Redefining Success in 5 Steps

Business today looks different from what it used to be before the pandemic. Don't be fooled by the transition from the pandemic — things will never be the same again. We're now living in a time of economic and cultural challenges. As business leaders, we need to step up more than ever and get our business right.

In this solo episode, I discuss how we can start redefining success in five steps. Tim takes us through tactics, strategies, mission, purpose, and identity and how these five steps will anchor you in these trying times. When you understand who you are, you can stand out and thrive no matter what happens. 

Listen to the episode if you want to find out how to be successful during recessions and challenging times! 

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn why this is the time to step back and reflect on your leadership and organization. 
  2. Discover the Redefining Success System and how you can thrive in challenging times through the five steps of tactics, strategy, mission, purpose, and identity. 
  3. Understand that identity is not just about having a statement — it's about knowing who you are and where to focus. 


Episode Highlights

[00:44] Current Challenges for Leaders 

  • We're facing unprecedented times when people are transitioning from the pandemic and experiencing challenging economic times. 
  • Tim observes we are currently going through a recession. 
  • He shares his experiences in a conference for real estate investors where the industry was doing well until around April-May 2022 but suddenly facing huge challenges. 
  • Before the pandemic, good leaders and organizations could get great results because of the atmosphere. Now, even good leaders are struggling to succeed.
  • We all say "normal" is pre-pandemic, but we must face the reality that life will never be the same.   

[09:24] Redefining Your Success in 5 Steps

  • Becoming successful requires tactics, strategies, mission, purpose, and identity.  
  • Most teams and leaders stay in the tactical zone; only some move up to the strategic level. 
  • Strategy is when you can think far ahead and strategize regarding where you're going.
  • Your mission is your bigger picture assignment; your purpose is what you're created for. 
  • Finally, identity is knowing who you are.   

[13:25] Know Your Identity 

[13:30] “Just because we say it in a sentence, or we come up with a nice, cute saying for a purpose, or vision statement, that doesn't mean when you look in the mirror, it's who you really believe that you are.” - Click Here to Tweet This
  • Many organizations have mission and purpose statements, but these statements don't necessarily align with what they really are. 
  • There are only two identities people can have — orphan or adopted. 
  • The orphan identity means you do not have a connection to God, while an adopted identity indicates an understanding of your part in God’s creation.
  • It will benefit you to reflect on your organization's identity. In the full episode, Tim shares a couple of questions to guide you. 
  • Remember, God created you for something great. 
[16:43] “You are created for something great. And I believe you are created by a heavenly Father that loves you and wants the best for you...That is one of the most important things that we can understand about ourselves, and that we can understand as a truth.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[18:12] How to Stand Out and Thrive

  • Strategic people can stand out in a world where most people are tactical. 
  • Remember, we’re going through a time when we can’t just be good with tactics. 
  • Organizations and leaders can realign themselves, but you may need help from a coach or consultants. Don't hesitate to reach out. 
[20:38] “Try to do things on your own [and] try to make some adjustments. But if you need some help, don't hesitate to reach out and get it.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[22:20] Develop Your Identity, Purpose, and Mission

  • Most people don’t understand who they are. Make the time to reflect on your identity. 
  • Tim shares that he's an ambassador for God. His identity spills over to all areas of his life. 
  • Since Tim’s purpose is to be an ambassador, he relies on his communication skills to spread God’s Word. 
  • His mission has changed over time, but his purpose remains the same.
  • Knowing your identity, purpose, and mission will then affect how you create strategy and tactics. For Tim, this means establishing Seek Go Create and writing books.   
[27:06] “If I were to just do the tactics without understanding all the other things, then it makes it fuzzy or unclear as to why I'm doing it and what I'm doing, and how it fits together.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[28:02] Why Organizations Need to Know Their Identity 

  • If you’re a leader of an organization, know your identity. Often, this is not your mission and vision statement. 
  • For example, we know Chick Fil-a was founded on biblical principles, serves good chicken sandwiches, and has the fastest drive-throughs. 
  • On the other hand, Burger King seems to be all over the place and tries to offer all sorts of products.  
  • In the airline industry, Southwest Airlines was able to create an identity as low-cost, fun, and quick turnarounds. 
  • It’s easier to focus on what to do when your organization has a clear identity. 

[32:59] The Redefining Success System 

  • In summary, leaders and organizations need to double down and know the different components that make up the Redefining Success System. 
  • First, get clear about your identity and purpose. Then, understand your current mission and assignment. 
  • Develop your strategy to accomplish that mission, then create tactics in place to support that strategy.
  • If you improve this system, you'll be better equipped to weather the challenging times.
[33:32] “It's time to step up. It's time for leaders, it's time for organizations to really step up. I really do believe we're about to be stepping into some challenging times…we definitely need to be anchored. And how we do that is we understand what our identity is.” - Click Here to Tweet This

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