No Tricks, Just a Treat: A Peek into Coach by Tim Winders

Stories can shape lives. From history books that recount the fall of man to fictional pieces set in a different universe, stories of all kinds can be insightful and filled with lessons. Books come in many forms and are wonderful sources of knowledge and inspiration. You might even find the answers you seek and the push you need between the pages of the next book you read.

Here’s a treat for you this season. Tim gives us a sneak peek into his first novel, Coach: A Story of Success Redefined. Just like Seek Go Create, Coach explores the journey of redefining success in your life.

There is nothing that feeds the soul more than a habit of reading books that stretch the mind. Listen to special episode and get a brief glimpse of what you can learn from Coach.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Listen to Tim’s treat for you this Halloween
  2. Have a special peek into three chapters of Tim’s novel, Coach.
  3. Find out what Tim wants you to learn from his novel.


Episode Highlights

[00:05] Coach: A Story of Success Redefined

  • As a Halloween treat, Tim shares three chapters from his novel, Coach: A Story of Success Redefined.
  • Coach goes hand in hand with Seek Go Create’s theme of redefining success. It follows Cooper Travis’s journey as he redefines a lot in his life.
  • In his journey, Cooper needs a mentor to guide him.
  • It is Tim’s hope that Coach can spur readers to make a change or take action.
[03:39] “I'm hopeful that it gets you thinking. I really wanted to tell a good story with this novel but also wanted it to be a story that had a bit of purpose.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[05:26] Chapter 13

[11:41] “Other than a man's spiritual health, there is nothing that feeds the soul more than a habit of reading books that stretch the mind.” - Click Here to Tweet This
  • The first excerpt goes through Chapter 13. You’ll hear about the beginnings of Cooper’s journey of change.
[16:50] “You're here because you are at a place in your life where you finally desire to identify your true purpose and live the life that you are created to live.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[22:42] Chapter 14

  • Chapter 14 tells the events of Cooper learning about acts of love from his mentor, Asa.
[23:49]  “Today, I have hope. I do not know what the day will hold for me, but I am excited that I have hope. I want to change. I need to change. I must change.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[33:43] Chapter 15

  • The final excerpt of Coach includes Chapter 15, where Cooper deepens his understanding of unearned, unconditional love.
[38:38] “Pride is the cancer that will eat the strongest person from the inside out. Never let what others think of you control who you are.” - Click Here to Tweet This

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Tim Winders is a faith-driven executive coach and author with over 40 years of experience in leadership, business, and ministry. Through his personal journey of redefining success, he has gained valuable insights on how to align beliefs with work and lead with purpose. He is committed to helping others do the same, running a coaching business that helps leaders, leadership teams, business owners, and entrepreneurs to align their beliefs with their work and redefine success.

In addition to his coaching business, Tim is also the host of the SeekGoCreate podcast and author of the book Coach: A Story of Success Redefined, which provides guidance for those looking to redefine success and align their beliefs with their work. With his extensive background, unique perspective and strengths in strategic thinking, relationship building, and problem-solving, Tim is well-suited to help clients navigate through difficult times and achieve their goals.