Things Tanya Miller’s Mama Said About Taking Responsibility for Our Decisions

Growing up, we saw time and again that life is not fair. Many of us are lucky to have parents who guide us by the hand until we make a decision. They make sure to give us the best care to prepare us in facing the unfair world. It is up to us how we will take the lessons they taught and use them to be better people.

In this episode, Tanya Miller shares how her parents prepared her to face the unfair world. She updates us on how she's holding up with the current situation as an author, coach, and strategist. Tanya also highlights the importance of freedom in having the courage to face the consequences of our decisions. Finally, we talk about her latest book and the life lessons she learned from her mama.

If you want to hear the things her mama said and reflect on your life, this episode will be valuable for you!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Find out Tanya’s beginnings as a coach.
  2. Discover what life was like for Tanya as a pastor’s kid.
  3. Get a sneak peek on her latest book!


About Tanya

Tanya J. Miller is an author, motivational speaker, life coach, and leadership strategist. She is the founder of Tanya J. Miller, LLC, where she focuses on life and leadership. She helps individuals and organizations discover, diagnose, and develop their purpose, passion, vision, and destiny.

Get to know more about Tanya’s work on her website. You can also reach her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel!

Episode Highlights

[02:01] Tanya’s Elevator Pitch & Where She Is Now

  • Tanya helps people and organizations figure out how to get the puzzle pieces of life together to live right.
  • She's currently living in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, with her family.
  • She’s on a sabbatical right now.

[05:33] The Impact of the New Normal on Her Roles

  • Her book signings and speaking engagements have either been canceled or postponed to 2021.
  • She does virtual coaching so that she can reach people across the country.
  • She also hosts virtual leadership strategy sessions for organizations.
  • This situation has reminded her to pivot and not let one thing become a stumbling block.
  • She tries to find opportunities to partner and build collaboration virtually through podcasts, summits, and conferences.
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[10:49] Talking with Tanya

  • Tanya provides motivation, inspiration, and encouragement wherever you’re at.
  • She has moved from an email to a blog, newsletter, social media, and vlog. It's okay for her to start all over again as long as she can deliver her message.
  • She coaches people who are ready to tap into their purpose or go after what’s in them but don’t know how to uncover it.
  • In terms of demographics, her clients’ ages range from 18 to 55, split equally between men and women.

[14:43] The Coach Gene

  • It's a whole new world to her, but it’s what she was already doing ever since.
  • But since the world has made a name for it, she took further education to get the title.
  • She’s more of a servant leader who wants to help make sure everybody is okay.
  • The purpose of being a coach was already a part of her DNA and her essence, and it keeps growing.

[18:26] What Made Tanya “Tanya”

  • She was a PK or a pastor’s kid.
  • Tanya’s parents made a sacrifice and moved to another part of Fort Worth to expose them to “more.”
  • Her previous school wanted her and her brother to take remedial and special education. 
  • Her parents proved the school wrong and moved them to another school district. There, she got straight A’s and was in gifted and talented programs.

[23:38] On Being a Pastor’s Kid

  • They weren’t raised like typical PK’s. Their parents gave them the tools and let them make their own decisions.
  • The only thing they had to do was to go to church on Sunday mornings.
  • They had free will to make decisions, but her parents made sure there would be consequences.
  • Being given that freedom allowed them to talk freely to their parents.

[29:33] Ministry & Entrepreneurship

  • It taught her how to run a business from a Kingdom perspective and principles.
  • Watching her father do it showed her how to model a Kingdom business even if it wasn’t ministry.
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[31:45] The Concept of Money

  • Tanya wanted to have not only principles of the Kingdom but also the knowledge and skills.
  • Experiencing financial struggles made her want to learn how to do things better.
  • Even though they didn’t have much, her parents made sure they passed on what they did have.

[36:06] The Mama Voice

  • Tanya’s mother was a mama of eight. Tanya lost her sister to cancer last year.
  • Churches before had to be nondenominational because the baptist won’t allow women to become preachers.
  • Tanya’s mama had the training and guidance as a minister’s wife.
  • Flowing into prophetic has been passed down from her grandmother to her mother and her.

[42:36] Things Mama Said

  • Tanya’s mother is a fan favorite, so she felt that it was time to do a project around it.
  • She talked to her siblings and cousins about the stories of her mother and aunt, who passed away recently.
  • It includes the life lessons they learned along the way.
  • She made sure to ask permission from her mama before publishing it. Her mother also helps her with signing the books.

[46:55] A Hard Head Makes a Soft Behind

  • There are consequences to every decision you make in life.
  • You have to accept what happens based upon what you decided to do.
  • Parents have to find a way to discipline children and show them there are consequences to their actions.
  • If you don’t show them that, somebody else is going to and they’re going to be far worse than if you prepared them.
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[53:36] Labeling & Fairness

  • Life will not always be fair. We need to know that to avoid falling apart when unfair things happen.
  • It’s similar to the Judgment of Solomon.
  • We may have to sacrifice and give up and still don’t get why we need to be hurt.
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[58:43] A Glimpse at Tanya’s Favorite Chapters

  • Can’t Nobody Beat You Being You: You will never get to the place where you're supposed to be if you keep trying to be somebody else. 
  • We’re always growing and progressing toward destiny, the promise of God.
  • You Are Who You’re Supposed To Be: Who you are is what people want; they don’t want anybody else.
“Sometimes what we want, it won’t happen, and we may have to sacrifice and give up, and we still don’t get it. But you have to be willing to make those sacrifices even when they hurt as well, even if it’s not fair.” - Click Here to Tweet This

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