BONUS: Almost Final Thoughts | Season 1 Episode 6

Each of us has blessings and strength to carry problems. While it’s up to us to live our lives the way we want it, our faith in God and our desire to succeed in His name will always be our driving force. 

In this episode, host Tim Winders wraps up Season 1 by sharing afterthoughts and summaries from the previous episodes. He discusses the principles and learnings he acquired in the most difficult moments in his life. Tim talks about the storehouse principle and the difference between stewardship and ownership.

This episode is for everyone who wants to get clarification and more discourse on the last episodes.  

3 Reasons to Listen: 

  1. Discover the challenges Tim had faced that made his faith stronger and his family closer.
  2. Tim shares advice on living a meaningful and simpler life.
  3. Learn about the storehouse principle and the concept of stewardship. 


Episode Highlights

[04:00] Background Story

  • Tim and his family are now living in a 39-foot RV they purchased a year ago. They're currently traveling while working full time. 
  • Tim is a business coach helping executives and owners grow and reach their fullest potential. He’s always had a passion for coaching other people. 
  • He is also an author, having finished his first novel. His writings are mostly about modern-day parables and fictions inspired by real-life events. 
  • Along with his family, he runs a foundation helping ministries expand their teachings.  
  • Season 2 will focus on living a nomad life similar to what they have right now. 
“Final, definitive, absolute thoughts are becoming less and less common. Maybe again, it might be something related to age; it might be just that I don't know that I want to be that definitive.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[10:33] The Consequences of the 2008 Financial Collapse

  • The 2008 financial collapse has affected Tim's family, spiritual, and marriage lives. 
  • They went homeless for a season—which he will talk about next season—and filed for bankruptcy. 
  • He still speaks with his investors and creditors and continues to repair the scars from the financial struggle they all experienced.  
“We never questioned, but we also had to really dig down and decide what it was that we truly believe. And through that process, we became stronger in our faith.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[13:27] More Learning Points 

  • The challenges Tim experienced had strengthened his relationship with God and his spiritual foundation. 
  • His family is now more comfortable and confident in facing other hardships. They now have greater spirituality and connection. 
  • They learned how to avoid doing things to impress other people and accumulate excessive things. It allowed them to lead a simpler life. 
“We really do not allow what other people think about us to dictate or rule us. And I don't want to say it so strongly as we don't really care. That's not the right way of saying it. But in many ways, that's kind of the way the attitude needs to be.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[18:39] The Storehouse Principle & the Concept of Stewardship

“Just because something's growing doesn't mean it's always going to grow.” - Click Here To Tweet This
  • The Storehouse Principle: Just like what was taught in the Old Testament, set aside money for good deeds or for the Lord. It's different from having a savings account: a savings account is fear-based while having a storehouse is faith-based. 
  • The Concept of Stewardship: Live as stewards rather than being owners. When you have a stewardship mindset, you take good care of the blessings you have and share it with your community. It gives people an area of humility.     
“We really are more stewards than owners over all of those things that we've been blessed with.” - Click Here To Tweet This

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