Why Leadership? | Season 3 Episode 2

There are many types of leaders. As a society, we look up to our leaders to make the most critical decisions for us. But even with this mindset, we often fail to see the true essence of leadership. We often forget being a leader entails creating an environment that allows people to be the best they can be. How can you expect people to be motivated in an environment that brings you down instead of uplifting you? To address this,  you should become an everyday leader.

In this episode, host Tim Winders discusses the characteristics of a good leader and the importance of character and integrity in leadership. He shares how his experiences as a coach became the catalyst for the third season of Seek, Go, Create—The Everyday Leader. 

If you seek to know the characteristics of a leader with influence, tune it to the episode!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Find out the catalyst of the outline of The Everyday Leader season.
  2. What makes an abusive leader?
  3. Discover how you can become a person of influence.



Episode Highlights

[05:57] The Catalyst of the Everyday Leader Outline

  • As Tim joined more organizations as a coach, he realized we can't motivate people.
  • He has seen organizations and teams become a demotivating environment for its people. 
  • The person acting as head creates this kind of environment. 
  • People can be motivated if they are in a motivating environment.

[09:05] Creating a Large Impact as an Everyday Leader

  • Bringing together the wisdom of mature people and the energy and skills of younger generations can impact society and culture.
  • Tim hopes to impact people on a larger scale through the podcast.
  • He had once followed a leader who took actions opposite to what a skilled leader would. It includes aspects such as stewardship and showing love, compassion, and kindness.

[11:01] Avoiding Abusive Leaders, Become and Everyday Leader

“Could it be that we have misunderstood it (leadership) and have been doing it wrong? Because the results aren't looking that great.” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • Some people attempt to be a leader; some attempt to step into a position and be a person of influence.
  • Our world is full of abusive leaders and leaders who are bullies.
  • It is unfortunate to see people abused by someone in a leadership role.
  • We can turn this negative situation to make something positive.

[13:30] Stewardship & Leadership

  • We have to ask ourselves what is missing.
  • Stewardship is not ownership. It is taking care of something or someone for the ultimate owner.
  • The more people understand the leadership role they’re in, the better our world's situation will be.
  • Steward leadership is being a steward over people, places, and things gifted to us.

[15:42] The Characteristics of a Person of “No Influence”

  • Does not stand for anything
  • Exhibits a lack of trust or shows everyone they can't trust you
  • No character, no integrity, and ignores facts
  • Has poor communication skills
  • Has no ability to make decisions and is apathetic
  • Is inconsistent 
  • Is mean and selfish to people
“I don't think you can necessarily motivate people; I think people can be motivated, and maybe you can create an environment that's more motivating than not.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[23:56] Becoming a Person of Influence as an Everyday Leader

“We've got more knowledge that's available to us. We should have more wisdom and understanding than ever in history. So we have to ask ourselves: what is missing?” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • Don't be selfish, mean, inconsistent, passive, and apathetic.
  • Be a good communicator.
  • Exhibit trust for others and allow people to trust in you.
  • Stand for something.
  • These are ways to be influential and attract people. It enables you to be a leader of influence and be a steward leader.
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[25:56] Movie Challenge

  • Watch the original 1957 version of the movie 12 Angry Men.
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