking in faith.
  • So, instead of passively protecting their mindset, he began being very active in protecting them mentally.

[49:17] Glenn’s Background

  • Glenn’s dad is black while his mom is white, and they got divorced when he was 11.
  • His parents both remarried, and they lived two apartments away from each other, allowing Glenn to still see them both regularly.
  • He struggled because his skin was too dark to be white and too light to be black, so he had difficulty figuring out where he fit in.
  • He became a chameleon and tried to get along with everyone on a surface level because forming deep relationships was hard.
  • Now, he considers his struggles as God’s gift to him because he is able to connect with so many people.
[55:46] “Just because we grew up a little bit different or just because we disagree — and we can wholeheartedly disagree — I still love you the same. You add value into my life, and I will do everything in my power to add value to yours.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[57:14] Glenn in the Automotive Industry

  • In addition to living a miserable life outside of work, Glenn spent half of his career in a dealership that never had any growth.
  • Meanwhile, his last 10 years in the industry was incredible.
  • He went back into the industry with the mindset that he’s not going to let the industry change him. Instead, he was going to change the industry.
  • Glenn experienced massive growth that’s unheard of, increasing sales by 800% in just five years. His business became the second largest used car franchise dealership in the country.
  • Through that success, he focused on developing people and making sure they had a life outside of work, teaching them not just job skills but also life skills.
[01:01:21] “We can train your people all day long, but if you’re not leading properly, you’re not going to get results.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[01:03:53] What’s Next for Glenn

  • He’s just focused on being present and grateful for everything he’s been given.
  • Every vision, dream, or plan he’s had, God usually has something different in store for him.
  • The only thing he knows for sure is he will continue to serve people by making a positive impact in their lives.
  • He’s going to take his time to listen and allow God to guide their path without any expectations.
[01:04:13] “When we spend too much time worrying about what’s ahead, it takes away our joy.” - Click Here to Tweet This

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